Best Earbuds Under 200

Best Earbuds Under 200 – If you would like to choose for yourself, here is the list of all our reviews for truly wireless headphones. Be careful not to get caught up in the details. There are no perfect headphones. Personal taste, preference, and listening habits will matter more in your selection.

While earbuds in the ~$200 price range probably will not net you the best listening experience money can buy, the key here is in their ability to suit your specific requirements across more than one area of performance.

We factor in the price (cheaper headphones win over pricier ones if the difference isn’t worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no headphones that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).


1.MINISO Stereo

Pros & Cons

2.iLuv TB100

Pros & Cons

3.Sephia SP3060

Pros & Cons

4.Sennheiser IE 80

Pros & Cons

5.Powerbeats Pro

Pros & Cons

6.Cambridge Audio

Pros & Cons

7.Jabra Elite

Pros & Cons

8.Turtle Beach

Pros & Cons

9.Wireless Earbuds

Pros & Cons

10.Shure SE215-CL

Pros & Cons

Best Earbuds Under 200 – BUYER’S GUIDE

It’s time to start looking for what you want to find. At $200 and above, you should no longer be concerning yourself with major tradeoffs. If you want a fashionable, statement pair of earphones that can also deliver a solid audio experience, you can find it. If you want wireless earphones with a myriad of options to customize the fit, it’s yours.

Unlike purchasing at a lower price point, there’s no sense in which you should have to settle for less than exactly what you’re looking for in terms of feature combinations, product specialities, and look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just What Kind Of Performance Can You Expect?

Lets be real for a moment. There is nothing affordable nor cheap about a $200 set of earbuds. The fact that you are prepared to drop that kind of money on earbuds means that you can’t be satisfied with your average, run of the mill pair. No. You are looking for excellence in product which is severely limited due to its inherent design. This inherent limitation is exactly why something so small can cost so much.

The real question is just what kind of performance can you expect to get from a $200 pair of earbuds? In our experience and opinion, that performance can be extremely well balanced. Still, does it warrant that kind of investment? Sure. If you are passionate about your music and you are looking for a way to experience it on the go, investing in a pair of high end earbuds is definitely the way to go. The most interesting thing about these type of earbuds is the fact that you generally have much more control over the sound. A good number of earbuds in this price range come with some sort of EQ built into them.


If you’re preparing to spend somewhere in the region of $200 on a new pair of earbuds, chances are you have a specific set of priorities, a clear sense of the kinds of features that are must includes and those you can live without, and, of course, a particular use case in mind.

That being the case, you will be pleased to find that the ~$200 range provides a good deal of variety when it comes to both specialist and general use options. If you make sure to do the requisite research before pulling the trigger, you stand to walk away with a pair of in-ear headphones that will stay faithfully by your side for a good while.