Best Earbuds Under 20

Best Earbuds Under 20 -We have given the best 10 earbuds that come handy into your budget. All of these have great battery lives and good sound quality. You can choose one among them as per your choices and enjoy the endless music experience.

Consider all of your options. Look at your budget and be honest with yourself about how much use your new earbuds will see. If you always have your phone on you and are a music buff spend the extra couple of bucks for a nice pair. Remember, however, that you can get amazing quality earbuds for under $20 if you look.

Many earbuds also act as microphones for your phone calls. Make sure that the earbuds you are looking at have a microphone. That way you will be taking care of two different needs with one product. It would be a waste to have to switch out of your earbuds in order to answer a call.


Buying a new pair of earbuds is exciting. There are hundreds of products to choose from. Each one wants to sell you something different. Remember that they are all supposed to do one thing: maximize your music listening on the go.


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2.JBL Endurance

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4.Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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6.Kurdene Wireless Earbuds

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8.AMZSMT Earbuds

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9.iLuv TB100

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Best Earbuds Under 20 – BUYER’S GUIDE


With so many quality earbud headphones on the market today it is difficult to justify spending a small fortune on a new pair. If you open your eyes you will see that for just under $20 you can find professional quality earbuds.

Many companies will try to market to you products that are overpriced. This is normal in the audio device industry because the companies wish for you to buy into this feeling of false superiority. It is not hard to find lesser expensive products that compete well with the pricier ones.

frequency range

Having a wide frequency response is vital to getting the most out of your headphones. This is especially true for earbuds because they will see more use than most other styles of headphones due to their size and ease of carrying.

Look for products that have at least a 20Hz to 20KHz range. The human ear will have trouble hearing anything beyond that. Headphones with a wider range, such as 10Hz to 25KHz are still excellent choices and might even be worth it. Like cost you will also not have trouble discovering the right pair of headphones with a great sonic range.


The absolute worst thing to happen to a new pair of earbuds is for the cable to tear away from the earbuds without any resistance. That is why it is of the utmost importance to go with a product that is guaranteed to be durable. That rings true anytime that you are spending money on a new electronic device. Consider it an investment. Do not rob yourself of the enjoyment that comes from great audio quality.

Portable headphones need to last. You will have them with you in exercise, work, travel and all areas of life. Read what other users have to say before purchasing a new pair. Look out for cheap products and avoid them if you can!


Some headphones (and earbuds especially) can be downright uncomfortable. This can ruin what could have been a fine listening experience.

Read what other users have to say about the comfort of the earbuds that you are looking at. Look for those brands that focus on ergonomic design. Soft rubbers are great materials on headphones. Be sure to find out if there are different earbud sizes that come with the pair you are looking at. This can make or break the enjoyment.

noise cancelling

One of the best aspects to modern earbuds is that many of them are noise cancelling. This makes a world of a difference especially if you travel often. Ask yourself how many times you have been on an airplane or in a crowded place and wished that you could block out the noise and reach that place of Zen with some tunes.

Noise cancelling earbuds do just that. Keep your eyes open for earbuds that are known to eliminate external sound.


Earbuds are what everyone loves keeping it with them these days. Today, literally no one can live without an earbud. Everyone wants to have the most efficient earbuds at reasonable prices. Who likes their ears to get hurt while listening to songs, or having a bad sound quality? There are several earbuds available in the market and everyone is claiming to be the best. Here we are going to tell you the best 10 earbuds available in the market under $20 that will give the best experience.