Best Work Chair for Pregnancy

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Best Work Chair for Pregnancy – Did you know? About eight-in-ten pregnant workers (82%) continued in the workplace until within one month of their first birth, according to Pew Research Center. Due to the demands of modern work, women today are more likely to work during pregnancy.

While pregnancy is an interesting period for a woman, it is perhaps one of the most challenging times of all. This is especially true if you are a working woman who needs to sit down while at work. Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best office chairs for pregnancy. Through countless hours of research and testing, we’ve made sure that you can find comfort while you work, either at home or the office, all the while preparing for your newborn baby.

But before we go over our top 5, let’s quickly go over the things you need to consider when choosing the best office chair for a pregnant woman.

It can cause back and hip pain and increases the risk of gestational diabetes and other health issues. Experts recommend that pregnant women avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes. To ensure correct posture, and no back, and hip pain, they also recommended using the best desk chair for pregnancy.

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1.Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Duramont ergonomic is the best pregnancy office chair. It has multiple features and adjustments. You can find the perfect seating position by adjusting the height of the seat. More you can adjust the backrest height and angle.

It fully supports your back and keeps you comfortable. There is a breathable mesh back that allows airflow and keeps you cool. The reclining function can tilt back the chair and lock your desire sitting position.

The adjustable armrest reduces pressure from the shoulder and wrist during working. Thickly padded seats provide maximum comfort for pregnant ladies.

The weight capacity of the chair is 330 pounds. The rollerblade caster ensures easy movement without a scratch the floor or carpet.

It offers 3 months warranty. If you are not satisfied with the chair, you can return it in 90 days.

2.Nouhaus ErgoPRO

NOUHAUS Ergo is the best office chair for pregnancy with multiple features and functions.

Most adjustable lumbar support chair for pregnant ladies.  The mesh headrest of the chair supports your neck and adjusted up and down. The 3D armrests are adjusted forward, back, up, and down. It supports the user’s hand and wrist.

You can glides up and down the seat of the chair and find the perfect seating position. The ventilated backrest avoid sweating and sticking in long hours working.

You can recline the chair up to 135 degrees and relax. The lock mechanism holds the chair in a specific position. This chair is not suited for short and smaller people.

There are 5 claws base dual casters that support 275 weight capacity. There is a free set of rollerblade wheels.

It offers 5 years warranty, if you are not satisfied with the chair function, you can return within one month.

3.WorkPro® Quantum 9000 Series

WorkPro is the best office chair for pregnant ladies. As we all know that when we are comfortable then our productivity increases. Many women have found this chair suitable for pregnancy.

Pregnant women occasionally suffered from lower back pain. All you need a lumbar support chair that is comfortable. It has a high fabric mesh back that keeps you cool during long hours of sitting.

The tilt system allows you to lean back on the chair and lock it. There are many adjustments that ease your sitting. The measurement of the chairs is 37 1/2in. to 43 3/4in.H x 29 1/2in.W x 28in.D.

The lumbar support makes your back comfortable and keeps the spine in a natural position. The waterfall seat reduces pressure on your legs.

The armrests of the chair are adjustable in height and width. It supports your elbow while you are typing or relaxing. The nylon base frame is durable.  It can rotate at a 360-degree swivel with smooth rolling on the floor or carpet across the office.

It can hold 250 pounds of the user easily. A few user complaints that armrests are higher as compare to other chairs.

Buyer’s Guide

Please don’t compromise when choosing the best office chairs for pregnancy. Our buyer’s guide has covered all of the concerns that will help you to select the best office chair for pregnant ladies from the list.

Be sure to consider the following features before buying the pregnancy office chair.

Build Quality

When choosing easy chairs for pregnancy ladies, the build quality should never neglect. The materials and structure of the office chair should check. We suggest a steel or aluminum basis as a starting point. These are the most sturdy and long-lasting materials.

We also suggest that you look into the warrantyHerman Miller and Steelcase, for example, have a 12-year guarantee on their parts and will typically replace any broken parts. Therefore, considering the best office chair for pregnancy suggests the chair’s longevity and weight-bearing capacity.

The cushion and upholstery are two other things to check for. Look for thick cushions with a high density or resilience when it comes to cushions. It keeps the foam cushions’ thickness and structure for an extended period. The upholstery should make from long-lasting material.

Mesh, for example, is exceptionally long-lasting. Although PU leather is prone to wear, bonded leather lasts longer.


The term “ergonomics” refers to how an office chair enhances the working efficiency. The pregnancy chairs with adequate back support, lumbar support, armrests, and other modifications, for example, will allow you to sit in the best posture for concentration.

Sitting in an upright position helps you breathe better. Consequently, more oxygen in your body provides you with more energy and helps you focus.

Ergonomics are pretty effective in providing back support to users, especially in a pregnant chair. The ergonomically designed backrest supports the back while preventing back pain. It also enables the pregnant ladies to sit for lengthy periods in a straight posture. As a result, ensure that any office chair you choose has an ergonomic back design for pregnancy.

Lack of circulation might also be a problem for working pregnant ladies. The legs may go sleepy if you sit for lengthy periods. A seat pan that slopes downward is seen on several chairs. As a result of the downward slope, less pressure is applied to your thighs, improving blood circulation.


In choosing a chair for pregnant women, adjustability should be must considered. It’s ideal if a pregnant women office chair allows for several adjustments, from back support to height.

These changes are essential for pregnant women since they allow you to alter your seating postures during the nine months of pregnancy, particularly in the upper arms and mid-body.

Adjustable armrests include in this list of options. Gain control over the chair arm support with this function, allowing moving about freely without tied to one chair frame. It’s a lot of fun to change things based on personal preferences.

Seat Comfort

Comfortable chairs for pregnant ladies are vital for sitting long for office work. Soft and comfortable chairs will soothe your buttocks and ensure that you can sit in the chair for an extended time. It’s excellent to have waterfall edge chairs because they’re fantastic for decreasing hip discomfort.

The blood flow in the hips and buttocks will not be affected when sitting in a comfortable chair. If your chair doesn’t have an edge seat design, make sure it has cushioned seats. Seats with cushions are softer and more pleasant to sit in.

Seat comfort must find a balance between being soft and supportive at the same time. Some of the most comfortable chairs, such as the Herman Miller Aeron or the Steelcase Gesture, have minimal to no padding.

Back Support

A woman’s weight increases between 25 and 35 pounds during a healthy pregnancy. As a result, there is an increased weight pressure on the lower spine. Pregnant women experience lower back discomfort due to increased weight.

So, an office chair back support for pregnancy suggests reducing the risk of damage and providing improved lumbar support. It can help you maintain a healthy body posture while also reducing the pressure on your spine. Overall, while looking for the best office chair for pregnancy, appropriate back support should first be the first option.

Neck Support

Because of hormonal and physiological changes, pregnant women are more likely to have neck pain and headaches. However, the primary physical reason is a more significant strain on the neck, upper spine, and shoulders due to increased body weight.

It is necessary to have good neck support when pregnant ladies work in offices or at home. Not only is it unhealthy for your posture to lean forward when sitting, but it is also unhealthy for the baby.

Thus, while selecting comfortable office chairs for pregnant women, you should check for neck support.

Weight Capacity

The last thing you should check is that the office chair can bear the weight of pregnant ladies, depending on how much weight. The office chairs can carry up to 250 pounds on average. Some chairs, however, have a higher weight capacity due to their more robust frames and bodies.

The Steelcase Gesture, for example, can withstand up to 400 pounds of weight. You need to notice extra weight causing wear and tear on the parts of the chairs.

To get all these features in office chairs for pregnant ladies, you should never make a compromise on the price.

How can pregnant women stay comfortable at work?

You must sit in a comfortable chair that has height adjustment and backrest. Because it will reduce pressure on your back and relieve back pain.

How do pregnant women sit comfortably in the office?

keep your hips and knees at the right angle. Don’t sit in the same position for a longer time.

What is the best office chair for sitting long hours during pregnancy?

Duramont Ergonomic chair  is the best office chair for long hours sitting during pregnancy. It has lumbar support and a mesh backrest.

Does long hours sitting position affect pregnancy?

Try to have lumbar support such as a lumbar cushion when sitting for long hours. The lumbar support makes users sit comfortably.

Good posture during pregnancy involves training your body to stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on your back. As your pregnancy progresses, everyday activities such as sitting and standing can become uncomfortable

Yes, you can, you can lie on your back as long as you feel comfortable.

How is a pregnant lady sitting in a chair?

She must sit at the end of the chair and put the curve on your back. Equally, distribute your weight on both hips.

What kind of office chair is best for pregnancy?

In pregnancy, you always need additional support from the office chair.  Try to use an office chair that has lumbar support and armrests. Because later on your weight increase and standing up is difficult.

Moreover, if you want a massage chair. It will also provide a comfortable massage and relax sitting for a long period of time.

How to sit in the office chair during pregnancy?

For your comfort sit at the end of the chair and slough completely. You should distribute your whole body weight on both hips. Do’s and don’ts during pregnancy.

Women generally gain between 25 to 35 pounds of weight during a healthy pregnancy, according to WebMD. This increase in weight can put additional load on the lower spine. It’s no surprise that this is one of the biggest reasons why many women experience increasing lower back pain during pregnancy.

To help mitigate the risk of injury, it’s important to find an ergonomic office chair with superior lumbar support. Not only will it help you maintain proper posture, but it will help reduce the load on your spine. Proper back support is the number one priority for a pregnant woman.

It’s normal for a pregnant woman to experience headaches and neck pain. This may happen due to a combination of hormonal and physiological changes during pregnancy. One common occurrence is the enlargement of breast tissue that can increase strain on the neck, shoulders, and upper spine.

This is why, having proper neck support is paramount to support your upper body, especially when working with a computer. Having to lean forward while sitting down is not only bad for your posture, but bad for the baby as well.

Because every woman will go through physical changes during pregnancy, it’s important to have the ability to adjust sitting positions throughout these 9 months, especially in the mid-section and arms area of the body.

This is where adjustable armrests come in. By allowing you to change the arms support of the chair, you can freely move around and not be constricted when sitting down. It’s surely is a luxury to be able to switch things up every now and then, all to your liking.

Last but not least, one of the most important considerations of choosing the right office chair for pregnant ladies is its durability. Not only is it important to support your-ever-increasing weight, but you wouldn’t want to feel like the chair is going to crumble beneath your weight now, would you?

We’ve taken extensive measures to make sure that every chair on this list fits all these criteria, giving you peace of mind when you need to work while sitting down. Rest assured, you can expect these chairs to support you throughout the journey of pregnancy.


Best Work Chair for Pregnancy – Pregnancy is a beautiful transition for women to motherhood. It brings with it tons of happiness and a bundle of joy. But the pregnancy phase itself can be taxing for the mother as her body goes through a lot of changes. The hormonal changes, the increasing belly, increased sensitivity to pain all are quite difficult for a pregnant lady.

The best solution for all these problems is adequate rest, which can be achieved through a proper comfortable pregnancy chair. Invest in one, and you are more than ready to have a better pregnancy experience.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life. But it can also be physically challenging, especially when you have to sit at work all day long.

You want to get as comfortable as possible so that you can do your work without feeling anxious or exhausted from sitting on an uncomfortable seat all day long.

The best office chair for pregnant ladies will provide the support you need while keeping your back, neck, and shoulders as comfortable as possible.

There are many different options available in the market, but you should make sure that you buy an ergonomic office chair specifically designed for pregnant women.

To solve your problem In this blog post, we are going to show you the top 10 best office chairs for pregnancy on the market today.

We will also tell you what makes them stand out from their competition and give an honest review of each one based on our extensive research which includes product specification, features, pros and cons, a buying guide about best office chair for pregnant women, and finally our conclusion.