Best Office Chair for Overweight Person

Best Office Chair for Overweight Person – When it comes to office chairs, most people don’t know that the chairs are not one-size-fits-all. Specific measurements and features will determine whether or not a particular chair is the right one for you. If you are an overweight person, then your size will guide your office chair choices.

As an overweight, you don’t need just any chair, but one that supports your body posture—a wrong chair results in poor sitting etiquette leading to muscular and back pain. Thankfully,  office chairs for overweight persons are built for a larger frame and are uniquely comfortable and sturdy.

Being comfortable in your place of work creates a balance that enhances your productivity and general well-being.

If we were to define comfortable office chairs with one word, the word would be “invaluable”. In fact, this is especially true if you have a few extra pounds under your belt. No matter if you need to work on your income taxes, give the finishing touches to that corporate report, or even evaluate your student’s coursework, something is clear: a comfy, ergonomic office chair specifically made for heavy folks is paramount in order to do those tasks efficiently!

That’s why I decided to write this article. I decided to find the very best office chairs for heavier folks like me. I also talk about why they are the best ones, with detailed information about pricing, ergonomics, weight capability, and style, among other things. If you are looking to spend your hard earned money on an office chair that will feel comfortable to sit for hours on end, then this is the article for you!


1.Serta Big & Tall Executive

If you fancy the executive leather look, Serta would be a great option. With a weight capacity of 400lbs weight capacity, you can count on the seat to give you service for quite some time as it is made of commercial-grade materials.

To give it that executive office look, the chair is upholstered in soft black bonded leather, which is pretty durable. The leather is easy to wash and is spill-free, which is excellent as you don’t have to struggle so much in maintaining it.

I loved how the stitching stands out from the leather. It gives it a very contrasting effect. The grey finishing on the frames also makes it look even more stunning.

Talking of space, well,  this Serta chair has it in plenty. It also allows for adjustability so you can customize your sitting positions. You can also adjust the height so that your foot touches your ground as needed to promote proper blood circulation.

Another essential feature is the contoured cushioning. If you sit for long hours, you will appreciate the lumbar support this seat will give you. I highly recommend it for sitting for long hours.

You can comfortably take your naps during your free time while positioning your arms on the armrest for a more relaxed rest. You can also tilt back the seat to stretch your body. Trying is very important in keeping off stiff muscles.The dual caster wheels move swiftly, you can make short distances just seated on the seat without making any annoying noises or damaging the floor.

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2.Steelcase Leap Plus

Out of all of the office chairs that I have sat on in my life, the Steelcase Leap has been the very best. It is made in America with top quality materials that are built to last. Whil

If you are looking for an attractive, yet classy looking office chair that you can sit on for hours on end without you ever feeling uncomfortable, then this is the one for you!

Aside from this, another thing that I love about this office chair is how well built it is. As soon as you sit on it, you will notice how substantial it feels, as if it weighs much more than the advertised 58 pounds. This chair is #1 on the list for a reason: it has the best combination for style, weight capacity, comfort, and sturdiness. Highly recommended!

As I mentioned above, I have sat on countless office chairs of the big & tall variety, and while many of them feel relatively comfortable to sit initially, over time you just want to sit somewhere else. Either the cushioning is too hard or the chair’s ergonomics do not fit my body too well. However, this isn’t the case with this one.

The chair’s cushioning is just soft enough that you can sit on it pretty much all day without your butt feeling cramped, without it being too mushy either. The chair has been weight tested to up to 500 pounds, and I’m pretty sure this is a conservative number. This chair feels so rock solid that 600 pounders could easily sit on this chair without a problem.

Combine this with a very ergonomic backrest and you have the makings of a very cozy and snug office chair with a very elegant aesthetic. The chair’s minimalist but classy design would fit right in the office of a company CEO or physician. It definitely looks expensive, and guess what: it is! Actually, this is the only con that I have found on this chair, but if you are looking for something that will handle more than 500 pounds while feeling super comfortable to sit for several hours, then you can’t do much better than getting this chair!

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3.DXRacer G Series

Another DXRacer chair, this Tank series gaming chair is perfect for those folks who might need something that’s a little bit less bulky than a traditional big & tall chair. Now, don’t get me wrong: this is still a great choice for bigger folks, but not everybody needs 400lb weight capacity on an office chair. If this is your case, and you still want something that doesn’t skimp on comfort and quality, then this can be a great choice!

With a weight capacity of 275 lbs, this chair is perfect for those folks who are above average in both height & size, but not bulky enough to warrant the bigger Tank series chair. Anybody between 5’11 & 6’2 and 190 & 250 lbs will really love this chair. Aside from that, this DXRacer chair has everything that you might expect on a DXRacer, including 4d armrests, ergonomic fit, and a spine stabilizing construction that will really hold you in place for hours on end.

Another thing that I love about this particular chair: it’s rather affordable, especially when you consider the MSRP of the first 2 choices above. The build quality is very solid, and the chair feels substantial without feeling overly heavy or hard to move, unlike the tank series above.

Aside from these facts, you really have to appreciate the attention to detail DXRacer has put into these chairs. It’s safe to say that these chairs look like they were pulled straight from a Ferrari or Lamborghini, with the same luxuriousness that you would expect from those cars. All in all, this could be the perfect gaming chair for the bigger than average gamer that wants something a little bit slimmer than the Tank series chair above.

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What are Office Chairs for Heavy People?

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Office chairs for heavy people are designed with big and tall people in mind. This means that they have a higher weight limit over 300 pounds and many options have a 500 pound weight limit or even more.

This allows a heavier person to sit in a comfortable chair that works for them. It is important to have a seat that maximizes comfort, productivity, and movement to reduce the health risks associated with sitting.

Not only that, but these types of chairs also have wider seats so that larger people can fit comfortably into them.

Many options also have lumbar support, a high backrest, and ergonomic adjustability for seat depth, arm rests, and other components. These features may help to reduce back pain and other ailments.

Watch this video of a case study for a man who used a big and tall office chair to ease his back pain!

Types of Office Chairs for Heavy People

There are different types of office chairs that are designed with heavier people in mind. Knowing the differences between the types can help you decide on which one will suit your body, needs, desires, and style.

There are standard office chairs, executive chairs, reclining chairs, and ergonomic chairs available for big and tall people.


This is just an office chair with standard functionality and will usually only adjust in height.

They can be comfortable and useful, but do not offer the lumbar support, reclining ability, or style that the other types have.


These are stylish chairs that are typically made of higher quality, more durable materials than standard office chairs.

They also have higher backrests to provide more support to the user. They may even come with footrests or ottomans and are a step above standard office chairs, but are not for everyone.


This type is exactly what it sounds like and reclines. Some recline partially while others allow the user to recline all the way back.

This is good for giving your back a much needed break and can allow you to keep your spine in its natural position.


This type offers the most comfort and has lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, arm rest adjustment with padding, and many more options that allow you to sit comfortably for  your body and your mind.

How Do Office Chairs for Heavy People Work?

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Better Health and Comfort

Office chairs are only designed to withstand a certain amount of weight and if the user exceeds that amount the chair may break or be difficult to adjust.

Office chairs for heavy people have sturdy, durable materials so that they can retain their functionality even when a person who is 300 pounds or even 499 pounds for some models can use the chair without any damage being done.

Typically, the frames will be made of steel that is thicker than the parts used for other office chairs. This allows it to hold up more weight.

In addition, many options have a different design that allows the weight to be distributed across more components and pieces, so that the weight does not put too much pressure on a single part that could cause it to break or collapse.

These chairs are also made to fit someone who may be larger than average. This means that the seat will usually be wider with room for arms and legs to relax comfortably.

Some may even have a deeper seat so that larger people can sit back comfortably without feeling like they will fall off.

What to Look for in the Best Office Chairs for Heavy People?

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When you are shopping for an office chair when you’re a heavier person, there are some things you have to consider to make sure that it will work for you.

The first and most obvious of these is the weight limit. Office chairs for heavier people are designed to withstand at least 300 pounds and most options will allow a user to sit who is up to 400 or 500 pounds.

Just double check to make sure that it will work for you.

Another consideration for heavier people is whether it will work for their larger body type. Check the seat depth and width to make sure that you will be able to sit ergonomically in the chair.

You never want to spend the money on a chair that ends up being too small or uncomfortable to use frequently.

You may also want to see if the chair has proper support for your body. This means that the seat should not be too soft so that it does not sink down. You want it to support you while sitting upright.

If you are worried about back pain then you should also make sure to look at chairs that have good lumbar support.

If you suffer from upper back, shoulder, or neck pain then you may want to get a chair that has a higher backrest like an executive chair or ergonomic model.

What is the best ergonomic chair for fat people? My top pick would be the Steelcase Leap Plus. It supports up to 500 lbs of weight, provides lots of wiggle room, and has a cutting-edge ergonomic design. It has a ton of high-end features that help to properly support your spine and promote good posture.

Office chair Vs executive chair - what's the difference?

What is the most durable type of chair base? The new standard for office and gaming chairs is to use a 5-star base, which is superior to a 4-star base. Heavy-duty steel bases are usually the best as they are stronger and more durable than other materials. Aluminum is also a good option as it is both strong and lightweight. It’s better to avoid plastic bases as they are less durable and can support less weight.

What makes a chair ergonomic? A chair is ergonomic if it effectively supports you to maintain good posture with the least amount of effort. Factors that make a chair ergonomic include lumbar support, adjustability, shape/design, a tall backrest, well-positioned and adjustable armrests, and more.

How do I determine the best chair seat depth for me? To calculate the right seat depth for your body, sit in an upright position on a chair and measure the distance from the base of your spine to the furthest end of your inner thighs. Subtract 2 inches from that measurement to find the perfect chair seat depth.

How do I determine the best chair seat width for me? To calculate your perfect seat width, sit upright with your thighs slightly open. Next, measure the distance laterally across your thighs. Finally, add 2 inches to your measurement. This calculation will give you the optimal seat width for your body. Chairs with this seat width should give you 1 inch of wiggle room on either side. If you prefer to spread your legs wider as you sit, add an extra 2-4 inches.


Best Office Chair for Overweight Person – A properly designed seat for an overweight person can make those long hours of work a lot less difficult on your back. Being stuck with the wrong chair can cause severe damage to your back, nerves, and spinal cord. An appropriate office chair gives you comfort and good posture, some of the motivating factors that you need to power through your daily grind.

The best office chair for an overweight person comes with a decent amount of padding on the seat as well as the lumbar region to avoid the pain associated with long hours of sitting. Support for your head and neck is equally important for the general comfort of the whole body while sitting.

Office chairs tend to be designed to accommodate people of average sizes and weights.

Heavier and larger people deserve to have a high-quality, healthy, and comfortable office chair too.

Good thing there are plenty of options available. However, the Steelcase Leap is my n°1 pick but this isn’t the only great option out there. If you’re big and tall, the four main things you should be looking for in your chair are weight capacitybigger seat dimensionscomfortable padding, and an ergonomic design.