Best Water Coolers for i9 9900k

Best Water Coolers for i9 9900k – So we’ve shown you twelve of the best liquid CPU coolers available for the i9-9900k. Any one of these liquid coolers will do an excellent job at keeping your processor as cool as a cucumber. However, no matter which one you go with, you’ll want to make sure that you’re snagging a larger radiator size — 280mm might not cut it under heavy loads for long periods, which is essential to keep in mind when doing any sort of overclocking.

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1.Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO

Pros & Cons

The addition of the new 240mm H100i to Corsair’s Hydro Pro lineup provides impressive cooling performance, more akin to a larger 360mm model, with the benefit of leaving extra space in your case and spare cash in your pocket.

Although the H100i Pro runs a bit light on now-ubiquitous RGB lighting effects, this understated marvel certainly makes up for it where CPU core temperatures are concerned.

2.NZXT Kraken X53 240mm

Pros & Cons

Their Kraken range of AIO watercooling loops have been particularly successful due to their fancy mirrored lights design within the pump. Today we’re looking at the X53, their latest revision of the Kraken range with a 240mm radiator.

NZXT claim that the underlying performance of the cooler has been improved, through better temperature sensing, optimising the waterpump, and use of NZXT’s Aer P radiator fans.

There’s also improvements to NZXT’s trademark infinity mirror ring, that’s 10% larger than previous iterations with CAM-powered, customisable RGB lighting effects. The front face can be rotated 360° to allow the pump to be orientated whichever way you like without needing to twist your head to read the NZXT branding in cases with tempered glass sides.

3.Noctua NH-D15

Pros & Cons

When we were first introduced to Noctua many years ago they were known for their massive CPU coolers. These were some of the best air-based CPU coolers available at the time and still are. Recently we have seen smaller designs from Noctua that take into consideration smaller systems and RAM clearance.

Well Noctua is going back to their roots with the new NH-D15 CPU cooler. This massive CPU cooler is based on the award winning NH-D14 and features a dual-tower design with 6 copper heatpipes, two Noctua NF-A15 140 mm fans and Noctua’s SecuFirm2 mounting system for easy installation. Will this be the new ultimate air cooler? Read on as we find out!

4.Cooler Master Hyper 212

Pros & Cons

The newly updated Hyper 212 looks to tug at the heartstrings of many system builders from over a decade, who may recall countless tech sites spouting consistent praise and community recommendations for the original Hyper 212 product line as a budget air-cooling option.

Much like its earlier predecessors, the new Hyper 212 Evo v2 aims for the sweet spot of budget performance potential, with the latest version finding itself amidst a large selection of competitive alternatives.

5.EVGA 600 BR

Pros & Cons

EVGA made quite an entry into the PSU market with their SuperNOVA line, and most of their PSU offerings we have reviewed so far managed to impress us with their performance and high price/performance ratio. Currently in the mainstream PSU category with two units, the 500B and 600B, EVGA is obviously also taking the mainstream market, one of the most important shares since its volume is the largest of them all, very seriously in an attempt to claim a big share of all PSU sales.

We already reviewed the first of the two a while ago, and although it has shortcomings, it managed to impress us with its very high price/performance ratio due to its incredibly affordable price. Today, we will evaluate its bigger brother with 100 W more capacity and the same features.


Best Water Coolers for i9 9900k – The i9-9900k from Intel is a powerhouse of a processor. It’s not the CPU for the average, everyday user — it’s the processor you pick up if you need a workhorse. As with any processor that can output that much power, you also generate a whole lot more heat and need a cooling system to make up for that. Your traditional fans might not cut it under heavier loads, and that’s where liquid cooling capabilities come in. So if you’re ready to get started in liquid cooling for your workhorse processor — specifically the i9-9900k — be sure to follow along with us. We’re diving into the ten best liquid CPU cooler for i9-9900k.