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Best Fitness Tracker for Hiit –  The main requirement is tracking information while performing HIIT workouts along with comfort during aggressive workout movements. This is where the Rhythm+ has an advantage as it is fixed to the arm. While selecting the Best Heart rate Monitor for HIIT, make sure it matches your specific requirement- be it budget friendly, or accuracy, or even trend and style.

Also, ensure you are comfortable with the device and it doesn’t disrupt your basic activities throughout the day. With our tips, you would definitely be able to find and choose the device that is best suited for you.

As we select the best fitness tracker for HIIT, we need to check on some essential criteria to understand our requirements and option. HIIT refers to High-Intensity Interval Training which would need a few devices of good quality to gather all the important data for further analysis. We need to understand our specific requirements before we purchase a device. Today, in the market, there are three different kinds of heart rate monitors:


The Best Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor for HIIT is one that is able to report data in the most accurate manner when we need it. If you are looking for a budget-friendly device and do not require many features, you can go for Polar’s alternative. The Rhythm+ and the FUSE cater to more demanding users.

1.Xiaomi Mi

Never has Xiaomi’s rivalry with Samsung been so pronounced: the same year the latter company downgrades the specs of its flagship phones from previous generations (and the price accordingly), Xiaomi’s comes along and turns all those same specs up to (Mi) 11.

At the Xiaomi Mi 11 launch the company announced, with an air of smugness, that it had recently become the third-largest smartphone seller in the world; Samsung still holds top spot by a country mile, far ahead of Apple too, but Xiaomi is rising fast. This third-place position didn’t last long: a few months later, Xiaomi had overtaken Apple too, for the silver medal

2.Fitbit Charge

The Charge 5 sits atop Fitbit’s current fitness tracker lineup, offering a more advanced alternative to the fashion-forward Luxe  and the budget-friendly Inspire 2 .

It’s the only tracker out of the three with a built-in GPS, which lets you see your real-time pace and distance on your wrist when tracking an outdoor workout without your phone.  The Charge 5 costs  more than its predecessor, but justifies the increase with a number of design improvements and new health monitoring features.

3.Garmin Venu

It’s now been followed by the Garmin Venu 2 – an even more capable watch that we found hard to fault in our tests – but the original Venu is still an excellent option, particularly if the newer watch is outside your budget.

Garmin might be known for active wristwear, but its fitness trackers and running watches have been edging ever closer to smartwatch territory. Take the Garmin Vivoactive 4: with smart notifications, offline music, Garmin Pay and app support, the multi-sport ticker was just a few stops short of a fully blown smartwatch.

4.Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 7 is Apple’s latest smartwatch, featuring a larger always-on Retina display, a more rounded design with a larger casing, improved durability, and faster charging, starting at a price of $399.

Announced in September 2021, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the newest Apple Watch in Apple’s lineup and it is at the start of its product cycle. Apple tends to release new Apple Watch models every September, and there is no reason to suggest that a new Apple Watch Series 8 will not launch next year.

There are early signs of Apple Watch Series 8 models with a number of upgrades and improvements, but since this is likely still around a year away, now is the best time to buy the Apple Watch Series 7.

5.Samsung Galaxy

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – Samsung currently has a really strong Galaxy A lineup. They took their “Awesome is for everyone” slogan to heart with interesting and fresh designs, as well as good value specs.

Better still, the Korean giant definitely recognizes it has a good product on its hands and is now investing even further in extending its life. Particularly the Galaxy A52, which now has a new A52s 5G variant.

Best Fitness Tracker for Hiit – BUYER’S GUIDE

 Optical Heart Rate: Nowadays, there are smartwatches available in the market for each and every requirement, which can be synced with our smartphones. Due to this, the optical heart rate has become quite popular. This kind of heart rate monitor makes use of LED pulsations in your arm which makes the light reflect beneath your skin.

This is how the device calculates the heart rate with the help of the density of light that returns. Check out our list of some of the Best Smartwatches with Heart Rate Monitor.

2. Chest StrapsChest straps are the best option if you are looking for the highest accuracy in monitoring the heart rate. The chest straps are placed over the chest area and monitor the heart rate by measuring the electrical pulse. Though it is the most accurate device, it is also the most uncomfortable device. We have a list of few devices that have made it to the best chest strap heart rate monitor

3. In-ear Optomechanical: For those people who love the latest gadgets and technology, this is the perfect fitness tracker. These measure the heart rate via the skin inside the ear. These are the most expensive devices. You can read more about the Best Earbuds with HRM. We are now aware of the basic types of heart rate monitors that one can find in the market. Now, we need to understand the prominent features of these devices:

1. Water-resistant: This feature is very useful if you intend to use the device in the water while swimming. However, we are on the lookout for the Best watch for HIIT Training and not swimming. Nevertheless, in case you train outdoors, this feature will take care of the device in case of sudden rains. You can read our review on the Best HRM for Swimmers

2. Continuous Data: Most of the heart rate monitors available gather all the information and this can be transferred to any other device like your computer. But, at times, to understand how the body reacts to the workouts, we need to get the information continuously and immediately on the display screen. Here, the best Fitbit for HIIT and the Best SmartWatch With Heart Rate Monitor are the devices you should consider buying.

3. Connectivity: Bluetooth and WiFi are the two features that every person looks for in every gadget these days. These have become an essential part of our life, as they help in connecting to different devices, or transferring data, or getting internet access. All the latest gadgets come with this feature, but cheaper ones fail miserably at this. Many devices feature in our list of Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors

4. Application Usage: Usage of any heart rate monitor without its respective app in your smartphone makes it tough to use the device. You may not get regular updates on audio. One has to constantly check the device screen for updates than receiving notifications on the smartphone which seems to be a good option.

5. Price: Once you are sure about the features you need in your device, you can make use of the sales to find your dream device at the best price. You can find the most affordable heart rate detectors as well if you are on a strict budget.

6. Pulse Monitors: The device comes with sensor buttons on which one needs to place the fingertips to get the pulse. These devices provide the heart rate reading on demand and it isn’t provided continuously. It is quite tricky compared to the basic chest strap heart rate monitors. If you are down with fever, or you have cold fingers, the heart rate reading might go wrong.

7. Battery Life: Irrespective of all features, a device should have great battery life. This is a feature we hunt for in all devices, bet it a smartphone or an MP3 player or a laptop. A good battery life helps you make the maximum use of your device. Some of the Best Heart Rate monitors 2021 are listed by us which could help you out.

8. Notification Alerts: This is an essential requirement because we lose track of many important events, as being updated on all events is quite difficult. A fitness band that helps you to maintain all your important events and notifies you via alerts on the events is a must buy. You can check out some of the Best Fitbits for HIIT, which will definitely get you sorted.

9. Sensors: In order to get an accurate and correct reading related to your health and data which has been collected, a fitness device needs to have sensors. These sensors help in recording every single activity thereby enabling you to analyze your health and help you to stay healthy.

10. Design: A good design is vital for a fitness device and should not be overlooked. A fitness band which is sleek and lightweight making the device comfortable to wear and convenient is the ideal device( Check out the Best Fitbits for HIIT). A bulky structure makes it tough to use and difficult to wear and take it around.

11. Style:  Numerous styles of fitness tracking devices are available these days. Some may be worn as a necklace, some on the wrist (Best Wrist Heart Rate Monitors), or some may even act as a brooch which is pinned to the outfit. However, the most popular device is the wrist fitness band. If you do not like wearing it constantly on your wrist, there are a multitude of other options to choose from.

Nowadays, manufacturers concentrate more on the style, which is the reason why many of the devices look flashy and appealing, with changeable bands, whereas the rest might look dull and low profile. One needs to bear in mind, that whatever style you choose, it should be comfortable to wear even while your asleep, and can be worn with clothes of different sleeve lengths.

Those having small wrists will be uncomfortable with a bulky fitness tracker, which is why one must select a style that provides maximum comfort at all times.

12. Display: The most important feature to be looked out for is the display of the fitness band. Sophisticated fitness trackers make use of word, symbols or numbers for displaying the output, whereas others might disclose the data via an LED display screen.  When you make use of a smart device to sync the data of your tracker with, the compatible application of the fitness tracker, not just archives but analyzes as well as interprets the data.

There are many specifications as well as options when it has to sync with the display of the tracker, which include Side buttons, touch sensors, size of the screen, options in colors, and visibility in varied conditions of light. It’s also necessary to purchase a tracker which has a  simple interface because some devices may have an easy learning process, but some others might be complicated and not worth the price.

13. Accuracy: Fitness trackers make use of algorithms along with sensors in order to recognize all your movements and activities; which means that there exists a level of imprecision, and they are not dependable. If you need a more accurate and reliable data, you would be required to purchase a device with specific functions such as the Best Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap which has to be strapped to the chest. The data it provides is more accurate than a wrist heart rate monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

High-Intensity Interval Training-What is it?

High-intensity interval training is a training process which has quick and short periods of activity which are then followed by a rest period. However, in order to benefit from a HIIT, one needs specific training lessons which are best-suited for him or her. Yes, you can head to your gym with no plan in mind and work out, but it the results are always better when you are sure of what workout you would be doing which leads to optimum utilization of time and effort.

One needs to understand and ensure that any High-Intensity Interval Training workout should be just around a range of 60-90 percent of one’s maximum heart rate. When one decides to go in for the rest period, one has to ensure the heart rate comes down to around 60 percent of one’s maximum heart rate. This is very vital while working out.


The best fitness trackers offer more cutting-edge technology and features than ever before; think heart rate monitoring, detailed sleep tracking, waterproof for swimming, stress tracking, sports and workout modes and, of course, step counting.