Best Air Coolers for i5 8600k

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Best Air Coolers for i5 8600k – As you can see, there are a lot of excellent air CPU coolers for the i5-8600k. Anyone of these will do the primary means that you’re trying to achieve — keeping your processor cool; however, if you plan on doing some overclocking and seeing how far you can push your computer, then we recommend getting one of the higher quality coolers that you can be certain you can rely on. Those are the DeepCool Gammaxx 400 and the Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler. That said, not everyone has the money to drop on a high-end cooler, so if you just need something to get by, any of the budget options will do fine.

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Four screws secure mounting brackets to the side of the Gammaxx 400’s base. The installation kit includes an AMD bracket for a motherboard’s stock clip-on retainer (oriented with clips at the sides), a universal square-ILM bracket with “push pin” locks for Intel’s LGAs up to 1366, and a similarly slotted bracket with spring-assisted LGA 2011x screws.

Deepcool has manufactured cooling accessories for laptops, graphics cards and case fans, among others, for the past 15 years. Until now it has concentrated on the Asian market, but is just recently turning its sights on the U.S. Deepcool is ISO compliant, which means it adheres to strict international guidelines in manufacturing, management, and continued improvement.

In this review I will be examining the latest Deepcool CPU cooler, the GAMMAXX 400, in its retail packaged form. I will be comparing it to similar coolers for performance and cooling efficiency.

2.Noctua NH-D15

The NH-D15 itself is a creation of beauty and majesty, towering 6.4” above the CPU and covering roughly the footprint of a mini-ITX motherboard. Noctua ships it with enough hardware to fit both versions of LGA 2011, all versions of LGA 115x and all AMD motherboards that include a four-hole backplate on the factory retention bracket. Previous high-end sockets require additional back plates. Check with Noctua for availability.

The NH-D15’s solid copper base is polished to a semi-smooth finish prior to nickel plating. The finish is almost perfect for keeping thermal compound in place without requiring a thick film of the stuff. I could go on with specs like soldered-on fins and six heat pipes, but I’d rather focus on test results than pontificate about how those things will affect them.

3.Cooler Master Hyper 212

The Hyper 212 Evo v2 does away with the swing-arm flex mount bracket and makes use of a fixed torsion bar, which greatly simplifies mounting and installation of the cooler.  Cooler Master provides hardware to support most Intel and AMD CPU sockets, although Threadripper is not among them.

A set of additional fan mounting hardware is included for users seeking to add an additional fan to the Hyper 212 Evo v2 for push/pull airflow, a PWM splitter for dual fan operation and a syringe of thermal compound round out the boxed accessories.

4.Scythe Fuma 2

For those who are unaware of who Scythe is, it may be time to crawl out from under that rock! They have done well in our time working with them to tend to gravitate to the top half of our charts, yet can do so without charging massive amounts of money for their cooling solutions. It used to be that many top performers could be found in the wild for fifty dollars or less, but the market and economy seemed to have changed, to where now many companies find no issue charging double what the industry used to consider “normal.”

However, we are not here to bash companies; we are here to praise Scythe for being one of the ever-shrinking list of a few manufacturers that believe you should not have to take out a loan to grab a CPU cooler to obtain better than average results! quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

The Dark Rock series from be quiet! represents the apex of the company’s air cooling line. The Dark Rocks are stunningly handsome CPU coolers swathed in no-nonsense, deep-black aesthetics. The Dark Rock Pro 4 is the latest flagship of this family, developed for power users and overclockers looking for every available watt of cooling power that they can squeeze from a performance-minded, heatpipe-based tower cooler.

Out front, the 120 x 25mm SilentWings fan moves air through the first tower, where it meets the 135 x 22mm SilentWings fan. That second fan, in turn, motivates the air stream through the second tower, and out the rear of the cooler.


Best Air Coolers for i5 8600k – There’s a lot to think about when you’re building your own PC, especially when it comes to compatibility between hardware components. You need to especially make sure that your processor and motherboard combination work together — if you don’t, you’re breaking pins, and that CPU just isn’t going to work. But, once you get that figured out, you also need to figure out how to reduce heat from your processor. The way we do that in PCs is through CPU coolers. Mount one on top of your CPU, and it’ll keep your processor cool, even under heavy loads, such as overclocking or video editing.