Best Office Chair for Petite

Best Office Chair for Petite – If you’re looking for the best office chair for a shorter person, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help those with a petite body structure choose the most ergonomically suitable office chair for them.

If you’re a smaller person (under 5’3” for women and under 5’8” for men), you know the struggle of spending hours in a regular office chair. Not only can it make your workdays harder, but it also creates more back problems.

So, what are the best choices for petite people out there? In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best office chairs for shorter or petite people. We’ll be closely paying attention to such ergonomic details as seat height, depth, width, and chair size.

Read on if you’re tired of sitting on uncomfortable chairs that aren’t made for your petite body structure. Here are the best office chairs for short people you can find on the market.


1.Steelcase Leap V2

We’ve found that the Steelcase Leap v2 chair is a contender for almost any “best of” list that we create, but I was still a bit surprised when I found that the Leap v2 is also a great option for short and petite people. You do want to make sure to upgrade to the four-way adjustable arms to ensure that you can take advantage of the huge adjustment range the Leap v2 arms offer.

The Leap v2 has a low minimum seat height of 15.5 inches and the seat depth adjustment allows for the seat depth to be as small as 15.7 inches. You also have a nice arm height range of 7 to 11 inches and a massive width adjustment range of 12.75 to 20 inches. Basically, you can make this chair really small, and that is one of the biggest reasons why this was my number one pick.

The next reason is that the Leap v2 has a ton of adjustability. This is one of the most adjustable chairs that you will find. It comes with a synchro-tilt mechanism, multiple locking positions, and two-way adjustable lumbar support. The lumbar height range is large, which is another bonus for short people. The lumbar goes almost all the way to the bottom of the backrest.

On top of the nice sizing specs and the huge amount of adjustability, the Leap v2 features a great build quality and has one of the best warranties in the industry. You are guaranteed to have one of the best chairs in the industry for a minimum of twelve years.

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2.Herman Miller Aeron

The third chair on our list is the Aeron size A. The size A is the smallest version of the Aeron, so it is best suited for short and petite people. This is a very well-built chair with a really clean design. It is made in the USA and functions smoothly. It is also backed by an industry-leading, twelve-year warranty.

The Aeron has the lowest minimum seat height range on this list at 14.75 inches. The 16-inch seat depth is also smaller than standard office chairs. Unfortunately, the Aeron does not have seat depth adjustment. There are several upgrades that you can choose from on the Aeron when it comes to functionality. I would recommend almost all of them. The adjustable lumbar support is great to give you that extra lower back support for long hours. The tilt limiter upgrade will allow you to lock the chair in three different positions, while also giving you forward seat tilt.

The final upgrade I would recommend is the fully adjustable arms. This will give you a nice 7 to 11.5-inch arm height adjustment range. The arms are set 16 inches apart, so they are narrower than most standard office chairs. While the arms do not have width adjustment, they do pivot inward quite a bit, which helps to make them narrower.

The Aeron is the only mesh office chair on our list, so this will be the best option for those of you who want a petite mesh chair. It features some of the nicest mesh we have had a chance to see. It offers good support, breathability, and comfort.

The final thing that really sets the Aeron apart from the rest of the chairs on this list is its recline function. The Aeron has one of the smoothest recline motions we have had a chance to use. It has a nice rocking motion and it feels really natural and easy to rock back and forth in the chair.

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3.Flash Furniture Mid-Back

The Flash furniture office chair is great for shorter people, which is why we nominated it as our Top Pick and the best office chair for a short person. We like that it has some of the best seat adjustments for not just the seat, but the back and arms as well. You’ll especially like that the armrests can also flip up giving you the freedom to transition between a seat with armrests or without when you don’t need them.

We like that this chair comes with a ventilated mesh backrest that comes with built-in lumbar support. Thanks to the pneumatic controls, you can smoothly adjust the seat height from 17 to 20.5 inches. And thanks to the comfortable padded seat, you’ll stay comfortable as you work and will appreciate having this as part of your office furniture. And for a sheer luxury experience, check out any one of the most comfortable office chairs.

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How We Decided’

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Picking an office chair is all about finding the one most likely to keep you comfortable after extended periods. And this is especially true when you’re shopping for a chair and are shorter than average height. To create our guide, we focused on the following key features — adjustability, lumbar support, seat height, and materials.

All of our recommendations featured adjustability specifically in customizing seat height. But if you want full customization, you’ll want to look for chairs that allow for backrests that can be independently raised or lowered, back angles, and adjustable armrests.

Lumbar support is another key feature that is fairly common when shopping for an ergonomic office chair. All of our picks come with built-in lumbar support. But another factor to consider is breathability, which ties into materials. You’ll note that the majority of our recommendations feature a mesh-combination chair with a mesh backrest and a padded seat. This option allows for some of the best ventilation while still providing lumbar support and a comfortable seat. Still, you can find fully padded backrests or chairs made from leather, faux leather, or other fabric upholstery. Just keep in mind that those chairs may not be as breathable.

Of course, seat height is going to be an important issue — especially for shorter people. Picking the wrong seat height range could leave you working in a chair where your feet don’t touch the ground. We prioritized options that offered a lower seat adjustment range. This means that we looked for chairs that could be adjusted to heights of at least 18 inches or lower from the ground to the base of the seat.

Best Office Chair for Short People Buying Guide

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The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Adjustability
    Hands down, one of the most important features that you’ll need to prioritize if you’re shorter is a chair with adjustable height. This will ensure that you can properly position the seat height so that you’re able to maintain ergonomic posture as you work. You should be able to adjust not just the seat height, but also the backrest height, and armrests. In some instances, you can also find seats that allow you to control the forward tilt and pitch of the seat.
  2. Seat Height
    Most office chairs feature an adjustable seat height. The standard seat height range is between 18 to 22 inches. For people who are shorter, an ideal seat should give you the ability to lower your seat to at least 18 inches tall if not lower. The goal should be for you to find a comfortable position where you’re able to comfortably work at a desk and have your feet firmly flat on the floor.
  3. Lumbar Support
    Regardless of height, everyone should prioritize their back health. This means investing in a seat with proper lumbar support for your lower back.
  4. Material
    Office chairs are made in a variety of materials which include real leather, faux leather, fabric, mesh, and even plastic. While mesh is the most breathable, the material can also offer the least support if it isn’t paired with a cushioned seat or a backrest with built-in lumbar support.

What is the best office chair for a short person?

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The best office chair is going to be one with seat height adjustment that allows for customizing the seat height to within 18 inches from the floor to the seat. In our guide, we prioritized those types of chairs with a focus on chairs that offered even lower seat adjustments between 16 to 17 inches at their lowest settings. Our Top Pick, the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair is a great option that can be adjusted to as low as 17 inches.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

If you’re going to be sitting for long periods, you’ll want a chair that offers a waterfall edge, as well as something that is well padded to provide additional comfort. From our guide, the Best Quality pick from Serta would be ideal since it’s a fully padded chair with a waterfall edge that’s designed to mimic the comfort and support you would get from a body pillow.

How do I know what office chair will fit?

You’ll want to look for a few key features when shopping for a new office chair. First, the backrest should be adjustable, with the ability to comfortably follow the shape of your spine. You should be able to adjust the seat height so that your feet rest flat on the floor. You should also be able to adjust the armrests so that you can work with relaxed shoulders. And your arm height should be able to match the height of your desk.

Are mesh office chairs better?

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There are benefits and drawbacks to mesh office chairs. On the one hand, they’re one of the most breathable options, which can be important if you spend long periods sitting in a chair. But sometimes cheaper mesh-based chairs lack proper support and can lead to sagging over time. A good option is to pick a mesh combination seat with built-in lumbar support. A combination seat will usually feature a padded cushioned seat that’s either upholstered in mesh or fabric and a mesh backrest with the built-in lumbar support.


Best Office Chair for Petite – The selection of office chairs for petite and short people can feel limited. There certainly isn’t going to be as many options as standard office chairs, but there are things that you can do to expand your selection. Things like a footrest and keyboard tray can be amazing tools. An electric height-adjustable desk can also be a game changer for a lot of people. These will make the seat height less of a problem.

If there isn’t a chair on this list that will work for your needs, then make sure to take our “7 Things to Consider” with you on your search. If you are armed with the knowledge of what to look for and what to avoid, you should be able to find the best chair for your needs.

Most office chairs are built to accommodate an average frame. If you are petite or short in stature (under 5’3” for women and under 5’8” for men), your so called ergonomic chair could be exacerbating your existing aches and pains – or potentially creating new ones.

In this guide we take a look at all the important ergonomic factors that short people need to focus on when picking an ergonomic chair, followed by a comprehensive list of the best office chairs for short people. All of these chairs are appropriately sized in the key areas that make all the difference for short people, from seat depth, height, to seat pan width.