Best Office Chairs for Tall People

Best Office Chairs for Tall People – We did sufficient research to find the best chair that can accommodate taller people properly and tried to make a list of the best office chairs for tall people in the market right now. All of the chairs above offer different features at different prices. We have considered the best ones with a good price to performance ratio.

If you find any good chair that is comfortable for a tall person, please share it with us. We will definitely add that chair to our list.

The best office chair for tall people becomes the most popular selection for office workers who have to spend hours to work in front of the computer desk.


It will change your working environment becomes more outstanding and exclusive than normal. Not only that, the premium quality products will maintain the most comfortable feel during working times.

1.Herman Miller

Pros & Cons

Offices are ergonomic. In a home, however, furniture – even plenty of supposed ‘home office’ furniture – tends to prioritise aesthetics over productivity. It has taken a lockdown, in which those workstations were put to the test daily for a year, to discover that many didn’t pass muster. And the place where we discovered that the most acutely was in our backs.

2.Oak Hollow

Pros & Cons

Oak Hollow in McKinney has long been the go-to for residents of the rapidly expanding community north of Dallas. The course uses the slogan “Unique by Nature” and in this case, it couldn’t be more appropriate. Oak Hollow continues to evolve as  a growing population in the area adds money to the annual budget.

In just the last four years, Oak Hollow has added more than 150 trees to the course that have tightened the layout and will continue to do so as they mature with the layout. The 7,300 sq. ft. clubhouse opened back in 2010 and provides all the amenities a daily fee golfer would expect from their local course. Rustic with rich wood tables and two comfy leather sofas, this clubhouse almost feels more like a ski lodge than a place you’d see the average golfer preparing for a round. A full-service snack bar and three crystal clear flat screen TV’s make this a great place to enjoy a cold beverage at the turn or post-round.


Pros & Cons

At first blush, you might be torn between figuring out whether the Berlman office chair is in fact a gaming chair, and this would be totally understandable because of its high back and sportish look. This ergonomic desk chair can actually be both, and is also very easily adjustable down to your specific preferences.

Like most mesh office chairs in its price range, the ergonomic office chair comes with built in lumbar support that’s great for those times you need to put in long hours at the office without your back getting worked up, as well as a breathable mesh back to keep you cool and comfortable whenever you’re using it. If you’re concerned about your back, you’re probably very keen on finding out it’s got the best lumbar support for office chair. Sit through the rest of this review and we’ll take you through what you should expect.

4.Ergonomic Office Chair

Pros & Cons

Many cheap office chairs make you feel like you’ve been crammed into a torturous economy seat on a cross-country flight, but quality office chairs upgrade you to first class—they’re designed to support your body comfortably for the long haul.

We’ve researched dozens of office chairs, interviewed four ergonomics experts, and asked test panelists with a variety of body types to sit in deliberation for over 175 collective hours. And since 2015, we’ve found that the Steelcase Gesture is the best office chair for most people.

5.Alera Elusion

Pros & Cons

A poorly designed office chair can cause more than temporary discomfort. Used day in and out, a bad chair can cause long-term back, shoulder, hip, and leg pain. To see if the Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Chair delivered on its promise of all-day comfort, we set it up in our home office and tested it out for two weeks.

Using the chair full-time—we’re talking six days a week for hours at a time—meant we got up close and personal with this chair, starting with the cushion. We found the seat cushion had just enough contouring to support our bottom and legs during all-day use. We’ve used office chairs with excessive contouring that caused hip pain for those who didn’t perfectly fit the seat shape, but that wasn’t the case with the Elusion as a wide, 20-inch seat leaves room for most users.

Best Office Chairs for Tall People – BUYER’S GUIDE

1. Check for the Ergonomic Features:

This is the most necessary tip out there. Not only for just tall people but also people who have desk jobs need to purchase office chairs with cool adjustable ergonomic features as most people spend more than 6 hours on average sitting per day. Adjustable ergonomic features can help you to reduce back pain. So I have given more emphasis on ergonomic features while listing the above chairs for you.

So, before buying any office chair, check for some required ergonomic features below:

  1. Adjustable Height
  2. Arm Rests
  3. Adjustable Lumbar Support
  4. Adjustable Seat Depth
  5. Adjustable Back Rest
  6. Mobility
  7. Adjustable Seat Tilt

2. Find an Office Chair With Suitable Weight Capacity and Seat Height :

As a tall person, the seat height of a chair can be one hell of an issue. Most office chairs in the market are made for people of average size.

So, check for the seat height for your height properly before buying any office chair to see if that chair can support your height and weight.

3. Ensure that the chair is stable:

Office chair stability is of great importance. If you buy an office chair, you have to check if that chair is well stable and sturdy. If the chair is stable enough, your sitting experience will be good.

On the other hand, a moderately stable or unstable chair can hamper your sitting experience, and you will not be able to sit at a stretch for long hours in such a chair.

5. Look for 360 Degree swivel:

This feature is very common and important in office chairs these days. The 360-degree swivel option allows you to rotate around and pick up nearby things easily without getting up from your chair. Having this feature can be very interesting and helpful for people with desk jobs who spend long hours sitting at the desk. So, look for this feature while purchasing an office chair.

Average Pricing of Chair for Tall Person:

The average price of an office chair for a tall person is around 200-500 dollars. Chairs that support a wide range of adjustable heights are not that available in the market right now. Only a few office chairs are available which are comfortable enough for tall people. That is why the average price of these chairs is a little higher. So when you buy an office chair for yourself, you have to be careful about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Office Chair for Tall People?

So, you’ve seen what we consider to be the top tall-person friendly office chairs currently on the market, and you even know how we chose those six models out of all the countless options available.

Still, if there’s one key thing you should take away from this guide more than any other, it’s that determine the absolute best chair for you is all a matter of catering to your own individual needs, tastes, and preferences.


In previous articles, I’ve spoken about the dangers of sitting and the importance of using an ergonomic chair.

So what happens if you can’t find a comfortable chair because you’re a too tall?

Actually this is quite a common problem for tall people. It’s an even bigger problem (no pun intended) for heavy people.

So in this article, I will help you find the right ergonomic office chair that’s ideal for tall people.