Best Gaming Headsets for Mac

Best Gaming Headsets for Mac – Before buying a wireless gaming headset, consider its comfort and fit, as well as build quality and construction first. Then, check the audio quality, battery life, the headset’s compatibility with your preferred gaming platforms, and how reliable its wireless connection is. Also, don’t forget to check out what kind of additional features it has and whether you’ll need them.

If you’re after the ultimate audio experience, you might be better off choosing a wired gaming headset. However, wireless headsets have come a long way and if you prefer the versatility of a wireless headset over a wired headset, you do have plenty of quality options to choose between.


Our other picks are as unique as your varying needs when it comes to the best USB headsets. The next time you find yourself in need of a new USB headset, be sure to consult our suggestions to find one that works best for you.

1.Audeze Penrose

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2.Xbox One

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4.EasySMX Headset

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6.EKSA E900

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9.Pacrate Headset

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10.PeohZarr Headset

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Best Gaming Headsets for Mac – BUYER’S GUIDE

  • Budget – As we saw in our best gaming gear guide, certain upgrades will really depend on how much you’ve got saved up. The best wireless gaming headsets aren’t necessarily cheap, or really any high-end gaming gear in general. Although we did find a few budget-friendly picks that we felt were worth looking at for those on a strict budget, the amount of money you have on hand will definitely steer you in a particular direction. Do you want to spend what you have at the moment? Or perhaps you’ll find a pair that fits your needs that may be waiting for to save up a few more bucks?
  • What are you gaming on? Xbox, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac? To our avail, many of the best wireless gaming headsets are pretty versatile when it comes to compatibility with multiple devices, even both consoles as well as computers for PC and Mac. We list which each model is compatible with — so at least keep in mind what you foresee yourself playing on (unless you’re like many we know who use multiple consoles as well as a computer for gaming — grab a headset that does them all).
  • Extra features desired – Aside from our needed wireless connectivity with your gaming device, the following headsets have some extra features attached to them that some of you may like and others not so much. We’ll highlight the nifty specs each has so you can decide if the price-tag is worth it. To preview, some popular extra features for a lot of these models include a retractable mic, adjustable headbands, longer battery life, indicator lights, EQ setting tweaking, game controls on an ear pad, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you want to use a USB headset over a wireless one?
If having the freedom to walk around with your headset on doesn’t mean much to you, audio quality and fidelity probably does. That’s the biggest reason to opt for a USB headset over a wireless one. Also, some computers don’t have the type of USB connection you need to hook up these types of headsets, while others do. If you’re using a Mac computer, for instance, you likely have only USB-C connections, while many PCs tend to have USB-A connectors that make more sense for a USB headset. Wired headsets often have better fidelity when it comes to sound, too, so if you want to have the best audio possible without worrying about latency, you might opt for a wired USB headset.

Can I fine-tune audio preferences without third-party software?
It depends on the type of headset you purchase. Some come with on-board audio controls that let you perform certain tweaks with physical buttons. Others work in tandem with special apps that you have to install to make these alterations. If you’re concerned with how you’ll have to go about changing your audio preferences, you’ll want to install the apps required by each manufacturer. You can usually find out this information by checking the packaging or searching then product’s official website.

Why is a detachable mic important?
If you don’t like to chat with people during gaming sessions, or you don’t play games and prefer to just enjoy music, movies, or TV shows, you can typically move the mic out of your way. Some people would much rather remove it from the equation entirely. A detachable mic lets you do just that, so it never gets in the way or impedes you from what you’re currently doing. This way, not only does the headset look sleeker and more attractive to some, but it doesn’t have any unnecessary parts that could be inadvertently damaged.


When it comes to gaming, nothing beats investing in a solid, high-end pair of headphones. Whether you’re playing for fun, competitively, or trying to get better than your friends, the only thing buying a new gaming headset will do is elevate your game — not only can you hear your opponents better and quicker, but you’ve got a clearer microphone, more comfortable fit, as well as a sleek-looking pair of cans to wear. Although we highlight the top gaming headsets (both wired and wireless) in our other article, today we decided to really hone in on a specific type of popular, and well-worth the money at that, investment for a gaming set up — the top 10 best wireless gaming headsets in the market today.