Best Water Cooling kit for Cpu and Gpu

Best Water Cooling kit for Cpu and Gpu – Water cooling is a dream for many gamers. Why not? It looks cool anyway.

But the cooling kit should always be a good bargain.

All of the enlisted products in this post will be a favorable deal for you.

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1.Corsair Hydro X Series XC7

Pros & Cons

We began our extensive coverage of CORSAIR’s foray into custom PC watercooling with their Hydro X Series XC9 CPU block a few months ago, and I had alluded to how that block had come along with the XC7 version intended for mainstream CPU sockets. It took longer than I expected to set up my new test setup for CPU blocks, which has already been used for a few Bitspower CPU block reviews so far, and the time between has seen reviews of CORSAIR’s Hydro X GPU block, reservoir/pump combo, and radiators, too.

Coming back full circle, here we are again with a look at the awaited Hydro X Series XC7 CPU block, and thanks to CORSAIR for sending a sample along.

The CORSAIR Hydro X Series XC7, or simply CORSAIR Hydro XC7 henceforth in this review for my own ease, is a companion CPU water block to the (slightly) higher-end Hydro XC9 in that the latter targets Intel and AMD HEDT platforms and uses a metal trim cover and this one is marketed for Intel and AMD mainstream CPU sockets and uses a plastic trim cover as seen above.

2.Thermaltake Floe Triple

Pros & Cons

Thermaltake was founded in 1999 and has since grown to become a major player in the PC market. Their unprecedented level of success comes from some truly unique products, the first of which was their “Golden Orb” they launched in 2000.

Enter the Big Typhoon next, which was a top-down cooler that hit it big when it launched back around 2006. After breaking on to the peripherals scene, the company released the level 10 M mouse in 2012 and the Level 10 M gaming headset in 2013. With the Toughpower series, Thermaltake has had a rock-solid line of power supplies as well.

As history shows, Thermaltake has not been afraid to try or do just about anything necessary in their bid to remain relevant and successful in an increasingly competitive market.

3.MSI MAG Series

Pros & Cons

MSI MAG is one of the biggest players in the PC business, so when it releases a new monitor it’s wise to give it more than a quick glance. That’s exactly what we’re doing today with the new MSI Optix MAG 321CQR Gaming Monitor . It’s a large 32-inch curved display that aims at the sweet spot for features and performance. With a vertical resolution of 1440p and 144Hz refresh rate, it’s competitively priced at under $425 as of this writing.

The market for these features is becoming increasingly crowded, so does the Optix MAG 321CQR do enough to set itself apart and demand your hard-earned dollars? I’ve spent the last two weeks with the monitor to answer that exact question

4.NZXT Kraken X5

Pros & Cons

NZXT is a familiar name when it comes to all-in-one (AIO) liquid CPU coolers. The company has an active family of Kraken AIOs split into three series: Z, X, and M. The Z series is the premium line with LCD displays on the CPU blocks and exceptional cooling capacity. The X series is the middle ground, balancing price and performance, while the M series is your go-to AIOs for budget builds.

The Kraken X series has seen a refresh, which includes the new X53 RGB. I’ll take you through what’s new with this X53 RGB AIO, what makes it a good CPU cooler, and whether you should consider buying one for your next PC build.

5.EK Water Blocks EK-KIT RGB

Pros & Cons

That is to say it has released a separate line of water-cooling components that still offer full compatibility with other components on the market (unlike its aluminium Fluid Gaming lineup) but are produced in China instead of Slovenia.

One of the interesting things we have seen of late is that China is more than capable of making some pretty exceptional stuff, so that in itself shouldn’t be treated as a sign of lower quality.

EKWB’s Classic line is designed to offer a clean aesthetic at a more affordable starting price, the idea being that if you want the fancier options, you can step up to the parts produced in Slovenia. Speaking of, last year we had the chance to visit EKWB HQ and tour the warehouse and manufacturing facilities, so if you’re interested in seeing where and how those more premium parts are made, we suggest watching those videos!


Best Water Cooling kit for Cpu and Gpu – A water-cooling kit comes with everything you need to set your PC water-cooling loop up, reducing the effort to buy separate parts.

In this post, I am also going to review some of the coolest water cooling kits for overclocking a gaming PC.