Best Earbuds Under 40

Best Earbuds Under 40 – If you would like to choose for yourself, here’s the list of all our reviews for in-ears and earbuds under $40. Be careful not to get caught up in the details, there are no perfect headphones and everyone perceives the comfort and sound of their headphones differently.


1.Skullcandy Dime

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2.urBeats3 Headphones

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3.MEE audio M6

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4.AmazonBasics IHeadphones

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5.FIRACORE Earbuds

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7.Occiam Bluetooth Headphones

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8.Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth

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9.Jeecoo Xiberia Stereo

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10.Picun P80-XH

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Best Earbuds Under 40 – BUYER’S GUIDE

If you’re the sort of person who has to buy a new pair of earbuds every few weeks because of breakage, then you are not alone. While quality has a significant effect on a pair of earbuds’ life expectancy, sometimes it is just how we handle them, leading to constant breakages. So, to make sure your earbuds last a long time, then you will need to take care of them.

First of all, you need to keep them clean. Why? Because unhygienic earbuds will lose quality more quickly. Also, dirty earbuds can be a hazard to your own ears’ cleanliness. Make sure to clean the ear tips regularly to remove all the accumulated dirt and grime.

You should store your earbuds carefully. It’s common for the earbuds’ wires to break when you keep them in a bag or pocket. Why? They are delicate. Even a little pressure can rupture the wire or break an earbud. Buy a protective case or pouch to keep them in. If you place them in a pocket or bag, ensure that nothing is on top.

Whenever you store your earbuds, make sure to coil the cable so it does not get tangled. Tangled wires are a pain to unknot. Tangles can damage the internal wires too.

Regardless of the earbuds’ price, if you take good care of them, they will last quite an extended period.

With expensive earbuds, you should be even more careful because you’ve spent so much money on them. And for earbuds, a price of anything above $20 should count as expensive because you can find lots of products for under $20. They often come with pouches and extra ear tips, so you will not even have to buy these separately.

Ensuring the sound quality lasts long, buy from a trusted brand known for its high-quality sound. This is the simplest way to avoid any risks of deteriorating sound quality. With low-quality earbuds, the problem often is that the sound quality changes drastically after some time, especially when used at high volumes. Buying a decent quality model will ensure no such thing happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is $40 a good budget for quality earbuds?

Yes. Earbuds are not as pricey as some headphones, so you can easily find a good quality pair of earbuds under $50. The ones nearer the $40 mark are likely to be of higher quality than those at the bottom of the price range. However, that is not true for all earbuds as we have seen some high-quality earbuds that cost less than $15.

You can find most types of earbuds in this budget, including Bluetooth wireless earbuds. You can even find earbuds from well-known brand names like JBL. Buying from such well-respected brands should further relieve you of any doubts about the quality of the earbuds. These companies only make the best products dedicated to producing well-balanced sound and are designed to be comfortable and long-lasting.


Each earbud has a wingtip, designed to hold them in your ear while you are pursuing whatever it is you are doing. They also have a clip, placed on the wire, to secure the remote control. It is positioned on the wire from the earbud from your right ear and is effectively your control.