Best Fitness Tracker for Swimmers

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimmers – If you just want one eye on your step count and core heart vitals, the ever-expanding range from Chinese brands such as Amazfit, Xiaomi and Huawei are also now major contenders.

Whether you’re looking for basic everyday activity tracking, or you’re after something a bit more in-depth in terms of sports and health monitoring, there’s a fitness tracker out there for you.


That means that Fitbit trackers and Garmin watches usually offer a better experience with more reliable and interesting insights, and often you’re paying for the research and development of the software as well as the hardware

1.Garmin Swim

Pros & Cons

The Garmin Swim is back, baby. Over 7 years later and Garmin has finally incremented to the second edition in their swimmers-only watch. And, it’s basically exactly what you’d expect in a swimming first watch from Garmin in 2019. Unlike the previous edition, this one now supports openwater swimming with GPS, while also recording/displaying your heart rate in real-time via the optical HR sensor on the back. It has all the activity/sleep/stress/life tracking stuff you’ll find in any other Garmin watch. And it can even track your run, ride, or gym workout.

But more than that – it’s actually got new swim-specific features not seen on any other Garmin device to date. This includes auto-rest for intervals, Critical Swim Speed tracking (kinda like FTP, but for swimmers), real-time pacing alerts, and new improvements to structured workouts that can also be executed on the watch. It sounds like those features are set to be added to some existing 2019 Garmin watches as well, but no timeframes yet.

2.Misfit Shine

Pros & Cons

The best fitness trackers marry form and function. If you’re going to own a device that’s meant to be worn daily, it needs to fit comfortably, look good, and do its job of keeping track of how much exercise and sleep you get. The  Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer’s Edition also known as the Speedo Shine 2, is better at counting your laps than many other waterproof trackers we’ve tested.

The tracker itself, which swaps into different bands or a clip, looks sophisticated and elegant, with a brushed aluminum finish on its coin-shaped body. But the bands and clip aren’t attractive. The Misfit Ray is a better-looking alternative that costs lost, even after an in-app purchase to add swim tracking.


Pros & Cons

Fityle has received feedback from more than three hundred customers with an average score of 4.36 stars, which means that the majority of shoppers are satisfied with their purchases.

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Pros & Cons

Suunto doesn’t have as much clout in the GPS watch space as it used to. Garmin is the go-to for outdoor fitness watches for most people, while Apple, Samsung, Google, and even Fitbit have been surpassing the Finnish company in the smartwatch realm. That’s why the Suunto 7 exists. The company is trying its best to appeal to outdoorsy users and those who still want a good smartwatch.

Did it succeed? It’s kind of a mixed bag, but I do like a lot about the Suunto 7. I haven’t even thought about switching to another watch since I started wearing it, and that says something. This is our full Suunto 7 review.


Pros & Cons

It’s been just shy of a year since COROS’s last new model hardware release, the Pace 2. And while we’ve seen the many software updates over the last year, it appears their hardware team has been well-fueled with Mountain Dew & Red Bull. The new VERTIX 2 drops a bombshell of features into their lineup, including full-color topographic mapping, music playback, dual-GNSS functionality (the first sports/fitness watch with it), ECG functionality, longer battery life, and Insta360action cam controls. Plus a larger screen, titanium alloy bezels/case, and even WiFi.

But all that’s gonna cost you. The price comes in at a conversation-stopping USD. I’ve been using the watch 24×7 for the last month, including everything from trail runs to openwater swims, bike rides to road runs. Plus day to day usage, including things like music playback. And while the features I outlined in the first paragraph might draw your attention in, I’d really encourage you to read the full review (or at least the next section), as this is a watch that shows lots of future promise, but probably isn’t quite as polished or complete as you’d expect for the price.

Best Fitness Tracker for Swimmers – BUYER’S GUIDE

Before you start your search, it helps to think about how you’ll really use the watch. Do you just need a simple, waterproof watch to count laps and or would you the features of an advanced multisport watch?  Do you want a swim-centric device that focuses mainly on your pool workout or a more versatile watch that can track data from different sports (i.e. do you do triathlons or other sports where having a high-end sports watch would be useful?)

A multisport smartwatch usually tracks your swim distance and speed, while the simpler swimming specific watches can do more  (ie. counting strokes, tracking pace and distance).

Below, we’ll feature both–take a closer look at their features and maybe try them on if you get the chance (this is especially important to those who are very particular about the weight of the device). We’ve also provided some videos of the watches in action.

Here are some of the best swimming watches and trackers that will help you count laps and optimize your workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of swimming watches?

If you’re new to fitness tracking, you might be wondering what the point of a swimming watch is. Well, a good one can:

  • Track lengths – When swimming in a pool, it’s easy to lose count of how many lengths you’ve swum, so length tracking is handy.
  • Length-by-length data – The ability to differentiate lap data, for example, which lap you swam the fastest.
  • Technique monitoring – Some of the more sophisticated watches will analyse your swimming technique. It will tell you if your stroke rate is too fast, slow, or optimum.
  • Share your data – You can share and compare your fitness data with others. Swimming is a lone sport, so sharing your data can be motivational. It can also help you to build a supportive community.


Lots of fitness watches claim to be suitable for swimmers, but very few live up to this claim. This is because some ‘swimming watches’ are vulnerable to water damage. Also, whilst most swimming watches can record open water swims, few can record lane swims.