Best Earbuds Under 500

Best Earbuds Under 500 – All the headphones in this blog are best in all aspects like sound quality, build quality, etc. That’s why these headphones are the best headphones under 500.

All the other earphones are also good to buy if you want to buy them. I have mentioned every important detail of all earphones so you can compare them by yourself.

Keep in mind you should always do your research before buying anything. You can check the reviews of the users on Amazon as well. Otherwise, you can go with my selections.


All the earphones mentioned in this article are the best earphones under 500, According to me and user reviews on Amazon.


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2.VEATOOL Wireless Earbuds

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4.Bose SoundSport

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5.LG Tone Style

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6.JBL C100SI

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7.Bluetooth Headset

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8.KLOKOL Bluetooth Headphones

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9.LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones

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10.HP PS4 Gaming Earbuds

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Best Earbuds Under 500 – BUYER’S GUIDE

How to wear them:

You should ask yourself what kind of earphones you want, in addition to that you stick in your ears. Some people rest on your earlobe, sit on your neck and the newest type is the one that sends your bones to your inner ear. An easy way is to try different flocks from the samples I mentioned and choose the one that suits you because you can only wish that option.


Wired or Wireless:

Connection wired or wireless if you’re the type of person who wants to get away from their desktop, or doesn’t want to deal with messy wires. Then Bluetooth may be the option for you. With it, you can walk around the house enjoying your music or don’t have to worry about wiring with your portable player as you go for a jog, take out the trash or take it on a flight. While Bluetooth uses it. It requires opposition, which needs to be charged. Many different Bluetooth earphones have a wide range of maximum charged times.



Drivers are the thing that produces sound. It is usually made up of a magnet, a voice coil, and a diaphragm. This is not a rule of thumb, but the majority of the time, the bigger the driver, the better the sound. So the stronger the driver, the better the overall sound will be on your earphone. Drivers can boost up bass, mids, and trebles for a good, better experience.


Frequency response:

Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz). This refers to a range of audio frequencies the earbuds can repeat. It is the range of rate of headphones that produce, where the lower limit is bass sound, and the upper limit is threefold.



If you are planning to go for wireless headphones. Even though a wireless headphone looks more refreshing and portable, you need to choose which wireless technology it is using. It can be radio frequency or Bluetooth.



If you like listening to music out loud, then you need to see the sensitivity of your earphones. Sensitivity specifies how loud your headphones can get. Most headphones are at around 110 dB / mW, anything less than 85 dB / mW should be strictly avoided.



The power required to make headphones work is called impedance. Most mobile devices have sufficient capacity to deliver the needed strength for headphones, but those requiring less impedance can use full potential to provide great sound. Those in need of high power may not be able to give their 100% without a dedicated source of energy. Typically, 16 ohm is a good impedance number for headphones


Earwax cleaning:

Cleaning your earphones is something that everyone should think about doing. Flushing some of them with non-removable tip is not easy for everyone. Earwax can build up on the driver’s ends, causing them to affect the sound. Not being able to remove excess wax can block drivers. I would suggest making sure that you can reach the end so that you can do the cleaning.


Noise cancellation:

Unlike sound isolating earbuds that separate music from background sound, noise cancellation earbuds work to block out any kind of noise around you. They are often mighty, and even you can sleep through the noise.


Sweat resistance:

If you enjoy listening to music on your morning jog or while working out at the gym, then you should choose sweat-resistant earphones. These earphones are built primarily to block out moisture from sweat to enter to your headset.

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Can I Find Best Earphones Under 500 Using This Blog?

Yes, if you are struggling to find earphones best suitable for you or if you have never bought any earphones in this 500 price range then you can use this blog to select the best earphones for you.

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Today, in this blog I will share the top 10 best earphones under 500 list with you. If you want to buy earphones under 500 rupees then this blog can help you with that.

The earphones ranked in this article are ergonomic and comfortable. These headphones are also amazing in the terms of sound quality. The bass makes these headphones the best headphones under 500.