Best Chat Headsets for Xbox One

Best Chat Headsets for Xbox One – Audiophiles will fall in love with the Logitech pro X, as much for its high quality audio and software modifications as its sleek aesthetic. Meanwhile, the Steelseries arctis 1 is a fantastic wireless option that cannot be beaten on price, sound quality and multiple connections.

From its barely-there comfort to the (literally) cinematic sound and in-depth customisation, the blackshark V2 from Razer is the undeniable choice for gamers of all types.


Our list of the 10 best gaming headsets for the Xbox One. We have made sure to include both wireless and wired gaming headsets in the list, along with both high-end headsets and affordable headsets, so there’s something for everyone

1.Xbox One Chat

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2.PDP Gaming LVL30

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3.NUBWO headsets

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4.SteelSeries Arctis

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5.Microsoft Xbox One

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6.Xbox One Stereo

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7.LucidSound LS10X

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8.HyperX Cloud

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10.Corsair HS35

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are expensive gaming headsets worth it?

While more premium designs often have an advantage when it comes to quality, design, and comfort, especially if you’re going to be wearing a pair for long periods of time. But that doesn’t mean budget-friendly styles aren’t as good, you can still find good quality foam cushions without spending hundreds of pounds.

Brands we’ve been impressed with include Razer and Fnatic, which offer varying models under £100 that were comfortable during long gameplay.

What headsets do pro gamers use?

Swedish YouTuber Pewdiepie reportedly uses the Razer kraken X headphones (£42.94, while online personality Miniminter opts for the Beyerdynamic DT 990 pro headset (£115, and KSI has been seen playing with the Turtle Beach ear force DX11 headset, which is currently sold out but you can sign up with your email on Amazon to be notified when it’s back in stock.

Elsewhere American professional Call of Duty player, Scump, often uses the Corsair virtuoso RGB wireless 7.1 gaming headset (£149.99,


But aside from that, using a headset allows you to communicate with your team and hear your game better, giving you a tactical advantage, especially in a game like Overwatch. Unfortunately, the less-than-impressive standard headset that ships with the Xbox One console only translates voice chat, and doesn’t throw any of the gameplay audio into your ears. You’re in luck, though; there are other good Xbox One gaming headsets available.