Best Studio Chair for Guitar Players

Best Studio Chair for Guitar Players – If you spend the majority of your time sitting down while you’re producing or mixing, then it’s only natural to invest in the best studio chair so that you can be comfy and free from back pain. Are you a guitarist? Head over to our guide on the top guitar stools.

Many budding producers focus all their energy on the musical equipment and recording gear inside their home studio. They tend to forget that a studio chair isn’t just a piece of studio furniture. It’s also an essential object for contributing to your skills as a producer. If you’re in discomfort then you won’t be able to work in the studio for long hours. It’s also impossible to feel creative and inspired if your lower back is aching.

If you’re starting to put together a new studio, make sure to get the right insulation with high-quality bass traps (click here for the guide).

There are some fantastic music studio chairs on the market. To make life easier for you, we’ve spent time researching and testing them so you don’t need to. We’ve settled on a top ten, which we’ll show you in a moment, along with reviews of each product. At the end of this article, you’ll find a handy buyer’s guide and answers to frequently asked questions. You’ll be ready to make a wise purchase once you’ve finished the article.


1.Modway Articulate Chair

If you’re looking for a highly-adjustable affordable chair, the Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office chair is our top pick. The back is breathable mesh, and the seat is a thick, padded fabric. The lumbar area is very well-supported for the price although lot of the frame and parts are made from plastic, which may discourage some.

You can adjust the seat height, angle of pitch, and the angle of the back of the chair. You can also adjust the armrests vertically, but there’s not a lot of space between them. That’s fine if you’re strictly doing mixing work, but if you’re going to have musicians sitting in this chair, you’ll want to leave the armrests off when you assemble it.

Of all the chairs we reviewed, the Modway offers by far the best value for the money.

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2.SPACE Air Grid

The SPACE Air Grid Mid-Back Swivel Chair is perfect for those looking for a budget ergonomic chair. The back is made of breathable mesh and provides plenty of lumbar support, but it isn’t very large. SubPac users might have trouble getting this to work for them, though. A lot of parts are made of plastic, so we’re also a bit concerned about durability.

The castors on this studio chair are only rated for carpets, not hardwood, so that may be something to consider. If money is tight, the Air Grid will get you up and running at a very low price, and it’s more ergonomic than most standard chairs.

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3.Herman Miller Aeron

The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most popular ergonomic chairs among producers. It’s the most expensive chair we reviewed, but is it worth the price tag?

The back and seat are both made from a breathable mesh, and the frame is made from durable metal. You can get it in polished aluminum, satin aluminum, or a black powder coat. It also comes in three sizes.

This chair is impressively adjustable. You can change how far it will let you lean back, and how much sway there will be between the bottom and back of the chair when you do it. You can adjust the height and depth of the lumbar supports, the default angle of the back, the pitch of the seat, and the height, depth, and angle of the armrests.

If you’re a producer who’s looking to take ergonomic health seriously, and are looking for a premium chair with tons of adjustment options, you’ll be very satisfied with the Herman Miller Aeron. You’ll pay top dollar, but you’ll never buy another chair ever again.

The only reason why we didn’t list it as our “Best Premium Option” is that it is likely out of most people’s price range. However, if money truly is not an issue, we can’t recommend this one enough.

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While gamers, writers, and anyone who sits for a long time will appreciate our list below, we’ve written this guide specifically with producers in mind. Here are a few things you’ll want to look for in a studio chair.


Here’s the thing about playing guitar while you’re sitting in a chair with armrests: they get in the way. Ever tried to pull off an octave bend into a whammy bar dive with two armrests obstructing both of your elbows? Yeah, not fun.

As a guitarist myself, I had a chair with armrests for quite a while and I learned to just live with it. I figured out that if I hunch and lean a certain way, I could avoid my elbows not being obstructed by the armrests.

I definitely paid the price over time as I’d get up from a long session and my ribs and back were sore from being in such an awkward position.

I’ve since invested in a producer chair that has removable arms, and it’s made a massive improvement in my seating posture and playing ability.

Anyway, this applies to anyone who plays tactile instruments while in a seated position. So, if you fall into that category, definitely consider an option that allows you to move/remove the armrests, or doesn’t include them at all.


If you use a SubPac tactile sound system, you’ll want to make sure your chair is going to accommodate it. While the SubPac M2 and M2x are small enough to work with almost all full backed chairs, the S2 is a bit larger and can be too tall for some shorter chairs.

Depending on the material the chair is made of, it will resonate at different frequencies. Because of this, you’ll probably need to tweak your SubPac’s settings when you get a new chair.

Since this article is designed for producers, we’ve ensured that most of the chairs in our list are SubPac compatible.

The Herman Miller Aeron: For Those Who Take Ergonomic Health Seriously.


For everyone in sedentary jobs, particularly us producers, lower back and spinal injuries are no joke. You may feel young and fit today, but over time, those minor sores you quickly recover from today can lead to more serious and complicated problems down the line.

A chair with good lumbar support will prevent you from slouching while you sit. This can go a long way towards improving your spinal health.

RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) is also commonplace in producers. It occurs when you make a lot of repetitive movements – like clicking a mouse or using a game controller, or when you sit in a position that puts stress on your muscles. If your back hurts every day after being in the studio, or you can’t get out of bed in the morning without wincing, it’s time to take action by equipping yourself with the right chair, and even desk (check out our list of best studio desks for producers here).


Comfort stretches a lot further than simply how ‘plush’ or ‘soft’ a chair feels. Breathability is equally important, and a factor many producers fail to take into consideration when choosing the perfect chair for them.

If you’re more prone to sweating, you may want to consider a chair that uses breathable mesh material.

Leather may look classy, but for long mixing sessions during Summer, you’re not going to have a very comfortable experience.


It’s hard to find a chair that isn’t height-adjustable.

That being said, take a look at the quality of the mechanism. A good height adjuster will be made of metal, preferably thick metal. A plastic paddle on the end of the handle is fine, but if you see plastic gears, consider a higher quality model.

You will end up with just another stool for use when in need if you do not carefully consider the following factors. You need to know what makes a great guitar chair and how to choose a guitar practice chair.

The main reason you have to sit when playing an acoustic guitar is that you have to support your legs. Now, if your legs are in an uncomfortable position or posture, you cannot really take care of how you hold the guitar, can you? The discomfort will ruin other aspects of the performance for you as well.

If the chair is too high, you will not be able to keep balance. Again, if the chair is too short, your knees will point upwards and your body will bend at an awkward angle. As a result, the guitar in your hand will not get the correct position, and the freedom it needs to have.

Therefore, when you set out to buy a guitarist chair, make sure what the best height for a guitar stool is, and it should suit your height. There is a myth that the chair should consider the size of the guitar- it’s a myth. Your chair should be proportional to your height, not your guitar size.

What makes the most comfortable guitar chair different from other chairs? The absence of an arm and some other features but mostly the absence of arms.

As you can imagine, you cannot really take your guitar in your hand while sitting on an office chair with armrests. The armrests act as an obstruction and they will not let you have an accurate posture for playing the guitar. Therefore, look for chairs with no armrests.

Other than that, for utmost comfort, the best guitar chairs come with a backrest. You can totally consider a backrest if you want support for your back as it will probably not cause any trouble when you are holding and playing guitar. However, do check that the design is effective enough.

If you are passionate about playing the guitar then you probably spend hours practicing. Your hand will end up aching, and so will your neck and mind. However, the struggle will be double if your legs start aching too.

Why may they ache? Because of an uncomfortable seat. You need a well-padded chair or stool to be very comfortable. Or else, it will be the greatest obstacle in your way to success. Leather seats with a good amount of foam padding inside work well and look great.

Based on the build of your body, you will feel comfortable in different kinds of chairs. Make sure the shape of your chair brings you maximum comfort when you sit on it. There are chairs that contour to the shape of your body. In fact, these thoughtfully built chairs are not only good for your physique but also for performance.

A few stools come with a footrest while many do not. It is up to you whether you want a footrest or can do without it. Moreover, the shape and design of the legs differ as well. Some may be able to provide more stability than others.

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Since you will be placing it in a studio, home, or stage, you want it to look good. An elegant design will keep you and the viewers happy as well.

You may not be the only musician in your house and studio. There may be other guitarists who will use the same comfortable chair or stool. But, as we all know, they will not be of the same height or weight.

So, the availability of height adjustment features should consider before buying any guitar stool or chair. You need to check the range of adjustability as well. Also, consider the ease of adjustability.

As a musician, you know how attached you can get to your instruments. You buy high-quality, well-sought-out, great guitars so that they accompany you for a lifetime and through generations. The same is true with guitar accessories and stuff like stools- you want them to last through generations.

Only the quality of the build can assure you that. You want real, strong, corrosion, and rust-resistant steel in the build. Other durable materials will do too if they are sturdy enough.

The trouble begins with the padded seat. Apparently, leather or padding may not last very long. In such cases, you should check if the parts are replaceable. So, you get to keep the chair that you have made memories with just by modifying it a bit.

A guitar chair is just a chair until you specify what you need from it. Apparently, these chairs can offer you some interesting features. For example, you can find guitar stools that come with a guitar stand attached to them.

This is like the perfect combination of products, isn’t it? There are many features that will amaze you. You just have to be clear about your needs and you will find features meeting them.

If you perform in shows a lot, you may be in need of a portable guitar stool or chair. Yes, you can find lightweight, foldable chairs as well. The quality may not prove to be the best but these are quite convenient for usage.

You will find both insanely expensive guitar stools and also really cheap ones. But, both these extremes are a no-go zone. Guitar stools are important but not important enough to commit your whole bank balance to them. In fact, it is best if you carefully look for the features and quality and settle at a mid-range price.

You will be amazed by the value you get from the price level. In fact, you will also get warranties and guarantees with your product alongside great customer service. You just have to be very careful when choosing.

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Guitar Chair Vs Regular Chair or Stool – What’s the Difference?

A guitar chair and a regular chair both types of seats have the same primary purpose- to sit on. However, we can find some differences between the two depending on the design, features, and usage:

Design: The main difference between a dedicated guitar practice chair and an ordinary chair is the design. Guitar chairs and stools are mainly designed for guitar players to provide the highest comfort than any regular chair or office chair.

Feature: The guitar chair has some extra features like a proper backrest, guitar stand, footrest, height adjustment, etc. due to it being designed especially for guitarists. All of these features would not be available in most common chairs.

Comfortable and Convenient: Typically, guitar stools and chairs are more convenient and portable than regular chairs. This is because most guitar chairs often have a well-padded seat in a durable and sturdy frame that is lightweight and foldable at the same time, whereas it would be hard to get the same qualities in a desk chair or gaming chair.

The Benefits of Guitar Practice Chair

Office Chair Vs Gaming Chair: Which Is Best For Comfort And Style?

You can buy many different types of guitars, picks, attires, etc. But why a chair? Here are a few reasons why:

No Health Hazards: You already know how much pressure you put on your fingers when playing the guitar. There are other parts of your body suffering strain as well. A guitar player’s chair, crafted for this very purpose, creates the ideal sitting and playing situation for your body. As a result, with the playing posture being perfect, you do not harm your body parts in anyways and can say goodbye to aches.

Comfort: As we mentioned you should check the padding of the seat when buying the chair. This ensures comfort, and so does the contoured of your body needs the ideal guitar playing chair. You totally do not have to put in extra effort to feel comfortable when playing the guitar.

Style and confidence: Perfect guitar stools and chairs have a mental effect as well. You may get nervous on stage but when you feel that familiar feeling of your studio, sitting on the same chair- your nerves calm down a bit. Furthermore, you choose a guitar seat carefully tailored to your taste. As a result, it becomes a symbol of your style.


Best Studio Chair for Guitar Players – Have you been to live music cafes and seen chairs being kept on the stage for a great acoustic performance? You have experienced art but you do not know what the artist may have experienced behind the enthusiastic guitar playing. If he had a good time then it’s worth mentioning that he got the best chair for guitar players to sit on and perform smoothly.

It is not only about stage performances, anywhere you play acoustic guitars it is more convenient to play while sitting. And, this is a special kind of perfect sitting- not on the ground, not on a table. You need to be able to relax your body while playing as you will have to focus all your mind and energy on the guitar at hand.

Does your back get sore from long sessions in the recording studio? Do you slouch like a complete moron, all while knowing it’s terrible for you (but it feels so right)?

Me too, and our chair isn’t doing any favors for us either.

A substandard chair can force you to sit/slouch in an unnatural position, putting unnecessary stress on your lower back, and can lead to all sorts of irreversible complications down the line.