Best Earmuffs for Men

Best Earmuffs for Men – Acoustic Earmuffs are believed to have originated during World War II.[3] Pilots of military aircraft wore leather flaps over their ears, supposedly to protect against noise-induced hearing loss due to engine noise.[3] Prototype versions of earmuffs, composed of a headband and cuffs to fit over the outer ear, were soon after developed.

These early versions were not practical due to the discomfort caused by the headbands being tightly fixed against the head.[3]


1.180s Fleece

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Best Earmuffs for Men – BUYER’S GUIDE


Standard earmuffs have two ear pads connected by a rounded band. The most popular band style for modern men’s earmuffs is behind-the-head. However, many over-the-head earmuffs are available as well, if that’s your preference. The main benefit of behind-the-head men’s earmuffs is that they’re easier to wear for those who use a hat or glasses.

Bandless men’s earmuffs have become much more popular in recent years. They incorporate two pads, not connected in the middle. The pads usually have a small sleeve built into them for your ear to fit inside. As with behind-the-head standard models, bandless earmuffs are usually quite comfortable to wear with a snug hat.


Men’s earmuffs are available in many different materials. The base skeleton construction of most standard earmuffs is made from plastic or metal. The softer overlay materials are often cotton or polyester. The inner “muffs” that cover your ears are usually made from a synthetic fleece, which is generally thick and warm. The outside of the “muffs” are often made from a weatherproof material like nylon, acrylic yarn, or wool.


The primary function of earmuffs is to keep your ears warm. While we typically think of earmuffs being used in frigid sub-zero snowscapes, they’re also quite useful on a brisk fall day when the sun is out but the wind may be whipping by your head. Find the earmuffs that will give you the appropriate level of warmth. If you typically need them for being outside in temperatures in the 50s, then you’ll want to avoid the heavier models, as they’ll likely be too warm. Conversely, don’t get a pair that won’t keep you warm enough in extreme cold.


No matter what color clothing you tend to wear, you can find earmuffs to match. While most men’s earmuffs come in neutral colors, such as black, brown, and grey, more bold colors and designs are not difficult to find. Keep in mind, though, that more neutral colors are easier to match with your clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I wear earmuffs while running or will they fall off?

A. It’s possible to wear a well-fitting pair of earmuffs while running or jogging, but a loose-fitting pair is likely to slide down from the movement. If you’re looking for earmuffs to wear while jogging, it’s best to measure your head before buying to get a secure fit.

Q. How do I clean my earmuffs?

A. Some men’s earmuffs are machine washable, but if yours aren’t, or if they didn’t come with washing instructions, you can gently hand-wash them. In either case, you should air-dry them because they’re unlikely to stand up to tumbling in a dryer.

Q. Will I still be able to hear my surroundings well while wearing earmuffs?

A. Unless you buy noise-cancelling or acoustic earmuffs, you’ll be able to hear your surroundings almost as clearly as not wearing earmuffs. As such, they’re suitable for situations in which you need to be aware of what’s happening around you.

Q. Are men’s earmuffs adjustable?

A. The vast majority of earmuffs are not adjustable. However, you can find a small number that are.


When fall and winter arrive and the chill sets in, it’s time to pile on the layers. You might have your coat, gloves, and scarf, but what about your ears? With a pair of men’s earmuffs, you’ll never have cold ears again!

It can be tough to choose a pair of earmuffs, especially if this is your first time buying them. Men’s earmuffs come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and materials, so a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works.