Best Table and Chair Set for Toddlers

Best Table and Chair Set for Toddlers – Set the kids up for play, mealtimes, and more with a toddler table and chairs set sized just for them. These are my favorite options for all budgets—including sets and also a few stand alone chairs and tables in case you just need one or other other!  As your child grows, the activity possibilities expand exponentially. Long gone are the days of shaking a rattle on a playmat—now, your toddler is painting and drawing, building block towers, shaping PlayDoh, enjoying a tea party with friends and sitting down for snack with a cup and plate. And a toddler table and chairs—reliably sturdy and perfectly pint-size for the smaller set—offer the ideal spot for all these activities to go down. (After all, if little ones have a surface of their own to play on, they’re less likely to wreak havoc on your coffee table.)

There are some key things to keep in mind while shopping around for the best toddler table and chairs for your child. To get the most out of your purchase, make sure the chairs are sturdy and durable enough to support slightly older children as well, so it can accommodate siblings and friends and keep pace with your growing child. Most toddler play tables are suitable for ages 3 and older but come with a maximum weight limit.

Other factors to consider are how easy the toddler table set is to assemble and clean and how it fits into your space. If you don’t plan to make the set a permanent part of the room, you’ll want one that’s easily stored. Or, if you’re constantly finding yourself out of space for your child’s toys, you might want to look into a toddler activity table with storage capabilities.


1.Flash Furniture

This kid’s table and chair set is a perfect companion for your child’s snack time, fun time, and learning time. It has a fuss-free design, and the size is perfectly suited as per their height and weight. The sturdy table and accompanying chairs come with a handy foldable construction, which can be easily stored behind the couch, cupboards, and closets so that storing and using the furniture becomes very convenient.

The table and chair set present an additional safety feature consisting of a metal push-in lever that can lock and unlock the furniture’s position to prevent any accidental collapsing and injury. The surface of the table and the chair is made from high-quality vinyl padding that is very comfortable to sit on and work with. Plus, it is effortless to clean — just wipe with a wet cloth or wipe, and the job is done. If you are looking for a simple and helpful toddler table set, this could be your pick.

Pros & Cons

2.Melissa & Doug

If you want a classic design and look, this wooden children’s table and chair set from Melissa and Doug will be your best choice. It is made from solid wood and, therefore, much more long-lasting than MDF. The table is effortless to assemble with clear instructions. The metal fixtures in the pre-drilled holes are effortless to set up, and the quality of the furniture comes out as quite strong. The surface of the furniture set presents a very smooth, polished look that is easy to clean and maintain.

With a weight limit of about 100 pounds, the chairs can easily hold adults too. They also come with tip-resistant feet that prevent any accidental fall and injury. With the simple natural wood finish, this set matches well with any decor. So if you want style and substance, go for this lovely set of toddler table chairs.

Melissa & Doug are the masters of all things wood for kids. We love this solid wood three-piece table and chairs set for our imaginative preschoolers, and parents really love this set as it maintains an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon after over 8,000 reviews. Sized right for kids ages 3 to 8, the real magic isn’t that this set will last that long, it’s that we can sit there, too! These kids chairs are weight rated for up to 150 pounds, so we can enjoy the tea parties just as much as Bear and our LO can. Available in white, natural, and grey, there is a set to match any playroom design or kitchen nook.

One mama had this to share, “I’m so glad I went with this set! It’s such great quality and sturdy. Solid wood, easy to assemble. If it gets scratched up it could easily be painted, but it should be easy to wipe normal messes off of. I was worried about the height, but another person’s photos put my mind at ease, so I attached some of my own. I bought this primarily for my 2.5 year old, but with the higher weight capacity of the chairs my 6 year old can sit there as well.I look forward to a few years of use until it is outgrown, and even then the table would make a good end table. This is the type of thing with a good resale value for yardsales etc., as well.” Aka it will last for kids number 2 & 3!

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3.Amazon Basics Kids

If you’re going to invest your money in a kids’ sized table that’s meant to be a creative space for your little ones, would you actually prefer to order a model that looks that part and inspires a little bit of fun while they use it? Then we think Amazon Basics might have precisely the kind of thing you’re looking for right off the bat.

The height of this table is designed primarily as a perfect fit for toddlers, but that and the chairs will also still work for small children who are a little bit older as well. Each set comes with four chairs, each one painted in a bright primary color, just to keep your kids’ interest and maybe even inspire a bit of learning. The wood is natural and smoothly finished to keep it safe and free of splinters, and both the wood and the paint are durable and scratch-resistant in order to help the furniture last longer.

Pros & Cons

4.KidKraft Nantucket Kid’s

Perfect for arts and crafts or any activity the kids love, this set is a little bigger to fit more friends and comes in a few colors too. It’s easy to assemble and the chairs are sturdy.

I love this natural wood finish for fitting in with a variety of home designs.

A basic kids table and chair set should be a staple in every child’s home. The Kidkraft Farmhouse Table and Four Chairs stood out as a high-quality kids’ furniture set that looks just like a miniature version of a dining set. It comes in four colors: espresso, white, natural, and pecan.

Easy cleaning is a parent’s dream and this table passed our cleaning test with flying colors. Everything wiped clean using a regular household cleaner. The only downside when it comes to cleaning is that the chairs have quite a few uncovered screw holes. Cleaning can become a bit tricky when messes get into those indentations.

Like our other top picks, this set is very durable and looks new after months of use. It doesn’t have any dents or chips. The table and chairs are also sturdy and have never wobbled or tipped over.

As a basic set, this table doesn’t come with any bells and whistles. It’s simply a flat surface for kids to eat, play, and create without distractions.

Pros & Cons

5.Delta Children Kids

A budget-friendly buy makes a lot of sense when it comes to items your kid will quickly outgrow (i.e., everything), so the price tag here is a pretty strong selling point in our book.

That said, you don’t want to skimp on quality when it comes to a piece of furniture your toddler will likely be playing on (and climbing all over) for at least the next couple of years. Have your cake and eat it, too, with this bargain buy—a convertible bench that boasts a sturdy construction, multi-functional design and two fabric storage bins to boot. Happy customers report that this convertible storage bench is easy to assemble and hard to destroy. This single-unit wonder is also an excellent choice when you don’t have floor space to lose, since the back of the (unobtrusive) bench flips into an activity table in the blink of an eye and can be made to disappear just as quickly. Basically, it’s the Houdini of toddler tables.

Pros & Cons

6.UTEX 2-in-1 Kids

Were you feeling totally okay with the idea of getting a set that only has two chairs rather than four or more, but you’re also feeling pretty intent on the idea of getting a table that’s multi-faceted and has more than one function? Then we’re pretty sure you might be looking for something just like this design from UTEX!

This lightweight but durable little table has two main unique points of interest, and we’re honestly not sure which one’s more useful! Firstly, the table features two drawers underneath that are great for storing toys, building blocks, crafting supplies, or writing utensils. Secondly, the tabletop itself can be swapped out, letting you choose between a smooth top that’s great for writing and drawing or even eating at, or a textured top that’s fun for working with building blocks.

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How To Choose Right Toddler Tables And Chairs

Wayfair | Blue Toddler & Kids Table & Chair Sets You'll Love in 2022

  • Size

It would help if you always chose a toddler table and chairs set depending upon your toddler’s age and height. If you want to consider using it for a longer time, you could choose those with adjustable dimensions. The tables and chairs for kids should be designed so that their legs and buttocks fit snugly so that their bodies have balance and stability. They should be able to reach the seat comfortably, and their toes should touch the ground, which prevents the chances of tipping and injury.

  • Design

The design of your toddler table and chair depends on the availability of space in your house and where you might want to keep it. If you want to keep it in your living room, you could go for basic designs and neutral colors to go well with your house decor. If you’re going to be more experimental and give your kid’s room a vibrant look, you can choose the more colorful, funkier options. If you have a compact home, go for foldable tables with 2 chairs or the ones which nest the chairs underneath the tables, and if you have a larger space, the bigger, elaborate tables with multiple parts and more chairs could be suited for you. Also, if you have younger toddlers, avoid any sharp corners design so that your kids are safe.

  • Material

The toddlers can be pretty curious and rough in terms of handling their furniture. Dragging the pieces, jumping over them, and tipping them off are some of the very common things that adventurous toddlers do. So pick your furniture accordingly. The toddler tables and chairs mostly come in wooden make, or high-grade plastic make. You can make a choice regarding which material would fit your child’s requirements and temperament. They should also be easy to clean and maintain. Irrespective of the material you choose, make sure that the product is child-friendly without toxic materials or colors.

  • Sturdiness and portability

The size and make of your kid’s furniture may vary, but make sure that it is sturdy enough to last long and endure rough handling. When children are young, you need to supervise them, and hence the tables and chairs should be lightweight enough to be carried around. That way, you will have the freedom to make them sit where you are present, and it won’t affect their learning or activity time.

When kids are growing up, it is vital to give them a space of their own to be fruitfully and creatively engaged. It makes them more responsible and independent. They also learn spatial skills by managing their things in a given space. A good set of toddler tables and chairs will make your kid feel more attentive and vital. So pick one from our list of 11 best toddler tables and chairs, and let us know which one caught your fancy!

When looking for furniture for your toddler, you should consider several factors about the product to make the right decision. Our product reviewer, Sakshi John, is passionate about furniture and household utilities and can help you by researching and providing you with informative and detailed product reviews. In this article, she has rounded up the best toddler tables and chairs, along with a buying guide, to help you buy the right furniture for their creative pursuits.

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What are the benefits of tables for kids?

Both of our experts emphasized the importance of ergonomic positioning so kids can be comfortable and have support for their bodies. “We all benefit from having our feet supported either on the floor or a sturdy footrest so a child-size chair might support a child in being able to more comfortably place their feet on the floor,” Stoffel told Insider Reviews.

Stoffel also explained that this position helps support the upper body and allows kids to have more coordination and control in their hands. Warburg emphasized this as well. “Dangling feet cause children to round their backs and lead to back pain and sloppy handwriting,” she said.

Warburg noted that having a good table and chair fit is critical when kids are expected to sit for long periods of time. Having proper positioning is helpful for eating, completing school work, completing artwork, and playing and kids might even sit for longer periods of time for meals or homework if they’re seated comfortably.

“Another benefit of a chil- size table and chair is that it gives the child a specific and special place for daily activities,” Stoffel said. “Knowing the table and chair are their own, the child might be more motivated or invested in the activity.”

How can I tell if a table is the right size for my child?

According to Warburg, a good table allows a child to sit with their feet flat on the floor. Tabletop height  should be 2 inches above the height of the elbow when the child is sitting. Hips, knees, and ankles should also be at 90-degree angles when the child is seated.

Stoffel added that kids should be able to gently rest their elbows on the table without reaching up or leaning down. She also gave us an example of what a child might look like if the chair and table are not a supportive size. “You might observe the child squirming, shifting around in the seat, getting up from the table frequently or demonstrating decreased success with fine motor tasks,” she said.

If you’re looking to design a child’s bedroom or play area, toddler and kids table and chair sets should definitely pique your interest. While your kids will outgrow them, they still provide a versatile place for kids to do art projects, read or play.

Like many home goods, kids table and chair sets come in many different styles, materials and functions. Below we’ll cover major considerations when shopping for this product and help you pick the one that’s right for you.

These types of sets come in a wide variety of colors. Because children’s areas tend to be colorful, you can find many different color designs to fit your interior design choice. Below we’ll outline different color schemes in toddler & kids table & chair sets and when to choose each.

  • Bright multicolor: One of the most common styles you’ll see is a bright multicolor. The table is often one color and the chairs are each a different color. These styles are usually in bright primary colors. Choose a bright multicolor style if you are going for a bold, colorful and artistic style in a children’s room or play area.
  • Pastel multicolor: This is the same multicolor style as above. However, the colors are all pastel. Often, the table may be white and the chairs each a different shade of a pastel color. If you’re going for a soft and bright color scheme in a child’s area, choose a pastel color scheme.
  • Solid bright color: Another common design is some shade of a bright color that is on all the chairs and table. Baby pink is a common color to find in toddler & kids table & chair sets, as many children’s areas have a pink theme. Choose one color if you’re designing a space with either one accent color or a single shade theme, like a pink princess space.
  • Woodgrain: It’s also common to see kids table and chairs that are simply an unpainted wood color. Choose a woodgrain if you’re decorating a classic or transitional space. Woodgrain is also good if you’re placing the table and chairs in a room that is also used by adults, as this will often match existing furniture, molding or flooring.
  • Solid neutral: You can also find toddler & kids table & chair sets in solid white, black or gray shades. Solid neutrals are great for classic or transitional spaces especially, though these styles can fit in with just about any décor style.
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You also have a decent variety of materials to choose from. These table sets often come in:


Wood is a classic and sturdy option that makes a great base for any table and chair set, even those for children. Wood is commonly used in table and chair sets for older children. Choose wood if you want a style that is starting to look like classy miniature versions of adult table and chairs sets.


It also very common to see children’s table and chair sets made out of plastic. Since plastic holds less weight, it’s commonly used for smaller children. The rounded shape of the plastic also gives more of a playful feel, like the set itself is one of the toys in the room. Choose plastic sets for smaller children or if you’re looking for very colorful and playful designs.


Some toddler & kids table & chair sets make use of metal, but it is not the go-to material for kids furniture, except for beds. Metal tends to be cold, but on the other hand, almost indestructible which does become an upside in a kids’ space. Choose metal for a more casual, modern or even industrial space. 

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Children’s table sets also have many different styles and features to choose from. Here are some of the most popular categories:

  • Basic table and chairs: It’s common to see simple table and chair set-ups. Choose basic styles if you want a simple furniture addition to a classic, modern or minimalist room theme.
  • Character, object or animal themes: Toddler & kids table & chair sets can get quite creative in their styles, from chair and table legs that look like pencils to animals drawn on the table’s surface to motifs featuring characters from cartoons. If you’re going for a theme room, look into tables and chairs with the same theme. Great for stimulating kids’ imagination and sense of coherence .
  • Art tables: If your child loves arts and crafts, you can find tables and chairs that are built as miniature art studios. These often have space on the table for holding crayons or pencils. There is often space under the table to store art supplies, as well. Art tables also go great in overall colorful and artistic room styles, as many designs are boldly colorful.
  • Storage tables: Another option is a table that focuses on storage. Many of these have cubbies under the table that can slide out and give added storage. These can work well in smaller spaces where multifunctional furniture is a must.
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The safety of your children is a top priority. So anything you purchase, especially children’s furniture, should be manufactured to keep kids safe. Make sure to follow common safety standards set by ASTM International when looking for toddler & kids table & chair sets. Factors to look out for include:

  • No small parts should pose a choking hazard, such as loose screws
  • No sharp edges
  • No splinters
  • Made from non-toxic materials: no lead-based paint and preferrably no Polyvinyl chloride – PVC
  • The set should be sturdy with no tables and chairs wobbling

Keeping your children safe may require a complete check of the product after it is set up. Make sure where you buy the set from has a good return policy.

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Manufacturers seem to enjoy making as many wild and creative designs in children’s furniture as they can. Children’s rooms and play areas tend to be creative places devoted to whimsy themselves, so it makes sense that there are a plethora of choices. To help you pick the toddler & kids table & chair sets that could work for your space, below are some quick takeaways to keep in mind:

  • In general, choose a colorful design for bold artsy spaces and a neutral color for more classic or timeless spaces.
  • Wood works best for tables and chairs for older kids. It has a classier appearance.
  • Plastic works well for younger kids because it tends to hold less weight.
  • Metal tables and chairs work for casual spaces.
  • Choose the type of table and chairs that match your goals. For instance, if you need more storage, choose a storage style.


Best Table and Chair Set for Toddlers – From learning to eat independently to experimenting with various toys, toddlers are at an age where they are crossing developmental milestones pretty quickly. Keep your child occupied with our list of the best toddler tables and chairs to provide an outlet for their enthusiasm and adventurous streak. You can keep them entertained by setting up the table and chair to engage in meaningful activities.

This is also when toddlers engage in drawing, sketching, painting, and building things, making a lot of mess in the process. Therefore, buying a good table and chair to best suit their needs would be practical. They are made for toddlers, so they are appropriately sized too.

All the world’s most ambitious plans, indispensable inventions, and architectural masterpieces have at one point or another been unfurled dramatically on a worktable, where great minds can go to work. It’s no different with toddler tables and chairs, which give kids a space of their own to draw their artistic masterpieces, build Lego structures, and break bread together during snack time. At the same time, the best toddler table and chairs allow you to protect your fancy, adult dining tables and upholstered chairs from the horror shows we call slime and kinetic sand. And all this is especially pertinent as so many youngsters begin preschool, or pre-K, remotely, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When choosing toddler furniture sets, make sure you get a set that’s the right size for your child’s age and size, but can also grow with them. You don’t want something minuscule that you’ll throw out in six months. Kids’ chairs tend to stand 10 to 12 inches off the ground, making them easy for kids to manage without requiring assistance to get up or down. The chairs you choose should be sturdy and durable enough to support older kids too. Consider how many chairs you need, how easy the set is to assemble and to clean, and whether you want to keep it out or store it when it’s not being used.