Best Liquid Coolers for i7 7700k

Best Liquid Coolers for i7 7700k – There are a lot of cooling solutions available in the market but many low-end coolers would end up throttling an overclocked i7-7700K processor. For this beast of a processor, we need a high-end cooler which would not only stop its thermal throttling but also enable us to achieve low temperatures so that the life span of the processor can be increased. Therefore, before you start pushing your 7700K to its limits, you should look into the top 5 cooling solutions we’ve offered so that your CPU can stay healthy for a longer period of time.

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1.Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L

Pros & Cons

The Cooler Master Master Liquid ML240L uses an all-copper cold plate with a lateral grain that would seem to favor thermal paste application inconsistencies and overall CPU socket compatibility, rather than using a machined, mirror-like mating surface to the CPU heat spreader.

The pump includes mounting bracket hardware for most modern Intel and AMD sockets, apart from AMD’s TR4 Threadripper, which requires a separate mount. The pump and block unit arrives bare out of the box, requiring you to choose and install the proper mounting as needed, and the included documentation provides simple steps for configuring hardware for your specific CPU socket.

2.NZXT Kraken X63 280mm

Pros & Cons

Also, and this is not perse a positive, the fans are no longer controlled by the LCS unit and CAM infrastructure itself, you need to connect them towards your motherboard or fan controller to regular them. it seems to be an effort from NZXT to have you purchase an extra CAM compatible RGB/FAN HUB, but we’ll talk a bit more about that in the review. Other than that the cooling performance remains solid. This new revision CPU cooler pump and LED lighting are compatible with CAM software.

The software allows you to program, customize and monitor this all-in-one liquid cooling solution for your processor. Armed with two 140 mm PWM fans and a nice 280 mm radiator the performance should be really good, and with the CAM software you can monitor temperatures, adjust pump performance and customize LED lighting directly from your desktop.

You know, in the world of CPU coolers nothing ever stops developing. These days you can pick a hundred different heat-pipe based coolers, where many are shaped, formed and priced the same. The better heatpipe based coolers are good though. Next in line are LCS systems (liquid cooling), the entry-level products are affordable, easy to install pre-fab liquid cooling kits. We’ve seen and tested many of them as Corsair, Asetek, Cooler Master and yes NZXT and so on all have interesting kits.

3.Enermax Liqmax III 240

Pros & Cons

Let me explain to you what happened. Back in 2018/2019 people started noticing performance issues with their LIQTECH coolers, especially the TR4 Threadipper ones all of the sudden started to behave weird. Once opening up the cooing block it became obvious there was an issue with clotted mass piling up. Typically this is the effect of using the wrong coolant in combination with LCS units that have a mix of copper and aluminum, which is bound to corrode if you do not use a matching coolant. It became a bit of a mess, literally.

The story exploded (rightfully so) in the media. That however did dent the reputation of Enermax. They came back with an RMA program and released revision II of their product series, the problem had been solved. However, once you get stigmatized, it’ll haunt you forever as for liquid cooling kits you need to be able to trust their faultless operation mindlessly. We haven’t heard of any recent issues for a year or so now. And recently Enermax increased warranty for their LCS units towards 5 years in the USA, with the EU to follow soon.

4.Cooler Master

Pros & Cons

Cooler Master turned heads when they released their Wraith Ripper high-end desktop CPU cooler made for AMD’s Threadripper processors. This massive tower cooler not only looked impressive, but did a great job at cooling as well. Based on its success Cooler Master is releasing a version for mainstream desktop users called the MasterAir MA620M, which supports both AMD and Intel processors.

This cooler features a dual tower heatsink design with 6 cooler heatpipes and a centrally-locatated SF120R 120 mm cooling fan. Cooler Master has kept the styling almost the same so the cooler looks like a single large heatsink with some RGB elements on the top. Can the MasterAir MA620M compete with other high performance air coolers out there? Read on as we find out!


Pros & Cons

The ID Cooling Auraflow X 240 offers AIO liquid cooling for the masses with its dual 120mm radiator, RGB lighting and a pocketbook-friendly $90 (£71) price tag. Unlike the majority of its competitors, the Auraflow X 240 offers AMD Threadripper support in addition to the usual Intel 115x/ 2066/2011 LGAs and AMD AM/FM sockets, making it a versatile 240mm liquid cooler for nearly every current CPU available today.

The overall performance of the Auraflow X 240 also lags behind its  240mm AIO peers, making the lower unit price most attractive to those wanting to get into the liquid cooling lifestyle cheaply, where the best performance isn’t required.


Best Liquid Coolers for i7 7700k – A cooling solution is a crucial component of a computer system that should not be ignored. Unlike most of the other components, it is not giving any direct advantage or any certain specification through which we can feel its essence, however, the computer can not work properly and efficiently without a good cooling solution. Intel Core i7-7700K is the fastest mainstream processor from the seventh generation and as the letter ‘K’ denotes, it is an unlocked processor. This means that the user can change the multiplier of the processor leading to much better processing speeds, however, also heats up much more than at the stock configurations.