Best Air Coolers for i7 7700k

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Best Air Coolers for i7 7700k – Several cooling solutions are available on the market, but an overclocked best air cooler for the i7 7700K processor will end up throttling several low-end coolers. We need a high-end cooler for this beast of a processor, which would not only stop its thermal throttling.

It also allows us to achieve low temperatures to increase the processor’s life span with the best air cooler for i7 7700k. Several cooling solutions are available on the market, but an overclocked i7-7700K processor will end up throttling several low-end coolers.

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The fins are specially shaped to enhance airflow, there is the newer HDT 3.0 base, which offers 30% more contact than previous solutions, and the cooler is said to be easy to install and mostly silent when in operation. With all of that being said, it appears at face value that ID-Cooling offers quite a bit in this new SE series cooler.

While there are a couple of variants to the cooler we are looking at today, we save the RGB version for a later date. We have for you today the SE-914-XT Basic, and by the name alone, you realize that there are not many “extras” with this model. However, we have seen some “basic” versions of coolers do rather well in our testing, and we are keeping our hopes high that ID-Cooling is offering something special.

Knowing this is a very affordable cooling solution. With all design implementations for fit and functionality, this may be much better than the stock solutions, but we will have to wait and see just how well the SE-914-XT Basic stacks up in our charts!

2.Thermaltake UX100 5V

Thermaltake Technology is focused on delivering the perfect user experience. Their products range from Power Supply Units, PC Chassis, Complete Custom Loop solutions, CPU Coolers, Fans to the range of the peripherals like keyboards, mouse, mouse mat, headphones, and even gaming chairs. The very essence of the Thermaltake DNA is based on Courage, Passion, and Perseverance. They are diversified in brands like TteSPORTS, Luxa to bring consumer-focused products from respective domains.

I remember the time when I took a spin on the Cooler Master G100M. That Mr. UFO gave us a chill for sure coming out purely from the design and RGB lighting were doing the magic for sure. Then came the Raijintek JUNO PRO RBW with what we can call fin-bunch design. Reminds me of the Zalman era designed coolers!

3.Cooler Master Hyper 212

The newly updated Hyper 212 looks to tug at the heartstrings of many system builders from over a decade, who may recall countless tech sites spouting consistent praise and community recommendations for the original Hyper 212 product line as a budget air-cooling option.

Much like its earlier predecessors, the new Hyper 212 Evo v2 aims for the sweet spot of budget performance potential, with the latest version finding itself amidst a large selection of competitive alternatives.


Deepcool has shipped us several great-performing reasonably-priced products over the past few years, with its Gamer Storm Assassin II dual-tower cooler recently beating most of the firm’s competitors in both price and performance. Can the company do more with even less?

Compared to the NH-U12S, Deepcool’s Gammaxx 400 hangs an extra 0.1″ of fins off both the front and rear of the CPU socket. As a frugal builder, I can sympathize with anyone who actually needs the extra 0.1″ of memory clearance afforded by the costlier part.

The Gammaxx 400 is also a little wider, though about half that difference comes from its wire fan retainers sticking out farther. All three coolers come with an extra set of clips to hold a second fan in push-pull orientation.

5.Noctua NF-A12x25

The Noctua NF-A12x25 fan is arguably the most anticipated product to come out of Noctua in years, if only because they took their sweet time with it. Month, nay years of a tease here, a prototype there and many a soft timeline missed led to inevitable frustration when the first product to come out of this series was a low-profile 15 mm thick fan.

The public wanted the real deal, however, and Noctua finally obliged with the launch of a whole slew of new fans. This included the NF-A12x25 in not one, but three different flavors (PWM, FLX, ULN), offering choice of speed control and rated RPM. Today, we take a closer look at what should be the most popular of the trio in the form of the NF-A12x25 PWM, and thanks again to Noctua for providing a review sample to TechPowerUp.


Best Air Coolers for i7 7700k – The Intel Core i7-7700K is the seventh generation’s fastest mainstream CPU, and the letter ‘K’ signifies it is an unlocked processor consist of the best air cooler system for i7 7700k.

It means that the consumer can adjust the processor multiplier, leading to faster processing speeds; however, it also heats up much more than at the stock configurations.