Best Cpu Coolers Under 150mm

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Best Cpu Coolers Under 150mm – As a PC builder, you should always ensure a good cooling solution to your components. This will protect your components and prevent you from performance throttling. And whether you got a midrange gaming CPU or a high-end one, we are confident that the coolers mentioned above will provide a fantastic cooling solution.

Other than that, we hope that we have helped you in your journey into finding the perfect CPU cooler under 150mm in height. Don’t forget to let us know which cooler has caught your attention in the comment section below.

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1.Noctua NH-U9S

We did lose a bit of faith in Noctua with the last sample we received falling a bit short in the included hardware, but our faith has been restored this time around. We realize that mistakes can easily happen, but in our many years reviewing coolers, Noctua has been the hallmark by which we measure a lot of designs.

Noctua continually displays a fine attention to detail, and their designs and finished products are high quality. With what we have already seen from their latest design, we jumped right back to the high level of quality we expect from Noctua, and this cooler has certainly shown us you don’t have to go huge to control the temperatures of modern processors.

The cooler we are reviewing today is the Noctua NH-U9S, which is very small in comparison to most of the coolers in our charts, and is even more compact than the NH-D9L we just saw quiet! Dark Rock Tf

The two major advantages of downdraft CPU coolers is that they don’t need to be as tall as cross-flow coolers, and they blow more air across a motherboard’s voltage regulator. To us, that sounds like a single design solution for two potential system configuration problems. Disadvantages include an increased amount of air re-circulation and reduced directional velocity at the cooler’s exit, due to the motherboard being in the flow path.

But wait, did I just say downdraft and cross-flow? The firm be quiet! is ready to set me straight, naming its downdraft cooler the Dark Rock TF for top flow. While I’d probably say downdraft and “cross-draft” were I looking for some level of naming consistency, a rose by any other name really does smell as sweet.

3.Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L

Cooler Master has recently released two new all-in-one liquid cooling units: the Master Liquid ML120L and the ML240L. As you might guess, the ML120L is a 120mm radiator unit, and the ML240L happens to sport a 240mm (2x120mm) form liquid cooler.

(Note: we have a review of the 120mm unit coming soon.) PC gamers and system builders increasingly want to add the sleek, visual presence that only a liquid cooling unit provides, while ensuring a thermal design that can handle overclocking potential.

Want custom color options? Cooler Master’s Master Liquid ML120L and ML240L both feature LED RGB 4-pin fans and pump display utilizing RBG integration with capable motherboards. Or you can control the color and display pattern manually via a “Molex” (4-pin ATA)-powered control module.


Gamer Storm is the brand of Deepcool under which enthusiast grade PC Components are offered to the market. Tri-Stellar, Quad-Stellar, Genome/II, New Ark 90 are some of their popular and highly customizable PC Chassis in the market.

Deepcool has recently released their new RGB fans at Computex, 2018. These are addressable RGB fans named under CF series. Fans are available in 120mm and 140mm sizes with a single fan pack and 3 fans pack for 120mm and 2 fans pack for 140mm. These fans are marketed as PC Chassis fan and CPU Cooler Fan.

We have received a 3 120mm fans pack and 2 140mm fans pack for the review and for an RGB build. Each fan houses 12 individually controllable RGB LEDs inside the hub for some vivid and immersive lighting effects.

Being an addressable RGB LEDs, they have +5V type three pin connector and come pre-equipped with a controller and motherboard sync cables. A PWM fan hub is also included which may not be available with single fan pack.

5.Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler

When it comes to the typical air cooler, there are basic components that make a very big difference in the overall efficiency of a product. For instance, adding more fins to the stack, or even using thicker fins can boost efficiency quite a bit.

There is usually an option to add more heat pipes, or you could figure out how to use larger ones in some way, or even a vapor chamber if you are so inclined. You could also increase performance by simply opting for a fan with more CFM and static pressure. But what if you are trying to build a lower profile tower CPU cooler that may be used in a HTPC, or any other environments where adding a louder fan just won’t do? Well, Cryorig found the answer to that question.


Best Cpu Coolers Under 150mm – Building a strong gaming pc is not only about getting the best graphics card and CPU in the market. It’s about choosing every part of your gaming machine very carefully. And one of these parts that do heavily impact your PC’s overall performance is the CPU cooler. Providing a good cooling solution to your components is critical as it will improve their longevity and offer you constantly high performance. However, you don’t always need a big tower cooler in order to get a great cooling performance. In fact, you can get an amazing cooling solution with some CPU coolers that are under 150mm in height.

Noctua NH-U9S
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