Best Budget Cpu Coolers

Best Budget Cpu Coolers – When picking the best parts for your PC, coolers might not be at the top of your list and when it comes time to drop the temp, you might not have much dough left to drop.

That’s why we have put together this list of the top 5 best budget CPU air coolers in 2021. The coolers on this list will help break the heat without breaking the bank.

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1.Jonsbo CR1400 RGB

Pros & Cons

The Jonsbo CR-1400 is a powerful tower cooler for AMD and Intel sockets. The four copper heat pipes ensure that heat is quickly removed and the 92 mm fan supplied with ARGB LEDs ensures stylish lighting. The 92 mm PWM fan rotates at 900 to 2300 rpm and generates a low noise level with a delivery volume of 61.1 m³ / h (36 CFM) with a maximum of 30.5 db (A) .

The Jonsbo CR-1400 is suitable for cooling powerful processors. The quiet 92 mm PWM fan with ARGB lighting ensures high cooling potential and stylish design

The tower cooler has integrated ARGB lighting on the top cover and the 92 fan. The lighting can be controlled via a suitable mainboard. The Jonsbo CR-1400 is compatible with many popular AMD and Intel sockets.

2.Cooler Master Hyper 212

Pros & Cons

The cooling fin stack looks very similar to the Hyper 212 models of years past, but with some improvements.  A milled aluminum mounting block is fixed to the heatpipes of the  Evo v2 and provides much needed relief from the struggles of installing the original 212’s with the adjustable swing arm mount.  The cross-section of the cooling tower reveals offset heatpipes and an ‘open’ fin stack which allows airflow to escape at any angle.

The milled aluminum base has an aggressive saw-tooth milling that allows it to function not only as a mounting plate, but also to aid as additional thermal dissipation.  The tension mounting screws are maintained with washer clamps, further adding to the improved mounting system.

3.Thermaltake UX100 5V

Pros & Cons

Thermaltake released their take on such an approach in the form of UX100 ARGB lighting CPU cooler. I am wondering if it is the same OEM with a rebrand or what as the UX100 resembles the JUNO PRO RBW. Anyhow, the Thermaltake UX100 has features black coated aluminum fins designed in a bunch style to form a base on which the fan is suspended.

Speaking of the fan this cooler features 9-blades with high airflow. This fan is using the hydraulic bearing. The most killer aspect – may be more than the performance – is the 16.8M ARGB lighting solution on this cooler. ARGB is at the forefront of this cooler with 15 ARGB LEDs mounted inside an 8mm thick diffuser on the inner side of the shroud. The blades have flame designed on them.


Pros & Cons

Compared to the NH-U12S, Deepcool’s Gammaxx 400 hangs an extra 0.1″ of fins off both the front and rear of the CPU socket. As a frugal builder, I can sympathize with anyone who actually needs the extra 0.1″ of memory clearance afforded by the costlier part.

The Gammaxx 400 is also a little wider, though about half that difference comes from its wire fan retainers sticking out farther. All three coolers come with an extra set of clips to hold a second fan in push-pull orientation.

Adjustment slots are meaningless with screws that are specific to LGA 2011x, and installers must remember to slide these screws all the way to the outer edge of those slots to match their motherboard’s threaded retainer holes.

5.Noctua NH-L9a-AM4

Pros & Cons

AMD’s Ryzen architecture has delivered some much-needed competition to the market and unlike their previous architecture, we are seeing viable ITX platforms for the AM4 chipset. Small form factor motherboards often need low-profile coolers and the Noctua L9a-AM4 is as low profile as you can get.

I reviewed the older Noctua L9i Intel 115x socket cooler in 2013 and was surprised by the performance and low noise profile given the diminutive size of it. We currently use two NH-L9i coolers in our more portable ITX Fractal Design Node 202 systems and have never had an issue with keeping our Intel CPUs cool. The new Noctua L9a-AM4 is the Ryzen variant and based on its lineage we had high expectations.


Best Budget Cpu Coolers – From taking tight corners to picking the perfect drop spot, its important to keep your cool while gaming. Get too hot and your performance can slip.

The same thing applies to your rig. Loading your PC up with top-of-the-line processors and GPUs means nothing if your battle station overheats.