Best Fitness Tracker for Body Building

Best Fitness Tracker for Body Building – A debate over the best fitness trackers usually ends up with most of our team favoring the Garmin 935. If you do a lot of strength training and exercise routines, then you need technology that is precise more than anything.


The Garmin Forerunner fills that need very well, and there are tons of apps that would support the different exercises you do.

1.Coros PACE

Pros & Cons

However, a year or so ago, one company made me pause. Coros, a California company that started out making bike helmets, of all things, began sponsoring some athletes with serious star power. The celebrity pro ultrarunner Coree Woltering, who ran the fastest known time on the Ice Age Trail and won hearts on the World’s Toughest Race, wears a Coros. So does Eliud Kipchoge, the world record holder for the marathon.

It’s like watching every Nike-signed athlete suddenly migrate to a completely different shoe. What is Eliud Kipchoge doing? But it wasn’t until I saw Des Linden set a new world record with a Coros watch that I couldn’t put it off any longer. I had to test the tech. Coros sent me its Pace 2, and—surprise!—it’s now my new favorite running watch too.

2.Samsung Galaxy

Pros & Cons

Now the Galaxy A52s 5G takes the Galaxy A52 5G and builds on top of it even further, swapping the chipset once again with an even better Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset, effectively addressing one of the few issues we had with the original – a slightly underpowered chipset.

And that’s about it – a significant leap forward in performance and a few other minor specs additions that the new chipset affords, like Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, but still the exact same phone. Arguably, with less changes than going from the vanilla A52 to the A52 5G.

3.Garmin Venu

Pros & Cons

It’s now been followed by the Garmin Venu 2 – an even more capable watch that we found hard to fault in our tests – but the original Venu is still an excellent option, particularly if the newer watch is outside your budget.

Garmin might be known for active wristwear, but its fitness trackers and running watches have been edging ever closer to smartwatch territory. Take the Garmin Vivoactive 4: with smart notifications, offline music, Garmin Pay and app support, the multi-sport ticker was just a few stops short of a fully blown smartwatch.

4.Fitbit Versa

Pros & Cons

I wake up to a buzzing on my wrist, in gentle pulses. It’s my Fitbit Versa’s alarm clock. I’m able to use the silent alarm because I’m wearing my Fitbit smartwatch to bed. I’m able to wear it to bed because Fitbit’s new watch lasts several days on a charge.

I love that. It’s a nice flashback to my days of wearing watches by Pebble — the upstart smartwatch pioneer that Fitbit acquired in the closing days of 2016. In fact, the Versa is literally, as a coworker said, like the Apple Watch and Pebble had a little baby.

5.TicWatch Pro

Pros & Cons

Google’s TicWatch Pro 3 is the first Wear OS watch to use a newer, faster chip designed to breathe new life into the stagnant smartwatch line – but doesn’t do enough to manage the uphill task.

Made by the Chinese tech firm Mobvoi, the new watch costs £289.99 and competes directly with Fossil’s Gen 5, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy watches on Android. It’s a big watch that manages to avoid being chunky, looking fairly nondescript with a black plastic body and silicone strap. It is quite light but designed for fairly large wrists – I had the strap pulled to its second-tightest position.

Best Fitness Tracker for Body Building – BUYER’S GUIDE

< id="t_1-range-of-activities-tracked"> Range Of Activities Tracked

Fitness trackers have come a long way since the days where they just counted your steps.

There are some devices that should be able to track dozens of unique workouts, including things like yoga and pilates.

If you tend to do multiple sports, running, and workout classes, then try getting a device like a crossfit fitness watch that could track as many exercises as possible [1].

< id="t_2-display-and-strap-size"> Display And Strap Size

Some people like to have a fitness device with all the smart features possible.

While technology has made this possible, these products still tend to be a bit bigger.

We generally advise avoiding a larger device, as it could get in the way of strength and endurance training.

< id="t_3-heart-rate-monitor"> Heart Rate Monitor

The good news is that wrist-based heart rate monitoring has become a lot more reliable.

“Another way to gauge your exercise intensity is to see how hard your heart is beating during physical activity. To use this method, you first have to figure out your maximum heart rate — the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity.”


Most of the above fitness trackers should give you real-time information, which you could use to adjust what intensity and heart zone you target [2].

< id="t_4-gps"> GPS

Fitness trackers with GPS started off as a pure gimmick as they were pretty unreliable [3].

However, if you do a lot of running or cycling, then modern technology could help you keep better track of your pace and distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fitness Trackers Work for Weightlifting?

No, fitness trackers don’t work for weightlifting in the sense that they would automatically record the amount and types of moves you make. But they may still work to tell you how intense your workout was, based on your heart rate.

Are Fitbits Good for Weightlifting?

Yes, most Fitbits are good for weightlifting, especially if they have a built-in HR monitor. The small size of the activity tracker is what many bodybuilders favor as it doesn’t tend to get in the way during workouts.


Whether you want a full-blown smart device for an immersive wearable experience or just a fitness-oriented timepiece to record your laps and splits, we’ve rounded up some of the best watches for every training regimen. The gadgets will track your workouts, help you regulate your sleep, give you active training tips—and look damn good on your arm all the while.

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