Best Cpu Coolers for i5 8400

Best Cpu Coolers for i5 8400 – Since you own an i5-8400 processor, you need a CPU Cooler that will take the heat out and be compatible with your processor’s heating levels and temperatures! For this post, we went ahead and found 10+ CPU Coolers on the market and researched them all. After intense research and several hours and efforts put into it, we shortlisted 5 Best i5 8400 CPU Coolers that will not only keep the heat out but be compatible with your processor’s heating levels

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1.NZXT Kraken Z53 240mm

Pros & Cons

NZXT has finally announced the latest addition to its Kraken Z series AIO liquid cooler, the Kraken Z53. As the extension of the previously announced Kraken Z series AIO liquid cooler lineup, the Kraken Z53 features the same pump design, performance, and customization as the Z63 and Z73, but with a smaller 240mm radiator for better compatibility for most mid-tower chassis.

In this review, we’ll be putting the Kraken Z53 to the test and see what kind of cooling performance can we expect from this cooler and of course, how does it fare against other CPU coolers we have here in the test la.


Pros & Cons

MSI includes just a handful of drivers and utilities with this board. All of the drivers installed without any issue, and they don’t warrant much discussion. As for the utilities, you’ll find a customized version of CPUID’s popular CPU-Z tool, along with MSI’s Dragon Center software.

Dragon Center provides a wide range of features in a single app. Before I go into what Dragon Center does, I should note that this version of Dragon Center is available as a straight download from the board’s support page—which I’m far happier about than I probably should be for such a small detail.

With all the previous MSI motherboards that I’ve reviewed, the company didn’t provide the full program in one download on its support page. Instead, the support page offered an installation tool rather than the program itself, requiring you to download a separate SDK package to complete the installation. I’ve complained about this at least half a dozen times to date, and I’m delighted to see that MSI has now opted to provide an actual download from the start.

3.Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L

Pros & Cons

Cooler Master has recently released two new all-in-one liquid cooling units: the Master Liquid ML120L and the ML240L. As you might guess, the ML120L is a 120mm radiator unit, and the ML240L happens to sport a 240mm (2x120mm) form liquid cooler.

(Note: we have a review of the 120mm unit coming soon.) PC gamers and system builders increasingly want to add the sleek, visual presence that only a liquid cooling unit provides, while ensuring a thermal design that can handle overclocking potential. Want custom color options? Cooler Master’s Master Liquid ML120L and ML240L both feature LED RGB 4-pin fans and pump display utilizing RBG integration with capable motherboards. Or you can control the color and display pattern manually via a “Molex” (4-pin ATA)-powered control module.

4.upHere Quiet CPU Cooler

Pros & Cons

The upHere cooler are 120mm RGB gaming fans that have premium features for value pricing. In addition to having a rich premium feature set, the upHere case fans provide a superb cooling solution for custom gaming enthusiasts.

Most budget or value case fans will offer some sort of lighting effects. But, the big challenge is designing a fan that avoids “hot spots”. Hot spots in LED lighting are portions where you can see the actual LED light source. This is a desired lighting effect in some cases, but usually you want a diffuse light pattern. These case fans provide very good LED light diffusion while at an affordable price.

5.Noctua NH-D15

Pros & Cons

Everything including the fans, anti-vibration pads, fan clips, heatpipes and fin arrays has been given the all-black makeover, as too have the mounting parts. Noctua’s fit and finish is, as expected, of a high standard, and the black coatings on all the various parts are so well matched that the cooler comes across as a single large item. It’s more matte than glossy, too, helping give it a modern, trendy aesthetic, and it goes without saying there are no gaudy LED lights.

The calls for a widely-compatible colour scheme have been answered, but other than that, the has plenty in common with the regular NH-D15 reviewed back in 2014. That means half-a-dozen copper heatpipes, a dual-tower design with 150mm-wide aluminium fin-stacks, and a pair of black NF-A15 PWM fans that are among the best in the business. As always, low-noise adapters are included in the bundle, along with a y-splitter cable, and you get a good-sized tube of Noctua’s own NT-H1 thermal compound, as well as the peace of mind of a comprehensive six-year warranty.


Best Cpu Coolers for i5 8400 – Keeping your CPU Cool is one of the main tasks when building a PC. No matter how powerful your i5-8400 PC is, no matter how much RAM or GPU you have. If you don’t have proper cooling, nothing will work! Without proper airflow and cooling, your PC will overheat and will die out and lead to physical damage to all the other components. This is why you need a CPU Cooler! In this post, we will find and review the Best CPU Cooler for i5 8400 processor as you came for that only!