Best Office Chair for Programmers

Best Office Chair for Programmers – A very common scenario for every programmer/coder is sitting on their usual workspace and working for hours. Writing a code might be a spontaneous job if you are a pro at it, but sometimes, debugging can take up all day or all night.

Sitting for hours and looking at the screen for a long time doesn’t only affect your mental health but severely harms your neck, back, and sometimes even your whole posture.

For that, you need to get the best chair for programmers specifically because it would focus solely on the fact that you would be spending more time on it.

There are many chairs with lots of specifications that would get you baffled if you try to search for one. You should go for something that can keep your spine straight, gives you amazing lumbar support, and boasts a great head, neck, arm, and footrest.

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1.FelixKing Home Chair

The FelixKing Ergonomic office chair is an excellent chair for programmers to consider. This is because it comes with an adjustable lower back support system, and this is important, mainly because they tend to stay seated for long hours. To help avoid any consequences to their lower back region, the FelixKing ergonomic office chair allows for lower back support adjustment by up to five centimeters. It also has a locking mechanism that’ll enable programmers to tilt its backrest by up to 30°, as well as a knob under the seat that can be used to adjust its tilt tension. Unfortunately, it does not come with a headrest.

This chair’s seat height can be adjusted up and down by up to 8cm, so users will be able to enjoy their preferred seating height. Its armrests also come with padding and can also be lifted by 90° so that owners can also rest their arms on their table. The seat cushion on this chair is also fairly thick, and as far as the assembly is concerned, putting this chair together shouldn’t take most people more than 15 minutes.

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2.ZUERST Ergonomic Office Chair

The Zuerst ergonomic office chair is ideal for programmers who want to lean back on a reasonably wide backrest. Its backrest is designed so that owners can adjust and accurately position its back support to where it is needed most, and with a high-density foam seat, the chair feels very comfortable to sit on. Its backrest is made of breathable mesh to allow good air circulation and prevent any form of back sweat. Still, its armrests are not heavily padded.

The headrest on this ergonomic chair is also highly adjustable, as it can be tilted as far back as 180° or raised and lowered by up to 4.7 inches. Its armrests can also be moved up and down, rotated, and angle adjusted to fit the owner’s preference, and as a testament to its high build quality, the chair has a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds.

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3.Autonomous Premium Chair

The Autonomous ErgoChair is quite famous for the different levels of adjustability that it offers. Its lumbar support system is one of the most sophisticated in the market, and its seat cushion is well padded and quite dense. The chair also has an impressive weight capacity of around 350 pounds, making it perfect for heavy individuals. Its breathable fabric ensures that there’s little to no backseat. However, weighing 48.5 pounds, it might be difficult for some people to handle.

The headrest on this ergonomic office chair is very easy to adjust, and its lumbar system is designed to react to any back movements for full back support and comfort. Users will also be able to move its armrests up and down, left or right and even sideways, and since the chair is pretty easy to assemble, most people won’t require assistance when putting it together.

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Why Are Chairs a Big Deal for Programmers?

IT developer/Web Developer - Your

Do programmers really need a high-quality chair? I sometimes sit on my couch on my knees or stand at my breakfast bar in the kitchen when I program. With a laptop, it’s possible to work anywhere, in any sitting or standing position. You can even work sitting on the floor if you want. The thing is, though, those options don’t always create the best environment for writing code.

As a programmer, we need a place to concentrate. We have a desk where we have all of our tools available—multiple monitors, headphones, keyboard, mouse, etc. Those tools should also include a premium chair, and the wooden chair from your dining room table probably isn’t going to do the job. You need one so comfortable and supportive that you forget about it; after 8 to 10 hours of sitting in front of your PC, you’re not thinking, “Why does my back hurt?”

There are two different types of office or work chairs. They are usually classified as “task chairs” or “executive chairs.” A task chair is for someone who is doing intensive work or “tasks,” often at a computer, and needs the extra support and adjustability. An executive chair is for someone who spends more time on the phone, casually looking at their computer or meeting with clients or other executives. It provides more comfort than support and doesn’t typically have the level of adjustment that a task chair has. Executive chairs often have a high back and are made of leather or pleather.

Because most programmers will require and benefit from task chairs, we focus on them in this article. However, we look at a couple non-traditional seating options near the end.

Why Get a Better Chair?

If you’ve programmed for any length of time, you might physically feel the effects of working from a chair. Don’t overlook what chair you sit on! It can lead to issues with your back, neck, shoulders, legs, hips, even your circulation.

Whether you work from an office or your home, you should consider a chair that enhances your ability to concentrate on your work and keep you healthy. In fact, anyone in a software-related job should take a look at the chair they are using.

Ergonomics are a vital factor for anyone who spends long periods at a desk. Studies show that proper ergonomics lead to healthier and more productive workers who have fewer long-term health issues. I can tell you from experience that it’s hard to concentrate on writing code when you have chronic neck, back, or shoulder issues.

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How We Picked The Best Chair For Programmers

As with most office products, there are a wide variety of chairs out there to choose from. Task chairs are made to be comfortable, supportive, and adjustable—perfect for programmers. Below are the areas that we looked at when making our top task chair picks.


This is the primary feature we looked at; it encompasses many of the others listed below. Below is the official Merriam-Webster definition for ergonomics:

“an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely”

All of the features below (except for cost and durability) add up to make the chair “ergonomic.”


An acceptable chair furnishes support in all the right places. Back/lumbar support helps the rest of the upper body, such as the neck and shoulders. Some chairs also have a high back or headrest for even more support to the neck and shoulders.

Arm support is essential for the wrists, elbows, and shoulders, so most people will want some type of armrests on their chair. Seat support helps with your bottom, hips, legs, and feet. All of this together, when well executed, supports overall circulation, which is helpful for long hours of sitting.


For most people, comfort is what makes an excellent chair. If it is uncomfortable, you may need to stand up and take many breaks, which is inefficient and unergonomic.

We might only look at cushioning—how soft a chair is—to decide how comfortable we believe it is. Don’t forget about other aspects of comfort, especially breathability. Increased airflow with materials like mesh can keep you cool when you are working hard.


We all come in different shapes and sizes. For a chair to be comfortable and give support for all different body types, it must be heavily adjustable. Lumbar support, seat back height, seat positioning, tension, ability to recline, and armrest height should be adjustable on an ergonomic chair.



How mobile is the chair? Does it roll well on carpet? Part of ergonomics is efficiency; you need to be able to maneuver the chair around your cubicle or desk area to reach everything and get close to your computer. A maneuverable chair allows you to do this with ease.

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For most of us, price is always an issue. But you might want to think of your chair as an investment in your health and career longevity. You can get quality chairs anywhere within the $100 to $1000 price range. Just be sure to look for the features we discuss here.

If you are purchasing the chair yourself, decide what your budget will be, and how important each particular feature is. If your company is buying a chair for you, try to convince your boss of how critical your long term health is to your productivity.


If you are going to make an investment in a chair that might cost as much as your first car, make sure it’s going to last. Look for a well-made chair from a reputable manufacturer. Any of our top picks will fit the bill when it comes to durability.

Are Gaming Chairs Also Good For Programming?

Yes, gaming chairs are pretty good choices for programming or coding as they tend to be a lot more ergonomic. Unlike basic office desk chairs, gaming chairs will provide hardcore programmers extra relaxation to make the long sittings very comfortable.

The foam cushioning is also a great help for the programmers when they need to rest.

Should I Go For Mesh Back Chairs?

Mesh back chairs are a lot more breathable and comfortable than usual leather chairs. You can get mesh back chairs at a reasonable price. They are just the right fit that doesn’t take up a lot of your space. Even though they don’t look very comfortable, they give the proper support to your back.

Are Programming Chairs Good For Your Back?

Yes, programming chairs are suitable for your back as they have lumbar support and are ergonomically designed. Many programming chairs also have the feature where the backrest moves along with your spine for better support.

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Which Is The Best Chair For Programmers?

The Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Footrest is our recommendation for programmers, in our opinion. This chair excels in all factors that programmers look for, like- comfort, durability, and sturdiness.

We think the best part of this chair is that you will be receiving amazing features at a really budget-friendly price. So, this way, you can get quality assurance from a renowned brand without having to burn a hole through your wallet.

What Should I Look For In A Programming Chair?

Programmers tend to sit on their chairs for a long time because of all the coding they do. For this reason, they need something that will give them comfort and support their back throughout the session. A few things to consider in a programming chair are – comfort, framework and build, fabric, and back support.


Best Office Chair for Programmers – The main factor that we selected for this review is comfort because a programmer sits for more than 10-11 hours on a regular basis. Hence, you must have the right kind of chair that blends with your body shape and thigh comfort.

So without further ado, let’s explore this guide.

There is no denying the fact that programmers play a vital role in our lives. Just like doctors and nurses are a must for society, so are programmers who develop severe and complicated programs for the benefit of humanity.

Nearly every industry needs programmers for coming up with solutions to solve crucial issues plaguing their taskforce. You can find programmers employed in almost all of the sectors and firms.

This is when, as a programmer, you need to understand how important your body health is. Your work is not the same as others for several reasons. The main reason being you spend almost 10-12 hours in front of the desk.

As if that is not enough, you then have to work at home even during weekends during crunch situations. This is especially trusted by senior programmers. Hence, you become more prone to back pains, neck and shoulder injuries, and constant eye pain.

As a programmer, you deserve a good quality chair and desk to work on. Not to mention, it is one of the smartest and wise decisions; you can take as an individual. How do you go about things and where to choose the best chairs for programmers?