Best Recliner Chair for Back Pain

Best Recliner Chair for Back Pain – With a proper fit for your body type, a recliner can be an excellent solution for relieving back pain and improving your overall comfort. When you lie back in a recliner and elevate your feet higher than your heart, it places you in a position of zero gravity. When a body is in this position, it relaxes and releases tension from the back, neck, and other muscles, which can offer significant pain relief. Another benefit of this zero-gravity position is that it improves the body’s circulation and allows blood to make its way back to your heart more quickly. This can encourage faster healing if you’re suffering from a back injury. Some recliners also offer heat or massage rollers that may provide even further pain relief.

While there are many reasons to consider purchasing a recliner to help alleviate your back pain, a plethora of options on the market can make it challenging to decide on the optimal choice for your body and your specific back pain needs. This guide will explore several of the considerations to keep in mind while shopping for a recliner. Read reviews of some of the best recliners for back pain to help find the comfort and relief you’ve been seeking.

This article will take you through the best recliners for back pain. After a tiring day of work, sinking into a large and ultra-comfortable chair sounds like heaven to us. Recliners have seen a considerable amount of popularity over time, given that they provide comfort while you sit on them and prevent you from experiencing backaches. They provide the necessary support to the body and ease strain and pain on the muscles. Some recliners provide so much comfort that you can even sleep in them. You can have a recliner at your office or in your house too. They come in a multitude of colors, and they also come in a variety of fabrics and patterns. This allows you to pick the one that suits your interests and home decor. Below, we shall discuss the 6 best options and provide additional information about them so that you can make the right decision while purchasing one.


1.Esright Massage Recliner

This massage recliner chair from Esright offers eight points of vibrating massage at two different intensity levels to relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain. It also boasts heated settings for additional tension relief and relaxation. The recliner provides a thickly padded cushion as well as a thick sponge material for increased support and comfort on the back of the chair and the armrests.

This rocking recliner also offers a 360-degree swivel. To recline the chair up to 140 degrees, simply pull on the internal handle, and then push down on the footrest to close it. Two cupholders and storage bags are integrated into the design to hold drinks, magazines, books, and more. Black and brown faux leather finishes are available for an elegant complement to many living spaces. The recliner can support up to 300 pounds.

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2.Kahuna Chair

The Kahuna LM6800 features a hybrid track design, with an ergonomic S-track that follows the natural curve of your spine and an L-track that prolongs this track all the way to your glutes and hamstrings.

This hybrid track, quite rare for affordable recliners, alleviates the pain of sciatica.

Although it’s a big chair, I love that the Kahuna 6800 features a space-saving design, so you only need about 3-4 inches from the wall for it to work.

Another advantage is the 3 zero-gravity seating positions. Zero-g means your whole body weight presses against the rollers so that you will get quite a penetrating massage.

Multiple zero-gravity positions entail that your legs will be lifted at three different angles from your heart level so that you can find a comfortable position too.

Courtesy of 3D body scanning, the Kahuna positions the rollers according to pressure points on your back to make sure you get a thorough massage.

Fortunately, you can also adjust the rollers yourself with the remote, as well as the massage area.

Another great feature of the Kahuna is the airbag massage it offers with 36 First Generation air cells at three intensity levels.

Although these types of airbags are less quality than Second Generation airbags, the air massage feels decent.

Regarding massage techniques, I couldn’t help but notice that the Kahuna features the basic ones, such as Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Rolling, and Shiatsu.

Still, these techniques are just what you need for back pain.

You can select the body part you want to massage courtesy of 5 pre-programmed massages, which you can customize with three intensity and speed levels.

I love how the Kahuna includes a zone massage option too so that you can stop the rollers on a fixed tender spot.

With back and calf heat, the heat therapy offered by the Kahuna will unwind your sore muscles similar to a hot-stone massage, which is great for chronic back pain.

However, you can’t adjust the heating temperature or select the body area where you want to activate the heat.

Kahuna’s Yoga stretch function is vigorous enough to provide instant relief from chronic back pain, releasing the pressure from compressed spinal discs.

With dual rollers and airbags, the calf and foot massage offered by the Kahuna is very thorough.

This helps prevent back pain because pressure and knots on your feet and calves can lead to poor posture and subsequently to back pain.

The Kahuna 6800 features some user-friendly assets like the extendable ottoman, which makes this recliner best for people up to 6’4”, or the easy-to-use remote.

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3.Homall Recliner Chair

Homall Recliner sofa chair is made from high-quality polyurethane leather that is comfortable, skin-friendly, and can be easily cleaned. This attractive recliner will be a perfect choice for your living area, bedrooms, and even your recreational area. The thick padded seat and back offer utmost comfort to the user and hence it is the best recliner for back pain.

The maximum capacity of this recliner is 265 lbs. It comes with a one-month money back policy. The company also provides free exchange for installation problems, damage, and missing parts within one year.

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4.Mac Motion Chair

This manual recliner and ottoman are made with top-grain leather, that’s a quality, comfortable material.

The frame is made from a variety of hardwood for extra endurance, while the seat and back are cushioned with cored foam for extra comfort.

The headrest is adjustable so it can fit various body types, but remember that this is a chair with a small footprint that can only accommodate users up to 280 pounds.

However, I liked the 360ᵒ swivel which allows you to personalize the seat adjustment, while the contour-angled ottoman is also ergonomic and anatomically-correct.

However, keep in mind that this best recliner is activated by a shaft with a knob, so it doesn’t recline smoothly between positions.

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5.FDW Recliner Chair

FDW Wingback Recliner Chair features a solid wood frame and is pretty durable. The chair is huge and is ideal for people of all sizes. The maximum weight capacity of the chair should not exceed 250 pounds. It is the best recliner for hip pain as the cushion support is available near the hip.

This recliner is a perfect choice for home and office and can be used for sleeping, lounging, rest, entertainment, and relaxation. You can use this chair not only at home but also in pubs and other business places for its sophisticated look and excellent sunlight resistance. It is made with high-density fabric to provide the best support. 

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6.Homelegance Chair

This imported chair recliner from the Center Hill Collection is upholstered with bonded leather, which makes it look stylish enough apart from being easy to clean.

With traditional rolled arms and channel-tufted design, this chair looks great as a living room furniture, not to mention there are a matching loveseat and sofa available from the same brand.

I liked that the reclining chair mechanism is activated with a lever, so it glides smoothly. It also reclines to an almost flat position, which is another plus.

However, getting the chair back into an upright position is a bit troublesome.

Design-wise; I missed a headrest and built-in massage programs or functions like zero-G or heat.

I also didn’t like the wobbly back cushions that aren’t attached together, so they move around quite a bit.

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Things to Consider When Selecting Recliner For Back Pain

These recliners cost $500 or less

There are many factors to decide whether you’re getting a quality recliner, such as:

Your Needs

If you have acute back pain or very mild back pain, you can consider a more affordable, basic recliner, that simply allows you to lay back a little.

Otherwise, for treating chronic back pain, you need a recliner with more therapeutic features, such as heat, zero-gravity, multiple massage techniques or a firm body stretch like the Kahuna LM6800.


The most important feature of a recliner is how many reclining positions it has, and how smoothly it transitions from one to the other.

It’s also important to make sure it provides good lumbar support to your spine muscles don’t feel the pressure of your weight.

Additional features like the ones I discussed above – heat, zero-G, massage techniques – are great if you want to invest in treating intense back pains like sciatica, relax, or if you’re going to correct your posture.


Recliners’ frames should be resistant and durable, made from materials like steel or hardwood.

As for upholstery, leather is extremely durable and easy to clean, but it’s more expensive. PU fabric is more affordable, but higher maintenance and less resistant to tears.


Warranty is important in case something happens to your chair.

Full-warranties cover all parts and repairs for about a year, money-back warranties guarantee you can return the chair if it doesn’t work or you don’t like it, while limited warranties guarantee just some parts of the recliner chairs.


It’s important to choose the right recliner according to your body size, so take into account the seat height, position of the headrest, and how much the footrest extends.

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home, make sure the recliner is compact.

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How Does a Recliner Work?

Recliners take the pressure off your spine, by reclining your back and placing your feet in a comfortable position.

This way, your upper body weight is supported by the chair, giving your spine a rest and your back muscles a chance to relax.

What Are the Best Recliner Chair Benefits?

Recliners are comfortable and relieve back pain because they take the pressure off your spine, so they’re great for pregnant women.

They can correct poor posture and help you relax. Recliners are great in fighting chronic back or neck pain or recovering from surgery, especially if they have special features like massage programs, heat therapy, or zero-gravity.

How Does it Support Back From Pain?

Recliners offer good back support with comfortable padding, headrest, and footrest, so your back muscles are supported.

If your recliner features massage options or heat therapy, you can relieve more pain.

Is sitting in a recliner bad for your back?

Yes, watching television is great for pain relief because the blood flowing to your back helps to provide relief. But sitting too long can cause a problem for your spine. The average person should only sit in a recliner for about 4 hours a day. Try sitting on a yoga ball to relieve your back pain.

Proper posture while sitting in a chair is very important. Your back needs to be straight. Tilt the chair forward at a slight angle so that your legs are slightly bent and your feet rest on the floor. Sit back and find the best position for your back.

Many online websites or offline retailers sell recliners, so it’s best to buy one from a trustworthy source, with good shipping options, reliable warranties, and convenient return policies.

Websites like Amazon are the best in that regard, especially because you can read user reviews or compare different recliners.

Otherwise, offline retailers allow you to test various recliners to see what suits your body type best.

A Shiatsu massage chair with all the bells and whistles that can help ease chronic pain, the Kahuna LM6800 is my top choice.

However, the other recliners I’ve discussed above have their merits too.

I also hoped I’d answered all your questions regarding recliners for back pain, how they work, and how you can choose one that suits your needs.

The main factor to consider when choosing a recliner for back pain is whether the cover material matches your needs in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. Nowadays, recliners come in a variety of materials from polyester to PU leather, and each material has a certain feel to it.So go ahead and choose a fabric or leather recliner according to your needs and match your interiors. For leather, Homall offers a wide range of options and for fabric upholstery, FDW has wide options in beautiful colors, patterns, and sizes.

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Many people may not pay much attention to the weight of their chosen recliners, but it’s also important to know how much weight a model can handle. If you’re a bit heavier, you should look for a recliner that offers solid stability to support your weight.A recliner with more flexibility can provide you better angles, but it may not be able to bear more weight and can lead to damaging the chair.

Before choosing a recliner, you’ll also need to consider how much warranty period the manufacturer is providing. Some warranties are limited that covers repair and maintenance of some but not all parts of the recliner.Others have a money-back guarantee with a trial period of around 30 days where you’ll be properly refunded if you don’t like the chair. You could be also willing to get a standard warranty for all parts but that comes with a premium price tag.

The price of the recliner is another major factor when looking for a chair. It totally depends on the quality and features. If budget isn’t an issue, then a leather recliner will be a good choice. But, if you’re running on a budget, you may have to compromise for some features. There’s no doubt that leather recliners are more expensive than fabric.The extra features mentioned here are also a reason for the high price. So make sure to choose one as per your needs and also ensure that the manufacturer is providing the best quality chair.

Many recliners today offer some additional features like the built-in phone chargers, cup holders, and massagers. However, it’s up to you to decide which of these extra features you need as they come at an additional cost.

There is no clear answer to this question. It all depends on the individual and their particular back problem. Many people believe that recliners are good for back problems because they relieve stress from the spine and joints, but others disagree because of the pressure that it puts on the lower back.

Recliners are good for back problems because they can help to reduce the strain on the back. They can also help to keep the spine in a neutral position, which is important for a healthy back.

Sleeping in a recliner is not bad for your health. If you’re one of them who find it hard to fall asleep on your conventional bed, then a good quality recliner might let you feel the urge to spend the night there. Even doctors suggest their patients suffering from back pain to get a high-quality recliner for a good night’s sleep.

For pregnant women, falling asleep can be problematic and sometimes very stressful. Moving to a recliner has allowed many women to comfortably rest and sleep. Sleeping horizontally on a bed enables you to have a good night’s rest but it’s not when you are suffering from acid reflux. However, if you don’t have spinal or back pain issues, then a bed with a quality mattress is the best way to sleep. Continual sleeping in a recliner can lead to knee and hip contractures.

If you suffer from sciatica, you know how painful it can be to walk around the house or even stand up after sitting for a long time. That’s why many people with sciatica prefer to stay seated in their favorite recliner all day.

The best kind of recliner for sciatica is one that has a lower back, and preferably a footrest. It should also be adjustable as to height and angle, so you can adjust it to your comfort.

If you’re struggling with lower back pain, then a recliner with good lumbar support will be an ideal choice for you. These types of recliners don’t have a gap between the seat and back of the chair when you put your legs up. Take a look at the chair, if a gap forms in the middle of the recliner, your body will sink into it and that can hurt ligaments and muscles of your lower back.

La-Z-Boy Rocker Recliner is undoubtedly one of the best all-around recliners available on the market that gives the body comfort and lumbar support in all positions. It has a patent reclining system that ensures your back is supported and able to relax, whether you’re rocking or reclining.

The price of recliners can vary depending on the comfort and durability you desire. Cheaper models, typically priced at $300-400, will have a basic frame and mechanism to recline. You might notice that cheaper models are less durable, with some lasting for only 1-2 years before malfunctioning.

The biggest difference between electric and manual recliners is how they operate. Manual (or hydraulic) recliners require the user to push a lever or rocker arm up to raise the back of the chair and then pull it down to lower it. Electric recliners use a remote control to change positions without any physical input from the person sitting in it.

Swivel chairs are becoming increasingly popular because they are incredibly versatile, and can be used at work or home. They help reduce the stress on your spine by offering a variety of positions to sit in. They also promote better posture and can relieve pain from conditions such as sciatica.

A recliner with an ottoman is a great choice for living room furniture. It offers a comfortable place to put your feet up, and you can use the ottoman as a table or footrest. One of the benefits of this type of furniture is that it provides more seating than a regular recliner. This can be useful if you need to accommodate more people in your living room.

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The downside of this type of furniture is that it takes up more space than other options, so make sure you have enough space for it before buying it.

This is one of the most asked questions when buying a recliner. Whether your chair is made of stain-resistant fabrics or premium leather, there will be a time when you need to clean it. Apart from cleaning off all loose dust and debris with a vacuum, you can use water and dish soap and scrub them. Please remember not to get these materials too wet, as it could expose them to damage. Also, remember that each material is different. If you have any doubts about how to clean your recliner, check the manufacturer’s website or their user manual guide.

Having a recliner with full-body support for multiple reclining angles can not only help with back pain but also in many other medical conditions, for instance, varicose veins. These are the top recommended best recliner chairs for back pain. So before buying any recliner, read the review guide and technical specifications to ensure the quality of the product.


Best Recliner Chair for Back Pain – Having back pain is very annoying and can be rather painful. But what might be even worse is the moment you realize that every single chair you sit in simply worsens your posture and back pain even more.

Fortunately, recliners are proven to be the best chairs for not only getting rid of back pain, but also neck pain, breathing problems, sore muscles, and even conditions like GERD, heartburn, or acid reflux.

So, if you’re suffering from back pain, and you’re looking for a chair that will support your back properly, then you’re in the right place. In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at the best recliners you can choose from.

Are you struggling with back pain? If so, you may be looking for a recliner to help alleviate some of that pain. But with so many different recliners on the market, which one is right for you?

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best recliners for back pain and what makes them stand out from the competition.

We will also discuss some of the features to keep in mind when shopping for a ergonomic recliner, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. So without further ado, let’s get started!