Best Office Chairs For Sciatica

Best Office Chairs For Sciatica –  As with most products of the budget variety, temper your expectations. There is no sub-$100, $200 or even $500 office chair that does all things for all people, or performs equally to premium.

Ergonomic design, to some extent, is present in all seating, but not all chairs can be called ergonomic. By way of built-in automatic adjustments or manually turning knobs and pulling levers, great ergonomic chairs are the ones that conform to the human body, and the best do that to specific human bodies, no matter their weight, height or posture.

Sciatica is the longest nerve in the human body running from the pelvis to the feet. It is a painful condition, caused by the compression of this nerve due to constant sitting.

The condition can lead to people not being able to complete their job because they are constantly getting that irritation while sitting and getting up.

Sciatica pain relief is hard to find. Physical therapy can help, and even ergonomic chair gives the much-needed relief.

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< class="rft" data-css="tve-u-171d111b3c8">1. Ergohuman High Back Chair

The Ergohuman series design came to life in 2005 by Neil Wu, the Chief Design and founder of Comfort Seating. The chair quickly became a popular alternative to the Aeron chair, with a one-size-fits-all approach not found on the Aeron.

While the ME7ERG is a large chair, they have done a good job packing it down. All single chair orders are able to ship UPS Ground and will be brought to your door or suite. Assembly time takes approximately 10-20 minutes, depending on your skill level. All tools are included with the chair.

The Ergohuman LE9ERG has a solid warranty, which includes five years on the foam/upholstery and lifetime on parts (casters, mechanism, armrests, etc). The warranty is backed by the US distributor Eurotech Seating (Raynor Marketing).

The Ergohuman chair is widely known for having incredible lumbar support. The system they use creates a lumbar that pushes out further than the upper portion of the backrest. This means it’s the first thing you will feel when you sit in the chair. It is auto-adjusting so that the amount of pressure that is applied depends on your actual body weight.

The neck roll headrest is a much different experience than the typical headrest that you would rest your head against. It is actually designed to fit within the crutch of your neck and head, providing better support than a headrest found in a vehicle.

If you are under 5’2” or over 6’5”, I would go without the headrest. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough height adjustment to fit properly in the chairs with headrests. If you are 5’2” and under, you will find that it hits you in the back of the head; this will push your head and neck forward. If you are over 6’5”, it hits in the top for your shoulders and is a nuisance.

The mesh upholstery used on the Ergohuman ME7ERG is a Leggett and Platt product. It is considered high-end and very similar to the material found on the Aeron chair. From a durability standpoint, it does a good job maintaining it’s original form, only sagging slightly over time.

Pros & Cons

2. Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

The Aeron chair is made by Herman Miller. Herman Miller is one of the oldest and most successful office furniture brands in the world. Herman Miller has been in business since 1923. It was originally known as the Michigan Star Furniture Company and they focused mainly on home furniture. The Michigan Star Furniture Company was started in 1905 and was purchased by De Pree in 1923.

Herman Miller includes a 12 year warranty on the Aeron chair. There are no parts on the chair that are excluded from the 12 year period. The warranty is valid for 24/7 round the clock use. The size A version is covered for 300 lbs. Sizes B and C are covered for people up to 350 lbs.

The Aeron arrived at our location fully assembled. The box is designed so that you can open it from the side, which makes it easy to roll the chair out. You do not have to cut the box open, or tip it over. You can simply cut the tape on one flap, slide the chair out, and it is ready for use.

The Aeron currently holds the highest build quality score we have given to a chair with a 95/100. There was a lot of thought put into the build on the Aeron. Everything about the build on the Aeron is top of the line. It is made in the USA with high quality components throughout.

The seat comfort on the Aeron is going to be a love it or hate it type of feeling. The 8Z Pellicle mesh has good flexibility and is soft to the touch. It is meant to provide a feeling that you are floating. The sitting experience on the Aeron is quite firm though.

Pros & Cons

3. Office Star ProGrid

f you close your eyes and picture your standard office chair, the image you conjure up will probably look just like Office Star ProGrid High Back Managers Chair. With an all-black body and black cushion, there’s nothing that stands out about it. While that might be a point against the chair for some people, if you’re looking for something that blends in, the ProGrid will do just that.

Putting the chair together was a one-person job that only took about 30 minutes, but it was a little frustrating. Although there was a large diagram, the instructions were all written without accompanying pictures for each step, so we had to read through some of the steps a few times to figure out which parts went where.

When we first sat in the chair after putting it together, it didn’t blow us away, but after adjusting the back and seat tilt, it felt like the chair was made for us. The seat, which has plenty of cushion, also has a sliding adjustment that you can use to move it to exactly the right spot.

As far as adjustability goes, the ProGrid is pretty advanced. It has pressurized control levels underneath the seat that allow you to fine-tune the seat height, seat depth, and seat tilt.

You can also adjust both the height and the width of the armrests to find your perfect fit, which can help relieve any shoulder strain.

Mesh office chairs like the one here in our Office Star High-Back Managers chair review are gaining traction in modern office settings. Their sleek design and breathable material make them a comfortable choice year-round.

Pros & Cons

4.Serta Executive Office Chair

This durable chair has a forward tilt for the seat and big comfy cushions with lumbar support pillow.

It can support up to 250 pounds and has adjustable armrests. The caster wheels are large and high quality and it also has a stylish executive design.

It is also a good chair for core strengthening and flexibility.

Pros & Cons

5. Flash Furniture High

Sciatica has stages, and you are lucky enough if you are on the very minimal or initial stage where fixing sciatica only needs a fix to your sitting posture. For that purpose, if you don’t want to be very immoderate while spending on a sciatica chair, this flash furniture is the perfect one with a semi-waterfall edge seat pan.

Moreover, the same size frame also allows you to put it in a corner of your living room which gives it an opportunity to becomes your best living room for sciatica.

The chair is very basic, and on the cards, it’s not that flashier one in features. However, technically, it does the purpose without breaking your bank. The most notable point here is the waterfall edge seat pan that is not fully edgy but gives good angling for your hips, knees, and lower limbs.

Moreover, the seat padding isn’t much fluffy to get sink in, but standardly 3” foam padding becomes helpful to relieve the leg pressure with its patent design.

You can’t expect a great set of ergonomics here. Nonetheless, the 90-degree flip-up arms are helpful to maintain a good posture while hanging longer for desk work. Alongside, the integrated lumbar support doesn’t pose impactful results, but it perfectly complies with the basic sit-and-stand rule for sciatica.

Other than this, you know you are already dealing with a mess in the form of sciatica. In that case, the durability of mesh material is sublime to get you effectively covered in your hard times. The breathable mesh materials support good stitching that doesn’t allow it to slip or loosen after some time.

If you are much curious about the weight limit, with good signs of relief, it can bear 300+ lbs. But dimensions tell us it is not a suitable platform for broad shoulders and lower-bodied guys.

Pros & Cons


Kneeling Chairs are a new name for comfort and ergonomics. With DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, make the pain and discomfort talk of the past. The design is simple but even much more impactful to relax and work simultaneously.

The kneeling chair comes with a 3″ cushion covered in mesh fabric to protect your back and promote breathability. The 90-degree angled seat lets you work more productively and effectively with the full support of the spine, buttock, and hips.

Remember, the best back support doesn’t need to promise enough backrest. But with the Dragonn Kneeling chair, you get them both sitting on a tilted seat as the weight is evenly distributed to the buttocks and hips. Enjoy the better posture with right spine alignment!

Even though it lacks the pneumatic height adjustment, the built-in simple and effective height adjustability allows the user to extend the chair from 21-28 inches. Get your hands on the front locking wheels for the perfect position for your legs!

Pros & Cons

Buyer’s Guide

11 ergonomic chairs in Singapore from $195 | Honeycombers

A badly designed chair can lead to a whole host of ailments such as poor posture, fatigue, back pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and leg pain. Here are the top features of the most comfortable office chairs. in this we will help you find the Best Office Chairs For Sciatica.
< id="mntl-sc-block_1-0-2" class="comp mntl-sc-block lifestyle-sc-block-heading mntl-sc-block-heading">1. Height Adjustable

You should be able to adjust the height of your office chair to your own height. For optimal comfort, you should be seated so that your thighs are horizontal to the floor. Look for a pneumatic adjustment lever to let you bring the seat higher up or lower.

< id="mntl-sc-block_1-0-5" class="comp mntl-sc-block lifestyle-sc-block-heading mntl-sc-block-heading">2. Adjustable Backrests

You should be able to position your backrest in a way that suits your task. If the backrest is attached to the seat you should be able to move it forward or backward. A locking mechanism that holds it in place is good so that the back does not suddenly tilt backward. A backrest that is separate from the seat should be height adjustable, and you should be able to angle it to your satisfaction as well.

3. Seat pan characteristics

The lower area of your spine has a natural curve. Extended periods in a seated position, especially with the right support, tends to flatten this inward curve and places unnatural strain on this sensitive area. Your weight needs to be evenly distributed on the seat pan. Look out for rounded edges. The seat should also extend an inch or more from both sides of your hips for best comfort. The seat pan should also adjust for forward or back-ward tilt to allow room for posture changes and reduce pressure on the back of your thighs.

4. Armrest benefits

Armrests help reduce pressure on your lower back. Even better if they have adjustable width & height to help support several tasks such as reading and writing. This will help ease shoulder and neck tension and prevent carpal-tunnel syndrome. The armrest should be well contoured, broad, properly cushioned and of course, comfortable.

5. Stability

Get an office chair on wheels’ that swivel to avoid too much twisting and stretching of your own spine. A 5-point base won’t tip over when reclining. Look for hard casters that will allow stable movement even when the office chair is reclined or locked into different positions.

6. Tilt with Adjustable Tilt Tension

Manufacturers may sometimes list tilt and tilt tension adjustment as two separate functions. We feel that these office chair controls are closely related and the fact that you almost can’t have one without the other, to be a reason to treat them as one feature. Most types of task, computer, and executive chairs feature tilt with adjustable tilt tension. Tilt is what enables the user to rock or recline backward to a set limit defined by the chairs mechanism or control plate.

7. Tilt Lock

This function sounds easy but you would be surprised at how many people have difficulty with this, and it’s not always their fault. One of the problems with tilt lock is that not all manufacturers use the same lever or put the lever in the same area to control this function leading to various ways a chairs tilt lock adjustment could be modified. Consulting your chairs owners manual is always the best practice to help familiarize your self with your chair’s specific controls.

8. Synchro Tilt

A lot of computer and task chairs offer this feature. Basically, this office chair control allows the backrest to recline twice as fast as the seat cushion or at a 2-to-1 ratio, this allows the user to recline while keeping their seat relatively level to the floor instead of the traditional “rocking chair” type recline.
< id="mntl-sc-block_1-0-11" class="comp mntl-sc-block lifestyle-sc-block-heading mntl-sc-block-heading">9. Seat Depth and Width

Best Big and Tall Office Chair 2022 ~ Top Big & Tall Ergonomic Desk Chair

The office chair seat should be wide and deep enough to let you sit comfortably. Look for a deeper seat if you are taller, and a shallower one if not so tall. Ideally, you should be able to sit with your back against the backrest and have approximately 2-4 inches between the back of your knees and the seat of the office chair. You should also be able to adjust the tilt of the seat forward or backward depending on how you choose to sit.

< id="mntl-sc-block_1-0-14" class="comp mntl-sc-block lifestyle-sc-block-heading mntl-sc-block-heading">10. Breathable Material and Sufficient Padding

A material that lets your body breathe is more comfortable when sitting on your office chair for extended periods. Fabric is a good option, but many new materials offer this feature as well. The padding should be comfortable to sit on and it is best to avoid a seat that is too soft or too hard. A hard surface will be painful after a couple of hours, and a soft one will not offer enough support.

< id="mntl-sc-block_1-0-20" class="comp mntl-sc-block lifestyle-sc-block-heading mntl-sc-block-heading">11. Adjustment Controls

Make sure all adjustment controls on your office chair can be reached from a seated position, and you do not have to strain to get to them. You should be able to tilt, go higher or lower, or swivel from a seated position. It is easier to get the height and tilt just right if you are already sitting. You will become so used to adjusting your chair that you will not have to make a conscious effort to do so.

< id="mntl-block_13-0">12. Swivel and Casters

The ability to move around in your chair adds to its usefulness. You should be easily able to rotate your chair so that you can reach different spots in your work area for maximum efficiency. Casters give you easy mobility, but make sure to get the right ones for your floor. Choose a chair with casters designed for your floor, whether it is a carpet, hard surface or a combination.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is pinched. The resulting pain can be felt from the lower back, buttocks, to the back of the thighs, and legs. It usually only affects one leg.

According to Mayoclinic, sciatica is most commonly the result of a herniated disk in the spine or a bone spur on the vertebrae pressing up against a part of the sciatic nerve. The sensation can range from mild pain, a burning or shooting sensation, to numbness in the aforementioned regions.

11 ergonomic chairs in Singapore from $195 | Honeycombers

How to Sit with Sciatica

There are several ways to alleviate the symptoms and pain brought on by sciatica.

Proper Posture

The most important thing to remember when you’re sitting with sciatica is to maintain proper posture. No matter if you’re doing stretches or getting regular massages, you’ll still end up aggravating your sciatic nerve pain if you’re not sitting the right way, especially for long periods of time.

A proper sitting posture follows these main points:

  1. Keep your feet planted on the floor with your legs at a 90° angle from your torso. If your chair is too high, use a footrest or even a small box to maintain this angle.
  2. Use a lumbar pillow to support your lower back. A small rolled-up towel works just as well.
  3. With your back and buttocks touching the back of the chair, sit up straight instead of leaning forward.
  4. Pivot your chair together with your body when reaching for office materials instead of twisting your spine.
  5. Avoid crossing your legs as this constricts blood flow to the lower extremities.
  6. Slightly elevating your knees can help you decrease spinal pressure.
  7. Position your workstation correctly to avoid slumping. The computer screen should be level with your eyes and items you use often should be placed within arm’s reach.

I often feel numbness in my legs and the lower spine due to which I can’t work correctly so which chair would be best for me?

The pain you feel is nothing but sciatica pain and buying a chair is not going to eliminate that pain in your body because it needs medical therapy and good exercise. But purchasing an ergonomic chair will reduce your pain, and you can choose any of these above mentioned ergonomic chairs according to your budget, favorite color etc.

I want to gift a chair to my grandfather who suffers from sciatica pain, but my budget is only $150. So which one shall I choose?

Great to see that someone wants to make their grandparent happy and you don’t have to worry about your budget because you will get a beautiful chair will which help your grandfather reduce their back pain. If I have to recommend then you shall go for the 60-5000T chair, this chair has some cool leather seat pan and back cover which will protect your buttocks from getting hurt.

Those chairs which I liked are highly overpriced, and which I don’t are very cheap I want to know why is that?

That’s probably because of your budget. Sorry to say that but the chairs which are highly priced offers more comfort and excellent facilities than other chairs, but they are only slightly different. If you are not satisfied with a chair’s features then either increase the budget or find a chair which fits according to your preferences.

Top 7 Ergonomic Chairs for Your Home Office (Reviewed) | Inspirationfeed

Does the design of the chair matter when we are buying a chair to reduce our sciatica pain?

That’s personal, I mean one may find the design of the essential chair part especially when they are buying this chair at office places where they might want to impress other peoples, but for some, it doesn’t. Some of the chairs which I’ve mentioned above are very simple but yet they are handy when you want to protect your back from having irritating pain.

Can these chairs cover the whole of my body or will I need to buy a leather cushion for additionally support?

If you want to buy a leather cushion just for your lower spine, then don’t buy it because most of these chairs are sufficient enough to protect your lower spine. But if you want to use it headrest or something else then go for it otherwise you can fully trust on these chairs which will help you to get away from sciatica pain.


Best Office Chairs For Sciatica – There are a lot of great options for an office chair that can prevent, reduce, and eliminate your sciatica pain.

They have supportive cushions that offer lumbar support as well as seats that put less pressure on the tailbone, lower back, and sciatica nerve.

In addition to office chairs for sciatica, there are also ergonomic options and accessories that you can use on an existing chair. You will surely be able to find one that works for you.

These office chairs for sciatica nerve pain have been tested by Quick Stuffs team, and choosing any one of them will not let you down.

My personal favorite is Herman Miller Aeron for uncountable reasons. Ergonomics, aesthetic, build quality, overall support, 8Z Pellicle mesh cover, impressive 12 years warranty, and what not? Don’t get distracted by the high price tag! The premium sitting experience will make every day worth it.

Well, you still have to find a way to incorporate some exercise, even just half an hour of physical activity, into your daily routine! But is there a way to minimize the harm being done to your body while sitting down?

The risk of developing low back pains can be mitigated by using a good office chair.

Don’t settle for stuffing a pillow behind your back to relieve the discomfort caused by non-ergonomic office chairs!

good chair will do wonders for your posture. Even simple features like the adjustability of seat height and seat depth to match the body of the user can help prevent strains on our nerves, muscles, and bones.

And if you’re already experiencing back pain, such as sciatica, a chair specifically designed for strong lumbar support can help ease your pain.