Best Bluetooth Headsets for Cycling

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Cycling – Though we encourage the use of headphones when cycling, we cannot stress the importance of staying vigilant at all times enough. We’ve put together a short list of the key elements to consider when choosing to utilise headphones while cycling.

The best headphones for riding a bike should be durable thanks to reliable materials, water-resistant and comfortable after all. They also need to sound well delivering you an amazing listening experience on the move. If you’re after bass, you can also find the relevant models amongst the gear presented here.


The presented models can also impress with the battery life and super portable charging case expanding the listening time drastically. However, it’s up to you to decide whether isolation is necessary since safety in riding is important.

1.Treblab XR700

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2.Jabra Elite

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5.TicPods Earbuds

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6.JLab Audio

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8.Bose SoundSpor

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9.Apple AirPods

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10.Sony Extra Bass

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Best Bluetooth Headsets for Cycling – BUYER’S GUIDE

< id="Safety">Safety

Safety is paramount, especially for road cyclists who need to hear the world around them.

Don’t take any chances of not being able to hear background noise like traffic noise and car horns.

Keep the volume low enough, so you can still hear the oncoming cars. It’s dangerous to do otherwise.

Active noise-canceling headphones are impressive, but shouldn’t be used at the expense of having your wits about you when cycling with headphones.

Most Bluetooth earbuds and true wireless earbuds don’t totally block out sound, so you should still be able to hear some traffic.

For peace of mind, though, the best bone conduction headphones keep your ear canals uncovered and the sound vibrates via your cheekbones. Bone conduction technology is an excellent solution for cyclists.

Is it even legal to wear headphones when riding a bike?
< id="Stability">Stability

Cycling can be quite strenuous and fast. Whenever there is a lot of movement, we recommend specific sports headphones.

This means headphones which are designed to stay in place even while you’re active.

You should be looking mainly at in-ear headphones, as they aren’t overly bulky.

On-ear and over-ear headphones are generally a no-go (plus won’t fit under a helmet).

An in-ear design with ear wings or ear hooks that stays in the ears is important for uninterrupted listening.
< id="Durability">Durability

Replacing headphones every few months because they’ve broken is a pain.

A durable set of headphones is essential if you are using them for something active.

You might sweat a lot or get caught in the worst weather conditions. Therefore, at least sweat resistance is essential.

Therefore water-resistant headphones are a must (look for a high IPX rating).

They can potentially get scraped or thrown around a bit.

If you cycle a lot, and on challenging terrains, think about getting some durable earbuds or headphones.
< id="Wired_vs._Wireless">Wired vs. Wireless

Choosing wired headphones can save you the hassle of charging but can tangle when moving.

Some cyclists don’t mind wires, especially if you’re cycling on a stationary bike (when movement is more uniform).

Even so, wireless headphones have come a long way in recent years and have a lot to offer to active people, including cyclists.

Key features of wireless headphones:

  • Not getting in the way since there are no wires, perfect freedom
  • You can keep your music device (smartphone) in a bag instead of attached
  • Often sweatproof or even waterproof
  • All have convenient controls and microphone for phone calls
  • You need to charge them regularly

Obviously, the lack of cable is the main plus point, and so is the fact that you don’t have to have your music device attached.

You can keep it in your backpack if you like. Also, you can use voice control on some of the headphones we’ve reviewed for even easier control.
< id="Battery_and_Bluetooth">Battery and Bluetooth

If you are going down the wireless route, think carefully about what battery lives will suit your biking routine.

You don’t want the lithium battery to die in the middle of a tour, especially if you like to cycle long distances.

Nonetheless, the Bluetooth connection is reliable enough to make sure the sound is constant with no interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cyclists wear headphones?

Sports lovers can wear headphones while riding a bike and enjoy the beats. However, it’s crucial to pick the best Bluetooth headphones for biking since not every pair is convenient for such activity. In this case, a cyclist should pay attention to a fit, water-resistance, sound quality, noise isolation, and the battery life. These are the main characteristics that will define a successful user experience.

Is It Dangerous To Wear Headphones Cycling?

Cycling and meantime wearing headphones might be dangerous if they isolate absolutely a cyclist from the outside world. Since this kind of activity requires situational awareness, user should rather look for passive noise isolation. The majority of the best wireless headphones for biking allows the surroundings being heard for users’ safety.

Can I listen to music while cycling?

You can listen to music while cycling and still be aware of what’s going on around. You can adjust the volume level so that you can enjoy the tracks and meantime hear the surroundings. Some of the best earphones for cycling come with the apps that allow customizing the sound profile and noise invasion level.

Is it comfortable To Wear Headphones Cycling?

It is absolutely comfortable to wear headphones when cycling if they provide a secure fit. To achieve that, they might come with the ear-hooks, ear-tips and an adjustable band. The best bicycle headphones always come with the accessories that help the users find an ideal fitting since they consider people’s lifestyle and related needs.


So we decided to explore what the market has to offer when it comes to cycling headphones, earphones, and wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

We have to be clear about the fact that none of these headphones are specifically meant for biking, what we list here are the best sports headphones that, in our opinion, will work well for cycling, which means with a helmet on and constant wind-noise.