Best Graphics Card for Streaming on Twitch

Best Graphics Card for Streaming on Twitch – In this post, I have discussed the Best graphics cards for streaming. I hope after reading it, you can easily figure out which one you have to buy.

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1.ASUS GeForce GTX 1660

Pros & Cons

Everything from the design of the box it comes in, to the main design of the GPU itself is rather simple. There is nothing extravagant going on here, it has a normal ‘race-car’ like design with grey, white and black stripes along its face. It has a single large 90mm fan in the centre that handles thermals.

Asus sent us the Phoenix OC Variant of the card and it comes with a higher boost clock of 1850MHz out of the box. Another thing to note between the 1660Ti and 1660 is that the latter features GDDR5 Memory and not the GDDR6 of it’s older kin. It’s still based on the Turing architecture but as mentioned before doesn’t include the RT or Tensor Cores which is the reason for its ‘GTX’ branding. Unlike the previous GTX generation, there is no SLI support on this card.

2.ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce GTX

Pros & Cons

Beauty is subjective of course, but I think this TUF design is kind of ugly. Asus uses the same design on its other TUF products including its motherboards in this family so they all look alike, and though the TUF gear was decidedly “camo” in the past, it’s now emblazoned with what seems to be more of a digital camo design.

I suppose it’s more interesting than a simple black shroud, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Oddly there is not a ROG Strix version of this GPU, but rather this TUF version with dual fans, and an even cheaper looking Phoenix version with just one fan. So it appears the GTX 1660 is only getting the midrange treatment from Asus, so there isn’t a model with RGB lighting and a triple-fan cooler, like there was with the GTX 1660 Ti.


Pros & Cons

The ASUS Phoenix GeForce GTX 1660 I’m reviewing today is a mini-ITX card that features a compact, single-fan design. It measures just 174mm long, so it’ll fit in even the most compact of cases. In Gaming mode, it has a base clock of 1,530MHz and boost clock of 1,800MHz, slightly up from the default 1,785MHz base clock. OC mode pushes the clock speeds slightly higher to a 1,560MHz base clock and 1,830MHz boost clock.

The single fan uses ASUS’ wing-blade design, which features drooped tips on each fan blade in order to reduce drag. The fan also utilizes dual ball bearings for improved durability and longevity.

Round the back, the card features just three display outputs, including one HDMI 2.0b, one DisplayPort 1.4, and one DVI-D connector. That said, NVIDIA says the GPU actually fully supports VirtualLink connections over USB-C as well, and it’s up to individual manufacturers to implement it.


Pros & Cons

But the line between GTX 1650 and GTX 1650 Super models is so thin that if you just glance at the differences, you might miss them entirely. Even so, this Zotac card does exactly what its name suggests it should: It performs better than a GeForce GTX 1650 and in some cases, AMD’s competing Radeon RX 5500 XT (launching today), while performing slightly under what we saw in the GeForce GTX 1660.

If you were considering the GeForce GTX 1650, the GTX 1650 Super is clearly the better buy, and it just edges out AMD’s latest on value, if not absolute speed. It will get you to the midpoint of powering most games in 1080p at a frame rate above 60 frames per second (fps), so long as you tweak your settings accordingly. It earns a new Editors’ Choice award for budget cards.

5.Gigabyte Gv-N1650OC-4GD

Pros & Cons

Today we are reviewing the GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1650 OC 4G, a graphics card dedicated for budget 1080p gaming.
With a custom PCB, dual WINDFORCE 2X cooling system and Ultra durable components the GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1650 OC 4G graphics card offers 1710 MHz boost Core clock (Reference card is 1665 MHz) and promises to deliver effective 1080p gaming experience.
Now let’s see what this GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1650 has for us


Best Graphics Card for Streaming on Twitch – Short and simple, a graphics card is the hardware that produces the image on your computer screen. Sounds simple, right? Well this little component is in charge of translating a lot of data into visual information for your viewing pleasure. The end result is the crystal clear high definition picture we all love. If you enjoy streaming movies and shows on your computers like us at CinemaBlend then you probably understand the importance of quality graphic cards. We want hardware that brings out the color of our shows and games, and boasts the breakneck frame rate that can keep up with the action. If you’re in the market for an upgrade or maybe you’re building your own PC rig then we recommend you take a look at our list of favorite graphic cards on the market right now.