Best Fitness Tracker for Boxing

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Best Fitness Tracker for Boxing – Look past the hype this Boxing Day and choose the tech which delivers what you need. Remember to keep your fitness level, activities and goals in mind when making the decision

If you want to track your blood pressure, any ordinary heart rate tracker will not suffice and you should explore your options. This will ultimately help you snag the right tracker for your lifestyle


I enjoy what I see but think we still have a long ways to go from creating the perfect boxing tracker. There’s plenty of room for innovation and improvements to make these tools truly useful for serious boxers. And more importantly to make this whole home virtual-training boxing experience more fun.

1.Garmin Vívosport

There a lot of get-up-and-move packed into this fitness tracker. Though itâ compact enough to suit any occasion, vívosport features built-in GPS, which lets you accurately track your activities outside while also including a variety of indoor activities.

It brings you fitness monitoring tools and all-day stress tracking plus handy connected features, including automatic uploads to our Garmin Connect℠online fitness community. It’s the complete fitness tracking package.


Polar has launched an updated version of their standalone optical HR sensor, taking the existing Polar OH1 and adding new features and capabilities, and re-branding it as the Verity Sense. For those familiar with my reviews & testing, you’ll know that I often use the Polar OH1 as a reference device in testing – and it is arguably the most accurate optical HR sensor in the market – usually out-performing conventional chest straps too (especially in cooler weather). Perhaps once the Scosche Rhythm 2.0 starts shipping in a month, that’ll change – as the early results here were promising.

The question is – does the Verity Sense retain that title? First up, are the improvements. They’ve significantly increased the battery life claims, from 8 to 20 hours. They’ve also increased the range from 75m to 150m – primarily targeted at field team sports that may have recording devices on the sidelines. They’ve also included a new swimming mode, and dedicated mode lights on the back, plus an entirely new strap design that minimizes the chance of a flip-over. In other words, they basically addressed the most common complaints of the OH1 series.

3.Amazfit Bip

The Amazfit Bip S beats out every other smartwatch we’ve tested when it comes to price and battery life, earning it CNET’s Editor’s Choice Award for 2020.

It isn’t the best smartwatch I’ve ever tested — not even close. But it’s definitely the longest-running one. I wore it for almost 10 days straight without having to charge it once, and that’s a lot more than I can say for its pricier competitors. But if battery life alone isn’t enough to get your attention, the price tag should seal the deal. (UK prices weren’t available, but it’s AU in Australia, which is about £65.)

4.Honor Band

It’s a bare-bones device, with only a few key features and functions, and it certainly won’t appeal to those who use their tracker to monitor every aspect of their health and fitness. If, however, you just want the highlights, such as step count and sleep time, it may suit you just fine – and its limitations are reflected in its price, as it’s one of the most affordable fitness trackers on the market.

For the Honor Band 5, Honor has thrown some premium-feeling features into the mix, including an improved screen, but it’s essentially a wearable that corrects some of the problems of the Honor Band 4. If this isn’t for you, there’s always the slightly more fitness-focused Honor Band 5 Sport to look at too.

5.LETSCOM Fitness

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker has a rather sleek and appealing design. Not quite flashy as other fitness trackers like, say, a Apple Watch Series 4, but it has some charm to it and a wider variety of colors. Its screen is small, but its display is big enough and clear enough to see the readings. However, on a particularly bright day, it can be a little more difficult to read.

What’s really cool is how it charges, which you’ll be doing every 7 to 10 days. By removing one of the straps, you reveal a hidden USB dongle. Insert into a nearby USB port and it’ll fully charge within 1 to 2 hours.

Best Fitness Tracker for Boxing – BUYER’S GUIDE

Weight & Size: The weight and size of your boxing fitness tracker are hugely important. You’ll need something that’s not just accurate but also unnoticeable – if it were to get in the way of your punches, it’ll probably negatively impact your game. So, looking for a product that’s light and small will be ideal. On this note, devices like the Fitbit and Apple Watch may seem comparably cumbersome when you compare them with dedicated boxing trackers like the BXTRACKER.

Durability: Boxing just may well be one of the most dangerous and deadly sports out there today. With strikes being thrown from all angles, your body, arms and hands will be sure to take a beating. Likewise, this applies to your poor little fitness tracker as well! You’ll need to get a product that can withstand some pretty rough treatment if you’re looking to get a solid bang for your buck. Of course, this only applies if you intend to actually do some live sparing with the tracker on. If you’re just doing solo drills and the like, durability shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Placement: Where you place your fitness tracker on your body will depend entirely on both what you’re doing and which tracker you choose. For instance, the Moov trackers are designed to be work on the wrists to get the most out of a boxing session. This also applies to BXTRACKER. But with something like the Fitbit, if you’re worried about damaging the device or worried that it’ll get in the way, you could even wear it on your ankle if all you want to measure if you heart rate and calorie expenditure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get two trackers for myself since I use both hands to box?

To obtain the most accurate results possible, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. Most devices do happen to come with two trackers but for some like the Moov, you’ll need to fork out twice the price unfortunately. You could certainly get away with using just a single tracker and still get some good feedback, but we don’t recommend you do this – after all, what’s the use of a coach that’s only half as good?

Is it important that a tracker has water resistance?

Absolutely! Boxing can be an incredibly sweaty affair so you should expect your fitness tracker to be completely drenched in sweat after a hard day of boxing. All the devices on our list are totally water resistant so this shouldn’t be an issue, but should you choose to opt for a device outside of our list, make sure you keep this in mind.


They were capable of responding to the most minute and intricate of changes and kept track of rising trends. Whether it was adapting their technique to accommodate for the unique style of their upcoming opponent or revolutionising their training regime based on the latest, cutting-edge scientific research, they were all capable of accommodating for change within a heartbeat.