Best Clip on Earbuds

Best Clip on Earbuds – Now that you have identified the best clip-on headphones on the market, it’s time you decide your requirements and pick the one that best suits you, especially your budget. We could not narrow down their choice to one as each product has something special to offer. So, ensure you consider the factors mentioned in the guide before making a purchase.

Clip-on headphones walk the line between traditional earphones and active earbuds, offering something for everyone. We hope the narrowed choices helped you to clear some clouds of doubt and made the process of finalizing the best clip-on headphone a little bit easier.


We sincerely hope you found our on the best clip-on headphones useful. Have you worn these headphones or have others in mind that are missing from our list? We would love to know about it and so would are readers! Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.


Pros & Cons


Pros & Cons

3.Skullcandy Indy

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4.JLab Epic Air

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5.Anker Soundcore

Pros & Cons

6.Levin Bluetooth

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7.NiceTQ Replacement

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9.Koss KSC75

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10.Sony MDR-Q55SL

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Best Clip on Earbuds – BUYER’S GUIDE

Looking at Clip-on Headphones

Made for the active life, the clip-on headphone has made a huge difference to some activities. It seems inconceivable that you can submerge them in water. But with some products, you can do just that.

Most of them are designed for use in the gym or in other fitness-based pursuits. They are not really designed for relaxing and listening to music. Though it must be said, there were some we looked at where you could do that.

With these phones, it really is a decision on how tough you want them to be. And whether you want connection via Bluetooth?

Tough, or Not So Tough, That Is The Question?

The extent to which you subject them to the elements and your own physical activity should tell you how strong they need to be. You really don’t want a situation where they are just not suitable. Either not weatherproofed enough or just not strong enough.

Everyone will be different on that issue. There are some very rugged phones we looked at, but there were also some less physically demanding. There were even a couple where a decent walk would be about all they were suitable for. But that’s ok.

The Connections

Some people will want Bluetooth to stay in touch for calls or just for the music. Others will appreciate the distance that wired phones give you. That is, in terms of leaving technology behind for a while. Just exercising and getting away from it all. Nothing wrong with that.

Does The Design Matter?

It will to some people. There were no outlandish designs in what we looked at, but there were some attractive looking headphones. If you want to use them for other things than exercise, then a stylish pair is an advantage.

The Budget

Not much to worry about here. You could go crazy in terms of spending if you want to, but most of the phones we looked at fell in the budget range. None were expensive for what they are, and some were very affordable. You won’t have to spend a lot to get a great product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will clip-on headphones sit differently on pierced ears?

A. It depends on the design. Headphones that pop into ears won’t bother most earlobe piercings; however, disk-style headphones may not sit flat on pierced ears. Because most clip-on headphones have an arm that goes over the top of the ear, they could irritate cartilage piercings.

Q. Will people around me hear music from my clip-on headphones?

A. At louder volumes, yes. With that said, it’s more common for inexpensive headphones to leak sound more often than premium ones, which are engineered to localize sound. Of course, the leaking of the sound isn’t as much of an issue on a busy street as it might be when you’re surrounded by people in other environments.


Clip-on headphones have been a thing for more than a while now so it won’t be fair to say that they are a new trend. Many audiophiles and musicians call them the future of stereo headsets. Even though many other modern designs are still making debuts, it is safe to say that the best clip-on headphones have taken charge of the headphones market.