Best Earbuds Under 15

Best Earbuds Under 15 – There are some amazing affordable earbuds on the market, and we’ve offered you some of the best. The very best earbuds under $15 offer listeners outstanding sound quality, fit better comfortably and securely inside your ears, and they also include a microphone for making calls.

Waterproofing is a handy extra. And for anyone who needs their arms free for exercise, then wireless is a must.


1.Sol Republic

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2.Earbuds Headphones

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4.Cirtek Bluetooth

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5.Amazon Basics

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6.Over Ear Earbuds

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7.Symphonized NRG

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9.Linsoul Tripowin

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10.JKSWT Wired Earbuds

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Best Earbuds Under 15 – BUYER’S GUIDE

When shopping for the best cheap earbuds, you’re looking for models that can offer the most performance and usage at the lowest cost possible. Sure, that might be asking a lot from any pair of earbuds or headphones priced under $15, but it’s not unrealistic.

Clearly, you want earbuds that sound good. Some companies have a great track record with audio, so seek out options with reputable namesakes. You’ll also discover some hidden gems from lesser known brands, though you’ll want to do your due diligence and research their credibility (e.g. consumer feedback, expert reviews). In any case, pick a pair that matches your sound preference.

Features are another priority. The limited hardware of cheap earbuds won’t allow them to offer the advanced feature sets of premium true wireless models, but you can still get practical use out of them. You’ll want a pair with a built-in controls for playback, call management, and volume; these controls may also support modern features like Google Assistant or Siri. A microphone is also important to answer calls on the go.

Accessories like extra ear tips are a huge bonus. These factor into comfort and fit, which is essential to enjoy music when commuting or listening at home for long stretches.

Lastly, you need to decide what media device you’ll be using these earbuds with. Those who still own an MP3 player (e.g. iPod Classic, Zune) or use an older smartphone with a headphone jack are fine. However, others with a modern Apple or Android smartphone will need to use the headphone adapter that comes bundled with their device or purchase one online that is compatible with their device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cheap earbuds?

Based on our testing, we rate the Sol Republic Jax as the best cheap earbuds available right now. Its mixture of powerful audio and practicality via tangle-free cable with inline remote makes them an undeniably smart purchase. The numerous color options and modest price tag are also extra incentives to buy in bulk.


The best cheap earbuds are, quite simply, the most amount of portable audio goodness you can get for the absolute smallest price. Seriously, if you thought $100 wasn’t much to pay for good-quality headphones, you’ll be surprised at what $15 or less can get you.

Not that the entry level is swimming in top-quality cheap earbuds; there are a lot of poor-sounding pairs around this price and you’d be right to be skeptical. But all the earbuds on this list passed our testing and deserve their spot, whether it’s down to their sound quality, comfort, design chops or a combination of all three. Read on to find out how much you could save by choosing one of the best cheap earbuds.