Best Fitness Tracker for Basketball

Best Fitness Tracker for Basketball –  The activity tracker market continues to expand at a rapid pace. With so many options on our list, you’re sure to find one that’s suitable for your needs.

To find the best activity tracker for basketball, evaluate your needs and budget, and choose the basketball tracker that meets all of your requirements!

Now that you’ve explored our top five basketball trackers, it’s time to choose a basketball tracker that’s best for you.


Choosing the most relevant fitness tracking device for your basketball training is not an easy job to do.

1.Fitbit Flex

Pros & Cons

The Fitbit Flex is now a little harder to come by as it has been replaced by the Fitbit Flex 2. We gave it three and a half out of five stars, but praised it for a comfortable, water resistant design as well as fun software. If you’re sold on the Flex, you can pick it up on the cheap.

Announced at CES back in 2013, the Fitbit Flex combines the step-counting technology that made its One and Zip products so useful, and places it on the wrist for convenience.

This big design change has some pretty big advantages. For a start, the fear of having the small sensor pop out from a pocket while walking is gone. With the wrist mounted option, you always know where the device is.


Pros & Cons

Looking for a low-priced GPS watch? The Letscom Smart Watch is one of the lowest price tags that you’ll find. It features built-in GPS with fitness tracking and activity monitoring, music control, and heart rate. Using the VeryFitPro app, activities with GPS can be tracked through the phone or the watch.

It features about one week of battery life with regular activities, and GPS battery life was about four hours during our timed tests. Unfortunately, the accuracy of this device isn’t great in treed areas, and the font is a little old school. Still, we appreciate its sleek design and its low price.

3.Mgaolo Fitness

Pros & Cons

If you are looking for an affordable fitness tracker, then the Mgaolo fitness tracker might be a perfect device for you. It comes with all the valuable and advanced fitness tracking tools that help you achieve your fitness goals.

You will get all the essential health tracking features like heart rate monitor, steps, calorie tracker, sleep monitor, and more. So whether you are doing running, walking, cycling, swimming, or any other activity, the Mgaolo fitness tracker is your best companion that allows you to track specific activity.

4.Scosche Rhythm

Pros & Cons

Heart rate monitors have long been handy training tools, and now for online racing, they are often required equipment. The Scosche Rhythm+ is a new generation of heart rate monitor that goes on your arm instead of around your chest, and for indoor riding, in particular, it’s a great option.

Besides the location, the Scosche Rhythm+ also differs from a traditional heart rate monitor in how it measures heart rate. Instead of measuring electrical signals, it uses optical signals via LEDs.

Many running watches have LED heart rate monitors now built into them. While I like the idea of eliminating the chest strap — especially for running — I found that I had to tighten the watch tighter than was ideally comfortable to get an accurate HR reading. With this Scosche strap, that isn’t an issue; just wearing it tight enough to keep it from slipping down is adequate.


Pros & Cons

Now, I’ve owned watches from Huawei, Misfit, LG, and even going outside of the Wear OS platform with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Unfortunately, outside of the Samsung watch, all of these have had the same fault — relatively sluggish performance. However, with the TicWatch Pro 3 sporting the newest Snapdragon 4100, the overall experience gets a massive upgrade.

The Pro 3 also brings a host of new sensors, improvements to its standout secondary display, a larger screen, an overall thinner and lighter watch body, and other useful changes that make using the watch daily much more enjoyable. All of these benefits were improved on when the TicWatch Pro 3 finally got its major Wear OS update this spring. Another boon for this top-tier smartwatch is that it has been comfirmed for the Wear OS 3.0 update in mid-2022.

Best Fitness Tracker for Basketball – BUYER’S GUIDE

< id="t-1602854176744" class="">Price

Before you begin your search for a basketball tracker, determine the price you’re willing to pay. By setting a budget, you won’t waste shopping for basketball trackers you can’t afford.
< id="t-1602854176745" class="">2. Fitness Tracking

Check what metrics your activity tracker will trace. Most products will track heart rate, steps, GPS, sleep cycles, breaths per minute, and a range of other health metrics. Narrow down the most important features to you before you start your search.
< id="t-1602854176746" class="">3. App

Most of the power of a basketball activity tracker is found in the products app. Always assess the tracker’s smartphone app before making a purchase, since this is what you will use to track and analyze your data.
< id="t-1602854176747" class="">4. Comfort and Design

If you’re looking for an activity tracker that you can wear during games, a large smartwatch isn’t the answer. For in-game tracking, choose one of the minimalist products on our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Recommend These Basketball Fitness Trackers?

An All-In-One Tracking:

The products that we have suggested are known to track several types of data like the heart rate, calories lost, steps taken, breath taken, oxygen level present inside the blood, etc. These devices save you from spending money on multiple gadgets to track your workout detail with completion.

Waterproof And Durable:

The structure is quite durable for use in basketball training. The bands are made of quality elastic material alongside the jaws made of stainless steel. The machinery’s waterproof nature allows the users to wear the band when they are playing during the rainy season.


When it comes to tracking basketball players’ fitness, there are several fitness trackers introduced by the leading technology companies to help them with their analysis