Best Fitness Tracker for P90x

Best Fitness Tracker for P90x – Now you know how important fitness tracker is for you. The tracker will benefit in several ways by monitoring several activities. Hopefully, you can find the best fitness tracker for p90x from our review. All the five trackers that we have listed above will monitor multiple activities with 99 percent accuracy.

Indeed, these smartwatches style trackers will assist you in several ways. Making a habit of wearing a tracker will boost up your fitness level. Please share it with other fellows and comment below which fitness tracker you chose to buy.


As you have probably seen by know buying the best heart rate monitor for p90x is a really easy thing to do when you know what you should be searching for.

1.Willful Fitness

Pros & Cons

The Willful SW352 fitness tracker is a good option for the price. With an IP68 waterproof rating, long battery life and smartphone notifications it competes functionality wise with more expensive trackers. Given its price point it would be ideal as a first fitness tracker or as a gift for children.

Design wise the Willful Fitness Tracker SW352 goes for a slimline, narrow rectangular look. This means that it wouldn’t look out of place on your wrist at work.

Available in 6 colors and there is a single button to control the functionality. that wouldn’t look out of a place on your wrist at work.

The straps are interchangeable and extend from 5.5 to 8.3 inches by 0.59 inches wide so should suit most shapes and sizes of wrist.

2.Toplus Fitness

Pros & Cons

We like how resilient the TOPLUS Yoga Mat, 1/4-Inch is when faced with constant moisture. The design is not only made from waterproof materials, but also has channels that allow you to maintain grip and traction even after the mat begins getting wet.

In our analysis of 173 expert reviews, the TOPLUS Yoga Mat, 1/4-Inch placed 9th when we looked at the top 22 products in the category.


Pros & Cons

LB LIEBIG Smart Watch for Women, Water Resistant Smart Watch, Fitness Activity Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor, Message Reminder, Tracker, Pedometer, Compatible with Android Phones and iPhone

The LB LIEBIG Smartwatch with a large ultra-transparent OLED touch screen provides the keys to the invisible display’s functions and provides a different visual experience.

4.Samsung Gear

Pros & Cons

The problem is that the Gear S3 still feels like an experiment, when, in its second iteration (the S2 was the first major redesign), it should really start feeling like a more mature, polished product. If you’re looking to see where watches will go next, Samsung’s exploring the ideas now. Stand-alone cellular LTE connection without a phone? Check. Spotify on-wrist? Check. Use-anywhere wrist payments that are even more versatile than Apple Pay? Yes.

The Gear S3 is an insanely feature-rich smartwatch with a big, bold design. But unlike the latest Apple Watch and Android’s upcoming 2.0 software update, Samsung’s Tizen-based Gear S3 doesn’t do enough to improve the experience or support more apps. And few of those apps actually use the Gear S3’s standalone LTE. In terms of hardware, it’s a better watch than last year’s bold, clever Gear S2. And yet, it fails to take enough leaps forward in its software. Last year’s S2 was innovative, but it needed polishing. And it really, really needed more apps.

5.Waterproof Tracker

Pros & Cons

Fitness trackers not only monitor your daily activity levels but also may help you take control of your health with features like stress tracking, heart rate monitoring, and daily movement reminders.

Yet, those who enjoy activities like swimming, diving, or water aerobics should invest in a fully waterproof device.

Many waterproof fitness trackers are available, each of which provides a wide range of features. The products in this article were selected based on the following criteria:

Best Fitness Tracker for P90x – BUYER’S GUIDE

< class="has-text-color">Heart Rate Accuracy

If you are reading this article this is the most important feature you should look for in such type of a product.

Having inaccurate data will slow down your progress and is going to make your purchase useless because you won’t really know what’s your true heart rate.

And isn’t this the whole point of investing in such device?

Depending on what accuracy you are looking for you have 2 most known options to choose from – fitness tracker (smartwatch) and chest strap.

Let’s check them out.

Smartwatch / Fitness Tracker vs Chest Strap

So now you are probably wondering which one is the better option for you and why…

To help you the best way I can let’s see both their pros and cons so you can have a good understanding of their main differences and what is going to fit your needs the best.

In the end, they are both good and can do what you want in such a product but there are some things, you should know before we continue.

Let’s find them out…

Option 1: Smartwatch / Fitness Tracker

This is a multifunctional device you simply put on your wrist and you are done. It’s not specifically made to measure heart rate but it has a built-in sensor that is fairly accurate and does the job right. Even so the sensor is not as accurate as of the one you can find on the chest strap.

Using a fitness tracker is way more convenient and comfortable to wear than a chest strap and it usually offers a lot more useful features you can use daily. 

The battery usually lasts only a couple of days and you will have to recharge it via a USB cable which is included.

The price is relatively low for most brands making this type of monitor a good option to measure your heart rate for your p90x workouts.

Option 2: Chest Strap

It is proven that chest straps are usually more accurate than smartwatches.

I believe that is the case because this is a device specifically designed to do only one thing – to measure accurately your heart rate.

You wear it right below your chest using a strap. As you can guess this product won’t win an award about convenience or comfortability but it does work.

A good thing about this type is that they are designed to be very compact and lightweight so you can hide them easily under your clothes. 

They don’t have other many features and I believe that’s the reason why they are less popular than the traditional fitness trackers.

A good side of that simplicity is the far longer battery life you get compared to the previous type.

One downside is that these types of products usually work with a replaceable coin battery you have to go and buy after the previous one stops working.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fitbit Count The Calories Accurately?

The Fitbit tracker will count the calories with the utmost accuracy, and you will also know the burnt calories. Furthermore, you will know how many steps are taken in a day. The fitness will monitor the heart rate and estimate the active time each day.

Which Are The Best Fitness Trackers For P90x?

The best fitness trackers for P90x are the following:

  • Morepro Fitness Activity Tracker – Best Choice Overall
  • Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracking – Best Fitness Tracking Modes
  • YAMAY Smart Fitness Tracker – Best Waterproof Watch
  • L8star HR Fitness Tracker – Best Calorie Counter
  • FITFORT Fitness Tracker – Best Design And Comfortable Strap

How Many Calories I Ought To Burn In A Day?

In a day, you should burn at least 1000 calories. The metabolic rate of the person will be faster after remaining active for more time in a day. It depends on how many calories you take in each day. You should burn the calories that aren’t required to stay healthy.

What Features Will Be Tracked By The Fitness Trackers?

There are several features that the fitness activity tracker will monitor. You can track the activities by downloading the application of tracker and monitor your progress. The activity monitoring trackers will tell you your weight and the burnt calories.

Which Feature Is Most Necessary In A Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor?

The most necessary feature in a heart rate monitor fitness tracker is the activity tracker. The fitness tracker will monitor the activities 24/7.


And not only that, a good heart rate monitor can also be used for many different activities such as calisthenics, running, weight lifting, different types of cardio, swimming, etc. You can also use it just for your overall health.