Best Low Profile Cpu Coolers for Overclocking

Best Low Profile Cpu Coolers for Overclocking – For the efficient performance of the CPU, it is necessary to clear and free it from viruses and other memory-hogging programs. Sometimes, overclocking a CPU can make it release a large amount of heat which is quite tricky to manage while using a PC. For this purpose, getting the Best low-profile CPU cooler for overclocking is mandatory to cool down your system.

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1.Vetroo L5 Black

Pros & Cons

There is a common perspective among the gamers that the AMD Ryzen processors usually have temperature issues. That is also one reason why most gamers don’t opt for AMD processors despite being so affordable than other manufacturers like Intel.

But indeed, this perspective is wrong and deluded. AMD officially stated that the latest AMD processors are designed to run on higher temperatures, and their processors can efficiently run on higher temps without any significant throttling or problems. But of course, you won’t ever want to compromise on the processor that you bought after saving for months, right? So why not get an after-market AMD air cooler?

If you are still confused if you should get your hands on an AMD processor and what other components will be suitable for your processor, then you might want to look at this extensive gaming PC buying guide that can ease up your life.

2.Noctua NH-L9i

Pros & Cons

Enthusiasts interested in small form factor PCs tend to be sensitive to power consumption, since more power-hungry components are harder to cool in the confines of compact chassis. From a purely physical perspective, Intel’s CPUs are at an advantage in that regard. But they’re also typically more expensive too, which is why we’re particularly fond of heat sinks compatible with Intel and AMD host processors.

Unfortunately, Noctua’s NH-L9i is only compatible with Intel-based platforms. The good news is that Noctua also sells an AMD-compatible NH-L9a. Its physical design is different, so the cooling performance results you’ll see from it are different than what we’re reporting here today.

3.Cooler Master Hyper 212

Pros & Cons

The newly updated Hyper 212 looks to tug at the heartstrings of many system builders from over a decade, who may recall countless tech sites spouting consistent praise and community recommendations for the original Hyper 212 product line as a budget air-cooling option.

Much like its earlier predecessors, the new Hyper 212 Evo v2 aims for the sweet spot of budget performance potential, with the latest version finding itself amidst a large selection of competitive alternatives.

The Hyper 212 Evo v2 does away with the swing-arm flex mount bracket and makes use of a fixed torsion bar, which greatly simplifies mounting and installation of the cooler.  Cooler Master provides hardware to support most Intel and AMD CPU sockets, although Threadripper is not among them.

4.Thermaltake Slim X3

Pros & Cons

The ThermalTake SlimX3 Low-profile CPU cooler retails at around RM 60, a steep price to pay for something that couldn’t match the performance (both thermal and acoustic) of a stock cooler. Put it simple, it’s all style and no substance. You could replace the 80mm slim fan with a standard 80mm fan but that would defeat the selling point of being a “low profile” cooler.

The only reason to actually buy the SlimX3 is when you have that super special setup where no other heatsinks could fit, and that your processor is of a decently low TDP that doesn’t push the SlimX3 beyond its capacity.

5.ARCTIC Alpine 12 CO

Pros & Cons

Arctic recently introduced their Alpine 12 Passive cooler which is targetted towards those users who want no noise but want to get their job done on a tight budget. Passive coolers are not that popular due to the fact that they aren’t made for overclocking or providing low temperatures in the long run but for those people who don’t have an overheating system, these might be actually useful.

I have got the opportunity to review this cooler and in this post, you will get to know the real world performance of the Arctic’s Alpine 12 Passive cooler and whether this is meant for you or not.


Best Low Profile Cpu Coolers for Overclocking – CPU coolers are important as it draws away heat from the system. It’s also responsible to cool down other hot-running chips such as GPU and RGB header. However, we use certain types of CPU coolers for GPU and RGB headers to save our system from boiling.

CPU coolers are often classified into two categories i.e. low profile and tower CPU coolers. While buying, most people rely on low profile CPU coolers as compared to tower CPU coolers because of the excellent performance and low noise production.