Best Cpu Coolers for i7 Processors

Best Cpu Coolers for i7 Processors – The Cpu Coolers for i7 Processors  is eight cores and sixteen threads processor with hyper-threading enabled. The base clock of this processor is 3.60 GHz, while the boost clock of this CPU is 5 GHz which you can easily achieve with a potent CPU cooler. Intel again bought a new chipset, and these processors are not going to work with older chipsets. Also, even after checking all these CPU coolers, you still can’t decide which one is best for you. There is a buying guide that you can check, and it will help you pick up a cooler as you will know what product will be best for your build.

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1.NZXT Kraken Z63 280mm

Pros & Cons

Ever since it was founded back in 2004, NZXT has been focused on the always-lucrative PC gaming market. The company started out with just a few PC cases, yet their unique aesthetics and features were more than enough to let the company establish a solid foothold in the advanced PC market. Several years later, NZXT slowly began diversifying their product portfolio by adding cooling and power products to it. Today, the company produces a large variety of PC cases, cooling, and power products, as well as PC peripherals and accessories.

NZXT entered the PC cooling market nearly a decade ago by releasing all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooling solutions and accessories for them, including GPU mounting brackets. However unlike other manufacturers who have opted to build large, diverse product lineups, NZXT never kept more than a handful of AIO coolers available in their product line-up. Instead, the company has focused on delivering a few quality and aesthetically-unique designs, rather than trying to take the competition down on raw performance alone

2.MSI MAG Series

Pros & Cons

While not in the OSD menu, the joystick can be used as a hotkey for certain shortcuts: ‘up’ opens the Game Menu settings, ‘down’ provides you with six different crosshairs, ‘left’ allows you to set an alarm clock, and ‘right’ changes the input source.

Other features include the standard settings such as brightness, contrast, and sharpness as well as an Eye Saver mode, 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio selection, and RGB color settings.

While the MSI MAG241C has saturated colors covering 115% of the sRGB space, which makes the colors more vibrant and lifelike, it lacks an sRGB picture profile, which would limit the color reproduction to 100% sRGB. This may be a problem for those who require accurate color representation for graphic design and other color-critical tasks.

3.Cooler Master MasterLiquid

Pros & Cons

However, as with all of our reviews, we wipe the slate clean and will look at this new cost-effective AIO from Cooler Master with a completely open mind. According to Cooler Master, this refresh of the ML240L series is not just an aesthetic update, the ML240L V2 RGB has had an extensive rework of both the pump and the fans, so it will be very interesting to see what effect these improvements have had on thermal performance.

The ML240L V2 is equipped with Cooler Master’s latest 3rd generation pump that features an increased chamber capacity for improved volume and liquid exchange between chambers, due to reduced resistance. Impeller blades have been extended and the curvature has been enhanced to improve water flow and heat dissipation. A new Tri-Phase motor with silent driver should also help lower noise levels.


Pros & Cons

In today’s review, I look at ID-Cooling’s SE 224 XT Basic and SE 224 XT ARGB. Both use the same single-tower, single-fan design with four heat pipes, and at first glance it appears to be fairly similar to many other offerings in the entry to mid-range market, meaning it will face some stiff competition. So you might be asking why two similar products have been released?

Well, not everyone wants an illuminated cooler, and the Basic version offers a clean-looking heatsink with solid specifications, while the ARGB version swaps in a nicer top plate, black coating, and ARGB fan for those more focused on appearance. With that having been said, it’s time to see what these two coolers can do.

5.Thermaltake UX100 5V

Pros & Cons

Then came the Raijintek JUNO PRO RBW with what we can call fin-bunch design. Reminds me of the Zalman era designed coolers! Recently, Thermaltake released their take on such an approach in the form of UX100 ARGB lighting CPU cooler.

I am wondering if it is the same OEM with a rebrand or what as the UX100 resembles the JUNO PRO RBW. Anyhow, the Thermaltake UX100 has features black coated aluminum fins designed in a bunch style to form a base on which the fan is suspended. Speaking of the fan this cooler features 9-blades with high airflow. This fan is using the hydraulic bearing.

The most killer aspect – may be more than the performance – is the 16.8M ARGB lighting solution on this cooler. ARGB is at the forefront of this cooler with 15 ARGB LEDs mounted inside an 8mm thick diffuser on the inner side of the shroud. The blades have flame designed on them.


Best Cpu Coolers for i7 Processors – Intel released their Rocket Lake processors in early 2021, and these processors ensure no bottlenecking with the Nvidia RTX-30 series of graphics cards. These processors give AMD counterparts a tough time and provide much identical or even better performance for a great price. Still, the PCIe lanes problem is available on the Intel 500 series of motherboards, and their chipset lacks its lanes but shares the CPU lanes. To reduce thermal throttling, you need some excellent aftermarket cooling solutions, and there are some of the best CPU Cooler for i7 11700K that you can consider in 2021.