Best Fitness Tracker for Tweens

Best Fitness Tracker for Tweens – So those were some of the best fitness trackers for kids and teenagers. Now it is your call to go through these suggestions and check which one you think fits your kid’s best. In case if there is anything you would like to ask, then comment below.

The Fitbit Charge 4 is an older Fitbit but it’s still one of the best fitness trackers for teens. Even better for slightly older teenagers, it has Fitbit Pay, smart notifications and alarms. Plus, it has decent 7-day battery life.


Giving your kids only the best of the best is always important as a parent. It can be challenging finding the correct fitness tracker for kids because you might not know what to look for.

1.Fitbit Ace

Pros & Cons

Fitbit Ace 2’s design was arguably the sleekest of all the children’s trackers we have tested, but the Fitbit Ace 3 has got a curvier, fresh new look. It’s still slim, with a silicone strap, but has a bubblier aesthetic and comes in two colour options: blue and green, and black and red. While the watch is intended for kids age 6+, the strap’s design means it can be worn by much smaller kids and adults alike.

The watch itself feels slightly chunkier than its predecessor and still has a greyscale screen, making it less enticing perhaps than offerings with colourful screens, such as the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 and Vodafone’s Neo.

2.YoYoFit Slim

Pros & Cons

Wearable technology has made it possible to motivate the young and old to be active. In a busy lifestyle, a fitness tracker is the kind of device that can remind you to be on your toes and stay active. By picking the best fitness tracker for kids, it is possible to inculcate the habit of physical fitness exercises right from a young age. Given the growing demand in this segment, some bands come in different budget categories. Many carry a bulk of other features besides tracking activities.

Combining the benefits of a wristwatch and allowing other benefits like sleeping and heart rate tracking, these fitness gadgets have evolved explosively. Whatever be the kind of features that you would like to have on the tracker watch for kids, it is easy to find one today. We have here a list of the bestselling trackers, the ones that come loaded with intuitive features. These devices can make outdoor activities more fun for the little ones and encourage them to push their boundaries.


Pros & Cons

Automatically tracks your kids steps, distance and calories burned. Supports 10+ activity modes: Walking, Running, Bicycle, Dance, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Climbing, Workout, etc.

The fitness tracker can automatically monitor your kids daily real-time heart rate and track how well your kids sleep at night. Get the data about your kids sleeping trends through the night via the app.The silent alarm clock can wake up your kids without disturbing others.

IP68 high-grade waterproof technology allows your kids to take part in more water activities. They can also wear this fitness tracker watch while enjoying their pool time.

4.BingoFit Fitness

Pros & Cons

Charging takes just over an hour and I’ve had this watch last me up to 5 days, but that’ll obviously alter depending on how much you’re using it and how much tracking you’re doing etc. You can get 7 days on full stand-by, or 3 days if you’re hammering it.

To be honest I was pretty impressed at the design. I’m using my experience of cheap smartwatches here, because some of you may remember the comedy thickness of the Diggio DI10 smartwatch we reviewed a couple of short years ago. I struggled to get my coat sleeve over the thing.


Pros & Cons

The fitness tracker watch is compatible with IOS 8.0 above & android 4.4 above, BT4.0. After charging, connect the watch to your phone via the “VeryFitPro” app to sync the time and set your personal information. The silent vibration alarm clock can wake you up without disturbing others.

Built-In USB makes charging become easier. Charging for 1-2 hours, the battery can last up to 7 days. Calls/ SMS/ SNS Alert Receive calls, SMS, and SMS notifications on display, you will never miss any important calls or messages.

Best Fitness Tracker for Tweens – BUYER’S GUIDE

  • Style

Fitness trackers come in various colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. Wristbands and pendants are the two most popular designs. Choose a style based on your preferences.

  • Display

Fitness trackers use LCD, LED, and AMOLED displays in different screen sizes. Pick one that is convenient to read and has an auto-adjusting feature to adapt to ambient lighting.

  • Compatibility

The fitness tracker should be compatible with the operating system of your smartphone or a laptop. Choose one that syncs well with your smartphone or other devices.

  • Accuracy

Fitness trackers use sensors and algorithms to provide data related to various activities. These include the number of stairs climbed, footsteps, and hours slept. Opt one that generates highly precise data. Check the reviews to understand how accurate the device is.

  • Battery Life

The battery life is an important consideration and depends on your usage needs. Most trackers are rechargeable, while some are not. Choose the best one that meets your requirement. If your uses are rigorous, go for a fitness tracker that has a long battery life with a single charge.

  • Water-Resistant

Look for a splash-proof and water-resistant tracker if you are going to use it during swimming or bathing.

Let’s look at a few benefits of a fitness tracker in the following section

Frequently Asked Questions


It’s no surprise that studies show children are not as active as they once were, particularly 11 – 17-year-olds. While most children enjoy playing outside at an early age, things change for the early adolescent. They no longer are interested in playing with toys or simply being outside. Often, they turn their attention to video games or their smartphone.


While exercise is important, do not allow your child to get obsessed with the numbers on their fitness tracker, or go overboard with unnecessary activity that could eventually hurt them. As with any activity, children must be closely monitored for the best results.


There are fitness trackers on the market today that are actually suitable, (meaning that they will fit their wrist size), for children as early as four years old; however, that does not mean your child needs one. From ages four – ten, kids generally are very active and do not need a device to tell them how many steps they took in a day… they don’t care!  Keep the kids step counter watch in its box until such time that your child will actually want to wear it.


Activity tracker watches help kids develop healthy habits and keep moving in technologically fun ways. Parents already using them might want to get a kids activity tracker watch to encourage the entire family to be active together. Once I became a dad, exercise certainly became an important part of my life. I wanted to be healthy for my kids and set a good example for my daughters.