Best Office Chair for Back and Neck Pain

Best Office Chair for Back and Neck Pain Back and Neck Pain can be caused by many things, and sitting in an office chair all day long is one of them. If you experience fatigue and pain, it’s likely that your current office chair doesn’t provide you with proper back and neck support. And since you’re reading this right now, you probably already figured it out.

However, just a headrest isn’t enough to ensure your shoulders and neck are fully protected. If your chair doesn’t help you maintain correct posture throughout the workday, it means your spine is in the wrong position, and, as a result, your neck as well.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve experienced the woes of bad posture and back pains. It can cause really serious health issues in the long term, so investing in the best ergonomic office chair has become a priority for many. The best ergonomic office chairs support your back in the right places, particularly the lower back area known as the lumbar spine.

Supporting the lumbar spine’s natural curve and keeping it in a neutral position is recommended to alleviate stress on the spine. The best office chairs for back pain do this with the use of various forms of support – fixed in the case of cheaper chairs and adjustable in more expensive option.


1.Hегman Millег Mirra 2

If you work long hours at a desk every day, it’s worth investing in an ergonomic chair for back pain that will support your body properly, and our top recommendation is the Herman Miller Mirra 2. Yes, it’s expensive. But as you’d expect from a Herman Miller chair, it’s fantastically comfortable and looks stunning too. And it provides the best back support we’ve experienced.

The butterfly-shaped backrest responds effortlessly to your movements, making your spine feel cradled and supported, and preventing you from slumping or slouching. We also found that this chair comfortably holds you with knees slightly lower that hips, while your feet are flat on the ground – a key requirement ot sit properly on a chair straight from the UK’s National Health Service (for more on that, scroll to the bottom of this page).

The mesh is lovely and breathable, so you can stay cool on warm days. The chair offers excellent lumbar support, which can be adjusted for height (many of the cheaper chairs in our list include lumbar support but that isn’t adjustable) and the arms are fully adjustable too. The seat cushion distributes your weight beautifully, and it also takes the largest maximum load (159kg / 350lbs) of all the chairs on this list.

In short, this is the best ergonomic office chair that money can buy, bar none. For more Herman Miller options, see our dedicated guide to the best Herman Miller chairs and our Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Aeron showdown.

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2.Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh

This Gabrylly office chair has made it on a few of our lists for different types of office chairs, and there are many reasons why it made it to this one too.

This super adjustable office chair will provide you with adequate lumbar support, and most importantly, superior support for your neck.

There are three ways you can adjust the headrest: vertical adjustment, bracket adjustment, and tilt adjustment. Plus, the flip-up armrests can help you easily store the chair under the desk and create more space if needed. So whether you plan to use this chair at your home office or conference room, you can always be sure your spine and neck are in high-quality, ergonomic hands.

While this office chair offers excellent usability features and an affordable price tag, you might notice that you can lock it into position but only on certain parts of tilt, which might be a bit inconvenient if you use the tilt function often.

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If you admire elegant engineering, the Nauhaus Ergo 3D office chair is the one for you. It offers great comfort with a stunning design. Your eyes will be amazed when you’ll have a look at this chair in reality. Visit your nearest chair store to give your eyes some dopamine dose.

Everything is great on this chair, from wheels to bottom to those breathtaking 3D Armrests. You will get thick padding on thigh support and the backrest. This chair comes with one of the best-looking and smooth wheels; they call them “blade wheels.”

Rest, every primary feature of an office chair is present on this chair. You can adjust the height of the chair and the armrests. The chair supports a 135-degree reclining. It even offers a good 3.9” ground clearance.

Talking about the product’s durability, you must note that this office chair is suitable for people weighing between 65lbs to 275lbs. In terms of height, individuals from 5.4” to 6.1” will find this chair most appropriate. If you want an effective office chair with great looks, Nouhaus Ergo3D is the perfect option.

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Tips To Choose The Best Chair For Neck Pain and Back

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There are a few specific features that might help you pick the best home chair for neck pain. Read on to know more.

  1. Height: The height of the seat must be adjustable. The chair should have a pneumatic adjustment lever that makes height adjustment smooth, quick, and easy. This lets you sit comfortably and also makes it easy for multiple users to adjust the chair.
  1. Backrest: The chair’s backrest must preferably be tall enough to support the length of your back. It should be designed to support your spine’s natural curve and be adjustable to let you rock it slightly when stretching. It should have neck support and lumbar support so that you can use it without any stress for hours.
  1. Width: The chair’s width must be larger than your waist and must leave a gap of at least two to three inches from the armrests.
  1. Padding. The seat and armrest of the chair should have decent foam padding to comfortably support your lower body and elbows.
  1. Armrests: Adjustable armrests make it convenient to move the chair under the table, and help your shoulders and elbows relax.
  1. Swivel: You may need to reach out to files or other work essentials frequently at work, which makes chairs with wheels and swivel mechanisms a better option. They help rotate and move your chair comfortably.

Will Sleeping On These Chairs Cause Any Health Problem?

The chairs we have listed are designed to help alleviate neck pain in those who spend long hours in a sitting position, and not for people to sleep in it. Also, sleeping in a chair in a sitting position or even with the backrest reclined to 180° is not ideal. However, people who suffer from health conditions, such as GERD, prefer sleeping in a reclining chair as it helps relieve symptoms suffered because of the ailment.

If you suffer from an ailment that makes sleeping in a regular bed difficult, then you can consult your physician and seek advice on sleeping in a reclining chair.

The chairs on our list may also be called ‘office chairs,’ although you can use them at home to play video games and watch movies. These ergonomic chairs are available in a variety of colorful designs and shapes, so choose one for your work area or home, keeping in mind the aesthetics of your interior. We hope this list helped you find the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain at a great deal.

While lengthy working hours cannot be avoided, using proper chairs can alleviate neck strain. Sakshi John, using her writing experience on home, furniture, and kitchen products, has looked through various product features and reviews to compile a list of the best chairs for neck pain. Sakshi has made this selection based on comfort, weight, durability, and other important product details. Moreover, this post provides some helpful purchasing advice to assist you in making a more informed decision.

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Does it have adequate lumbar support?

As we’ve already mentioned, if your back is hunched, tilted to the side, or simply super uncomfortable for eight hours per day, your neck can’t be feeling any better. That’s why it’s crucial to choose an ergonomic office chair that has high-quality lumbar support. And if you want to have the ability to customize your chair even more, go for one that features adjustable lumbar support.

What type of headrest does it have?

While we noted that headrest isn’t a deal-breaker, it’s still good to have an option to use it and give your neck even more support. Some office chairs come with either adjustable/removable or built-in headrests. Which one you should choose depends on your preferences and height. We recommend opting for an adjustable headrest to ensure it’s not too low for your neck if you’re on the taller side. In addition, some chairs offer headrests that you can move up and down, back and forward, and change the tilt angle.

Is the seat cushion comfortable?

Yes, the comfort of your neck depends on your body’s overall experience when sitting. An ergonomically designed seat cushion that encourages you to sit straight and takes away pressure from your legs will definitely contribute to you feeling less tired at the end of your workday. Thick-padded waterfall or W-shaped seat cushions are some of the best options on the market.

Is the seat depth adjustable?

Suppose you really want to ensure the most comfortable seating position. In that case, a seat depth can give these extra adjustability options to ensure the lumbar support is actually “hugging” your spine in the right way. This feature is especially useful if you’re shorter.

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Does it have adjustable armrests?

You might not think that armrests are an important feature of an office chair for neck pain. However, keeping arms in a proper position can help maintain good posture, prevent shoulder pain, and contribute to better rest in between work sprints. So even if you don’t use armrests often, it’s still a good thing to have them in case you ever change your mind and decide to test them out and see how it improves your experience.

Benefits of an Office Chair for Neck Pain

If you’re still doubting whether it’s worth investing in an office chair for neck pain, here are a few more benefits that might convince you:

  • It can help you create a more ergonomic office setup
  • It can lower pressure on your back and legs
  • It can improve your sitting experience
  • It can relieve neck pain
  • It can promote good posture
  • You can use it for both working and playing video games
  • You can choose from a variety of models and upholstery types
  • You can fully adjust it according to your body type and specific requirements

Should I Buy an Office Chair for Neck Pain?

If you’re a remote worker or spend five days per week sitting in an office chair, sooner or later, you’ll start experiencing pain in your back or neck. And if you already notice that you’re feeling fatigued after a day at work, it’s worth buying a high-quality chair to help you prevent these unpleasant scenarios.

What chair features are good for back pain?

There are several ergonomic features that can make an office chair good for back pain. Adjustability is one of the key things so that you can ensure the chair has the right form for your own body shape. See our guide to what makes an office chair ergonomic for full details on what to look for, but in summary, you should look for chairs with:

  • Lumbar support (see below)
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Seat-depth adjustability
  • Recline and tilt

James Crow, owner of Posture Stars, a website promoting good posture, says: “The best office chair for back pain is one that’s highly adjustable, so you can get the back to support you in a meaningful way. Invest wisely: we wouldn’t buy the cheapest mattress or car, but many of us are spending eight to 10 hours a day perched on a ‘value’ chair.”

It’s also important to replace an ageing chair, he says. “If your chair has been around for more than a decade it’s probably time to upgrade. The materials wear down over time, with seat padding especially taking a beating.”

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What is lumbar support?

When you’re shopping for an ergonomic chair for back pain, you’ll often see references to lumbar support. But what does that mean, exactly? Well, the word ‘lumbar’ refers to your lower back, which should curve inward, and as Chongsu Lee, a physiotherapist and creator of the robotic BackHug device, explains, “lumbar support can be an attachment, or a built-in part of an office chair that aligns with your lower back to maintain its natural inward curve.”

Why does this matter? Well, when sitting, your lumbar becomes sandwiched between the torso, above, and buttocks, below. When you sit, lumbar stress is one-and-a-half times higher than when you stand, and double compared to when you walk.

“Left unsupported over time, the strain causes stiffness, making the lower back prone to injuries like slipped discs,” Chongsu says. “Just like support beams in a building, lumbar support absorbs that strain and props your lumbar up, protecting it against stress and injury.”


Best Office Chair for Back and Neck Pain – Whether you’re working from home or Back and Neck Pain in the office, there’s one thing likely missing your attention: what’s supporting your body while you sit.

That’s right, we’re talking about your office chair—and not just for comfort reasons (although that’s important, too). Your office chair plays a major role in your overall wellness, especially when it comes to the health of your back. In fact, the right office chair can help prevent lower back pain in the first place. And if you’re already suffering, the right office chair can make a huge difference in alleviating your discomfort.

To help you on your hunt, Forbes Health analyzed nearly 100 best selling office chairs on the market, evaluating them on metrics including price, adjustability and features geared towards those with back pain. Here are our top picks (note prices are accurate as of publication and are subject to change).

If you are among those who experience neck pain, and if it’s due to bad posture, we highly recommend you replace your current chair with something more comfortable and ergonomic.

If you are among those who still enjoy working on the bed, you must note that this enjoyment is temporary. You are putting a lot of pressure on your neck and your back. That’s the reason you are experiencing neck pain.

In this guide, we have picked some of the best office chairs that you can get at an affordable price tag, and they’ll be super effective in your neck pain.

You can pick any of these as per your pocket and preference. However, if you are experiencing extreme chronic pain, it is recommended to visit a medical expert.