Best Gaming Headsets for Big Head

Best Gaming Headsets for Big Head – Some people can have real issues when it comes to discovering a headset that fits all their gaming and comfort needs. However, it is impossible to find the perfect one if you do your research and explore sufficient options. When purchasing a headset, it is essential to note all the factors that may cause you later on. List down all your needs when it comes to headset purchases and goes for the one that fulfills your maximum needs.

These were some of the best gaming headset for big heads. The buying guide given above will clear out any misconceptions you have about gaming headsets with large ear cups. These headsets fit perfectly on your head, which means no more itchy and sweaty ears.


Your head will feel as light as a feather, and you will be able to focus and play better. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the list and shop for your favorite headphones online.

1.HyperX Cloud Stinger

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2.Corsair Void

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4.Bose QuietComfort

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5.LucidSound LS41

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6.Acer Predator Galea 300

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7.Jeecoo Headset

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8.Xiberia V22

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9.Philips Audio

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Best Gaming Headsets for Big Head – BUYER’S GUIDE

Headset compatibility

Often, users buy headphones without paying attention to their level of compatibility. Compatibility plays a vital role because if the headset is not compatible with the devices you own, it is of no use.

When buying a headset, it is essential to note its compatibility with multiple external sources such as MAC, XBOX, PS4, and mobile phone, etc. You should pick a headset that runs across multiple platforms with ease.  This factor can make or break your investment.


Comfort comes first is the agenda of many of us, but we rarely pay attention to this factor when buying electronics. A headset is something that is going to remain on your head for hours. If you are going to use something you are going to wear for hours, you have to make sure it is comfortable and worth using for longer.

Some headsets can be a real pain as they slip off the head again and again. It can be annoying for a user during a game; you have to make sure you get your hands on an adjustable one. The internal padding and lining cloth’s softness also play a vital role in adding to the headset’s comfort.

Glass wearing gamers

About half of the world’s population suffers from weak eyesight, which can hinder a lot of people’s activities. The thing which is most ignored while buying headphones is whether or not they are comfortable for people who wear glasses.

Many headphones come up with glasses of friendly design each year, and they specifically mentioned glasses friendly. If you are a glasses wearer, you must not ignore this factor when buying headphones. The pressure of the ear pad can ruin the comfort of glass wearers.

Connection type

There are various types of headsets available in the market, and all work on diverse mechanisms. When users are looking to buy a laptop, they should make sure to pay attention to the connection type.

Notice whether the headphone intriguing your interest is wireless, wired, or Bluetooth. It is specifically essential because it helps a user in evaluating whether or not a headset will work for their desired platform or not. Many devices such as laptops do not have Bluetooth options, and if you get a headset that has Bluetooth connectivity type, then it is useless.

Surround stereo vs. sound

The surround stereo and surround sound are relatively new concepts, but they are prevalent amongst various people due to their widespread popularity. These two factors play an essential role in enhancing the sound quality.

Surround stereo is a separate channel connection to both the ears to add character and depth to the sound. The surround stereo is quite amazing when you listen to deep intense music. The surround sound is also an efficient means to enhance the user’s concentration by providing background noise of the game.

In gaming, it helps in making a user feel like they are part of the game. A user can opt for both or two when buying the headset for added sound quality.

Headset isolation

The headset isolation is the ultimate deciding factor for most users if they want to buy it or not. If you are buying a headset to play games, then you require a headset that fits perfectly. It is essential to look for a headset that has a useful seal around the head.

Look for foam and internal material, as well as the grip they provide. A loose or ill-fitted headset can cause a lot of irritation and aggression during intense games.

Build quality

The establishment quality of a headset plays a vital role in deciding whether or not a headset is worth investing in. The headset should be built using supreme quality material, which a user can observe by looking at the individual piece.

The headset should be double padded to form tight yet comfortable ear pads for more prolonged use. There are many cheap headsets in the market made with low-quality plastic. Those can cause a lot of hardship for the user; hence, it is necessary to invest in quality products that will last longer than anticipated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can gaming headsets give a headache?

Yes, using them for long hours with pounding noises can give you an external compression headache, especially if you suffer from migraines. Use a lightweight headset with volume control.

  • Can gaming headsets be used for music?

While you can use them to listen to music, the experience may be different. Gaming headsets are built to support sounds that are produced in games. Sounds in a song are different. So, gaming headsets may make songs sound mushy at times.

  •  Are wireless headsets good?

If you play at your desk alone, a wired headset would be a good choice. If you are connecting to a console or a TV, use a wireless headset for flexibility. With a branded one, the audio quality in a Bluetooth headset would be equal to that of a wired one.


Getting a headset that fits like a glove is as important as finding a fantastic game for an excellent experience overall. People do not generally focus on the headset, but they pay a lot of attention to monitor, gaming PC, or game. However, no experience is fulfilling without a proper sound effect. Gaming sound is aggressive, and it can cause a lot of irritation to people who are not playing the game with you.