Best Wired Earbuds Under 50

Best Wired Earbuds Under 50 – Choosing an earbud can be a serious challenge for a novice and professional as well. This is because there are lots of considerations to be made. First off, you need to decide whether you will be going for wired, wireless, or true wireless. When you scale through that you still have to consider sound quality and durability. The large amount of options available under 50 makes it difficult differentiating quality products from the noise.

In addition to categorizing our list based on different purposes, we have provided you with a guide that will help you every time to make the best choice. Now, we will leave you to decide.


Most reviews about the earbuds end without telling you what should be your primary focus when you are ready to buy. That is why we felt the need to provide a buying guide.


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Best Wired Earbuds Under 50 – BUYER’S GUIDE


No matter how fancy an earbud may look, if it is not comfortable in the ears, you will not be able to wear it. Even if you try to endure the discomfort, you will only end up causing harm to your ears. The ear tips should come in different sizes so that you will be able to choose the one that guarantees maximum comfort. Remotes, where available, should be lightweight so that they don’t tug the earbuds when you are in motion.

Sound Quality

Getting a perfect blend of bass and balanced audio is a serious issue among earbuds in the under $50 category. The sound may not be as detailed as the high-end earbuds. However, ensure that you get one that will allow you to hear all the music instruments and words without distortion or blur. This is basically the primary need of most customers.

Build Quality

One of the recurring problem we noticed when we sieved through customer reviews is the poor build quality of most earbuds. Consequently, they go bad after few weeks of use. A durable purchase gives you value for your money. In this regard, we will advise you go for aluminum casing rather than rubber casing. Earbuds with aluminum finish are sturdier and withstand harsher treatment than rubber products.

Water and sweat resistance

If you are going to be using your earbuds for workout, ensure that it is water resistances. Look for a product with a rating of at least IPX5. Lower ratings may still be prone to damage by light rain or sweat. However, if you are not going to use your earbuds for workouts, you can safely ignore this feature.

Battery Life

For the wireless earbuds, you need to pay attention to the battery life. The number of hours you will get will depend on the volume of play. However, the minimum you should accept should be at least 6 hours of battery life.

Remote and Mic

Although this has nothing to do with quality, it can affect how you use your earbuds. They make it easier for you to answer calls, increase or decrease the volume of your music as well as skip tracks. In simple terms, the presence of remote control and mic promotes hands-free use. It’s all a matter of choice but it can come in handy in public places.

Noise Cancellation

No matter how good your earbuds may be, if it doesn’t offer some level of noise cancelling, you will not be able to feel the quality of its sound. A good sound experience relies on this feature. Most earbuds rely on the design of the tips to block off noise. Therefore, it is paramount that you use the right tip size.


May seem negligible but can greatly affect the comfort of your earbuds. Heavier products will stuff your ears leading to discomfort over time.


Your budget will ultimately determine what you can afford. However, it is important to note that there are great earbuds under 50 dollars that will match some high-end products in comfort and sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if my phone has no headphone jack?

A lot of new smartphones come without headphone jack. This can be a serious challenge for those using wired headphones. However, you can get an adaptor like Lightning or USB-C. It may lower the sound quality but a better solution than throwing your wired earbuds away.

  • How can I adjust the bass of my earbuds?

Some earbuds have accompanying apps that allow you to tweak the sound. In the absence of this, you can try adjusting the equalizer of your audio player.

  • What are the best cheapest earbuds?

There are lots of great earbuds under $10 which can still offer great sound quality. Going by our list, Panasonic Ergo Fit will be your best bet.

  • What are the best wireless earbuds under 50?

Unlike the wired earbuds under 50, the wireless options are limited at this price. One earbud that will offer you the best value for money is the Tozo T6. It has a long battery life and superior sound quality.


To be honest, most of the cheap earbuds under $50 are cheaply constructed which makes them uncomfortable in the ears or lasts for a short time. In dire cases, you will have to deal with poor sound.

Notwithstanding, we were able to sieve through hundreds of earbuds to find the ones that offer the best value in different regards. Irrespective of the purpose for which you need earbuds, we’ve got you covered.