Best Zero Gravity Chair for Tall Person

Best Zero Gravity Chair for Tall Person – If you are a tall guy looking to buy the most comfortable chair then you have come to the right place because in this guide we are going to discuss the best zero gravity chair for the tall man.

The right chair can make a huge difference in your sitting comfort. With the right chair, you can soothe your aching body, relax, put up your feet and promote healthy blood circulation. But it can be pretty tough to find a good chair that can offer these benefits, especially if you are a tall man.

Zero gravity chairs are considered to be one of the most comfortable chairs to sit in because these chairs suspend your body in a natural position. Your feet get elevated and align with your heart to create a weightless sensation in your body. In this position, you can truly relax and unwind because your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump the blood through your body.

An oversized zero gravity chair for tall people is basically either an extra-wide, extra-long, or extra-large [XL] recliner with a higher back height, a larger seating area, and a longer footrest than other standard chairs.

They are specially designed to comfortably accommodate big and tall people without stress.

One of the major benefits taller people can appreciate about oversized zero gravity recliner chairs is that they are long enough and with the large overall seating surface, they offer plenty of space to stretch out and unwind.

Another key benefit is that they are capable of sustaining a larger weight capacity and some can even stand almost all possible human weight.


1.Amazon Basics

Literally, thousands of people bought and love this zero gravity chair by Amazon Basic. The chair truly has everything you might be looking for in a good-quality comfort chair.

This stylish chair is available in three different colors to choose from including a very beautiful camouflage. The Oxford cotton fabric it is made of is extremely breathable so you won’t feel like you are overheating at all. This unique fabric will also dry off in no time at all should the chair get wet in the rain or by splashes from the pool. The chair is also made with a strong steel frame that can handle a weight of up to 330 pounds.

The chair is extremely comfortable to sit in thanks to its firm design that gives you good posture support. The removable pillow is adjustable so you can set it to any height or even use it at the chair base for lumbar support. This chair can also recline in just about any position and it reclines almost a full 180 degrees so you can get your legs lifted to reduce some swelling. It is a great zero gravity chair for a tall person because it has a very high chair back.

It is also very light at just 20.5 pounds and the chair is quite affordable considering its features and weight capacity. Some do however feel that a serving tray and a stronger frame would have been preferable.

Pros & Cons


If you prefer a zero gravity chair for a tall person with a soft padded seat then you can consider this beautiful chair by Luckyberry.

This chair is also made with textile fabric but unlike many of the chairs on our list, it is padded so you can sit more comfortably. This padding can however cause you to sweat a bit. You can get this chair in two different color designs.

This chair is perfect for big and tall guys because it can easily accommodate a weight of up to 350 pounds. The chair also has an extra-wide design so you can sit more comfortably or even share the chair with another adult.

The chair has a removable headrest that you can shift down to any position. It is also very comfy to sit in since it can recline to any position up to 170 degrees. At its full recline position, your legs will be slightly above your heart which can help reduce swelling in your legs and gives you that zero-gravity feel.

The chair isn’t quite as light as others due to its larger frame and thick padding. But it is still light enough to transport with ease and it folds down to a rather compact size.

We also love the side-fitted serving tray with its cup holder. With this little tray, you can sit comfortably without any risk of spilling your drink when you doze off for a nap.

The card buckle recliner lock also makes it very easy to adjust your position much the same way a rocker recliner would work.

Pros & Cons

3.Lafuma Futura Air

If you are looking for a reclining chair for a tall person that you can use in the living room then we recommend you consider this chair by Lafuma Futura because its upholstery reminds you a lot of a recliner or sofa.

This beautiful chair is available in three different colors and it is made from batyline fabric with 3-inch stuffing. The chair is very soft to sit in, yet still firm enough to offer good posture support.

Because the chair is designed with stuffing, it might not be quite as breathable but, on the other hand, it can be nice and cozy during wintertime. The chair is also designed with an air-comfort seat. This seat will stay cool on hot days so you won’t get all sweaty even though the chair doesn’t have any mesh to allow lots of air to pass through the fabric.

The chair’s metal frame is also very tough although we are not quite sure of the weight capacity of this chair.

The headrest is removable and you can adjust it to any height. The chair also reclines to any position up to 180 degrees so you can sit comfortably and get some rest or reduce some tension in your back and legs.

It is a great-looking chair but many do feel that a cup holder or serving tray might have been a handy addition to this chair. The price is also a bit steep compared to other quality chairs on this list.

Pros & Cons

4.Flexzion Zero Gravity

If you are looking for a recliner chair that is super easy to transport or carry with you so you can rest on the beach, at the pool, or any other given spot then you can consider this chair by Flexzion.

This chair is designed to be portable since it folds to an extremely compact size and it is very light at just 15 pounds.

The chair is designed with a mesh textaline fabric that is extremely breathable so you can stay nice and cool on hot summer days. The chair will also get dry in no time at all should you splash it by accident because the mesh fabric allows lots of fresh air through. You can get this chair in five different colors. Although this chair is not the toughest with its 250-pound weight limit, it is still a very comfy chair to tag along with on your adventures because it offers great posture support.

The chair can recline to any position up to 155 degrees so you can sit comfortably with your legs raised. It also has a removable headrest that you can place at various positions.

Sadly, this chair doesn’t come with a serving tray or cup holder. But it is still a great investment considering its portability and affordable price.

Pros & Cons

5.Oversized Zero Gravity

This is an ideal gravity recliner for tall and large guys because it has an extraordinary weight capacity of up to 500 pounds and it comes with a thick padded mattress that is super comfortable to sit on.

The chair has an extra-wide design so tall and big guys can sit with ease and you can use it with or without the thick padded mattress. The chair also looks great but you can only get it in black and it only comes with a brown pillow.

These big man recliners are made with textaline fabric that is very breathable and light when you use it without the padded cushion. The strong metal frame is sturdy enough to handle large men and the chair is fitted with a handy side-fitted tray that has a cup holder and slot for your phone.

This chair is comfy to sit in whether you use the thick mattress or not. It can recline to any position up to almost 180 degrees.

Ideally, you should use the chair without the cushion during the daytime or if you are using the chair outside. With the cushion, it will be a perfect chair to take long naps in or to even get some rest at night if you are limited on sleep areas for your guests.

The chair also has removable head support that you can place anywhere along with the tall 24-inch chair back.

Pros & Cons

6.GOLDSUN Oversized

This bright chair by Goldsun is a good pick for those who need a light chair that has thick padding and a good weight capacity. Many feel that this chair is better than any massage chair you ever tried.

This lift chair is made with durable padded polyester fabric that is soft to the touch and cozy to sit in yet still firm enough to offer good back and leg support. Sadly the chair only comes in one color – red.

The chair has a tough steel frame that can handle up to 350 pounds of weight which makes the chair ideal for bigger men.

This chair is very comfy to sit in. The padded fabric will keep you nice and snug during wintertime and can help you avoid a chill to the spine on cold days. The outdoor chair can recline in any position between 90 and 166 degrees so you can lift your legs above your heart for that comfy zero-gravity feel.

We also love the little serving tray that is included with the chair. The tray has two handy cup-holders where you can place those refreshing drinks while getting a good tan in the sun.

Pros & Cons

What to Look for in a Zero Gravity Chair

Recliner and Lounge Chair Options for Tall People - Dengarden
< id="mntl-sc-block_3-0-2" class="comp mntl-sc-block litho-sc-block commerce-sc-block-subheading--lifestyle commerce-sc-block-subheading mntl-sc-block-subheading">Comfort

While all zero gravity chairs are designed with comfort in mind, some are more comfortable than others. Your personal preferences will largely determine which type of materials you find most comfortable in a chair, and helps you choose between padded, unpadded, and other styles. You may also want to consider factors such as if the chair material is breathable and how much heat it retains when kept outside in the hot sun.

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Beyond making you feel weightless, some zero gravity chairs also come with extras to make your lounging even more comfortable. Some have canopies to shade you from the sun, while others come complete with a tray table to hold your drink. If you’re planning to keep yours outside, make sure you choose durable fabrics, and if you plan to take it on the go, opt for one that’s light and easy to fold up.

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You’ll want to make sure that your chair fits well in your space. But you will also want to make sure the chair will be the right size for those who will use it the most. Many zero gravity chairs are adjustable and fit people of all builds, but those who are on the taller or shorter side should make sure to find one that’s comfortable for them.

Longest Zero Gravity Chair For Tall Persons

Best Zero Gravity Chair for Tall PersonDepending on how tall you are, I find the Timber Ridge XL Oversize zero gravity chair one of the best for taller bodies. It’s size appropriate while also being very comfortable due to the thick full foam padding inserts inside the seat and backrest.

How Does It Measure Up

  • When the Timber Ridge has been reclined into the zero-gravity position, the total length is 72 inches. Which is a good 6 foot. But when you lay in this position, your body height is constricted down as your knees come up and the legs fold down slightly.
  • Decent size 29-inch backrest (28.9″) to allow the head to rest nicely on the padded pillow.
  • 21.3-inch leg rest which is about 3-6 inches longer than standard chairs. For most people, it will be long enough to comfortably lay in, but for super tall people, your feet may rest on the bar.
  • Large 22-inch depth to the seat that allows tall people to really sit back in the seat for maximum legroom.

But Is It A Good Zero Gravity Chair?

5 Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person (Spring 2022) – Full Review

If comfort in the form of padding while in the most comfortable position (Zero gravity) excites you, then you’re in for a treat. The durable polyester fabric encases a thick foam padding for making the feeling of laying on empty space even more realistic. The padding is especially good if you have a larger frame and or bad back pain as well.

The padded pillow also acts as adjustable lumbar support. It’s attached to the chair and simply slides up or down so you can position it exactly where you need the support in your back. The ultimate addition to the zero gravity position. If you don’t like the pillow, simply take it off.

Slipping into the zero gravity position is very simple. All you have to do is flick the switch located just under the premium wooden armrests downwards. This unlocks the chair for gliding into position. When you are happy with the recline, simply flick the switch upwards to lock the chair into position.

Most of the chairs we included on our list are made of tough materials and they look pretty fantastic. These charming features can make it very hard for you to decide on the right chair to buy. To help you avoid decision fatigue, we have concluded this handy little guide. This buyer’s guide will show you which chair best suits your unique needs. Our guide is also designed to help you get the best value for your money while shopping online.

The Best for Big and Heavy Guys

Some tall men are skinny, while others have a large build. If you are tall and heavy then you should consider the Kingbo Oversized Zero Gravity Chair since this chair has a massive 500-pound weight limit.

The oversized chair is also nice and wide so you can sit comfortably and its high back is perfect for supporting tall men. The large cushion included is also ideal for reducing tension on your joints, bones, and spine.

The Budget Friendly

There are quite a few budget-friendly zero gravity chairs on our list. One of the most affordable is the chair by Amazon Basics. It is a great chair that is very light and portable.

But if the 200-pound weight limit isn’t ideal for your body type then you can also consider the gravity chair by Flexzion with its 250-pound weight capacity.

The Best Chair for Indoor Use

Zero gravity chairs are the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in. Lots of people grow so fond of these chairs, they even use these chairs to replace their living room sofas. If you want to use your zero gravity chair indoors then you might want to look for something that has thicker padding and that offers a great overall look.

The chair by Lafuma Futura is a bit pricey but it does remind you quite a lot of a home theatre recliner with its dark and solid color.

The chair by Luckyberry is also a good option since this one looks great with its wooden armrests and its padded seat. This chair is also available at a much better price.

You can also consider the Kingbo zero gravity chair with its wider design. When the thick cushion is in place, it is comfortable enough to use for a movie marathon.

Premium Zero Gravity Chair in Grey — Mid Ulster Garden Centre (Hortus Vitae  Ltd)

The Best Chair for the Beach or Pool

If you are using your zero gravity chair at the pool or beach to get a tan then you should opt for something quick to dry and light to carry around. There are quite a few chairs on this list that are perfect for use at the beach.

The chairs by Lafuma Futura, Amazon Basics, Flexzion, and Caravan Sports all have mesh designs and they are all very light and portable. Out of these four, we do recommend the chair by Caravan Sports since this one has the largest weight capacity and it is available in quite a few beautiful colors and designs.

The Best Chair That Has a Tray

A serving tray and cup holder is a blessing if you are out and about on camping expeditions or even if you are relaxing by the pool. With these chairs, you always have a spot to place belongings like your cellphone, drink, or book while you take a nap or catch up with friends.

The chair by Luckyberry is one of our favorites in this section because it has such a beautiful design and the 350-pound weight capacity is also pretty fantastic.

We also love the Kingbo zero gravity chair because it can handle an astonishing weight of up to 500 pounds, it is very comfortable to sit in, it includes a mattress and it even has a small tray and cup holder to place your drink.

The Portal zero gravity chair is also a winner with its beautiful design, wooden armrests, and spacious tray.

The chair by Goldsun is also a good pick if you love that bright red color and need a chair that reclines almost 180 degrees.

And if you need a good chair that is super comfy to sit in just about any climate then the Portal mesh back chair is also a good pick.

The Chair with the Most Flexible Recline

The more flexible the chairs recline is, the higher you can get those legs into the air. All of these chairs will lift your legs above your heart level so you can experience that weightless sensation.

The Caravan Sports chair, Lafuma Futura Air Comfort, Kingbo, Amazon Basics, and Lafuma Futura are some of our top picks because these chairs can recline almost 180 degrees so you can sit as comfortably as possible or take a nap in your chair.

The Best Multifunctional Chair

The Portal Mesh Back chair is a great chair to choose from if you want a chair that will give you the most functionality. This chair can handle up to 350 pounds, it has a mesh back to keep you from feeling sweaty, it has a padded seat to enhance comfort, it comes with a tray and cup holder and the chair even has wood armrests which give it a terrific overall look.

This is a great chair to have inside or outside your home or to take along on camping expeditions because it functions great in different climates and the chair also makes mealtimes very simple thanks to its tray.

If the Portal mesh back chair doesn’t appeal to you then you can also consider any of the other chairs on this list that comes with a serving tray since all of these are comfortable enough to use when eating, they can be used for general seating, or they can be used to take a rest so you can restore your health.

Best Zero Gravity Chairs in 2022 | Home & Style

The Best Chair for Camping

Tall men who love to camp can consider the Portal mesh black chair. It has a handy little tray where you can place your drink and the camping chair is nice and cozy to sit in.

The camouflage chair by Caravan Sports is also a great pick even though this chair doesn’t come with a tray. This is because the camouflage color suits most camping gear to perfection and these chairs are very easy to transport thanks to their compact folding design and lightweight.

Overall the Timber Ridge a very high-quality chair. It is a little more expensive because of its high-quality materials used and the 350 lbs weight capacity. The maximum user height I would recommend is 6’6″ tall. At this height, your feet may still reach beyond the bar an inch or two. But you can use the bar to rest the soles of your feet on while you’re in the zero gravity position.


Best Zero Gravity Chair for Tall Person – Zero gravity chairs are one of the best ways to relax whether you are camping, lounging around the garden, or down at the beach. But as a taller person, finding a chair that is actually long enough can be quite the mission. Manufacturers don’t specifically make zero gravity chairs for tall people.

We do hope that this buying guide helped you find the perfect zero gravity chair so you can sit back, relax and enjoy all the benefits of sitting at an angle that promotes a healthy heart and healthy legs.

If you are also in the market for other great quality products like the best recliner for tall men or the best living room chair, then you should check out some of our other guides where we offer even more advice on the best products to get right now.

The rather inaptly named zero gravity chair is becoming more common. Unlike its name might suggest, the zero gravity chair does not come with the elusive sci-fi anti gravity drive. But it does provide an ergonomically useful resting position. The zero gravity chair I’m modifying here is of the outdoor variety, and can be had for around 50 bucks in stores, on Amazon (see affiliate image link), or even various classifieds. Problem with it is, my arms and legs hang off either side of it… recently, however, I realized how easy it is to modify: