Best Gaming Headsets for Small Heads

Best Gaming Headsets for Small Heads – Most countries are in lockdown and many people want to purchase the best gaming headset for small heads, while still having an amazing audio quality. It affects their experience when watching movies, listening to music, or playing video games.

Here we find one of the most comfortable headsets for small heads.  We also saw that there are some things to keep in mind while buying a headphone.  If you buy anything, as shown above, you will never lose.


As you probably already know, heads come in different sizes. That is why finding the best gaming headset for small heads is an extremely difficult task. Fortunately, the options provided in the market are numerous and companies are trying their best to produce headsets with different sizes.


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4.Edifier W800BT

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6.BestGot Headphones

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8.Sony MDR7506

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9.HyperX Cloud

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Best Gaming Headsets for Small Heads – BUYER’S GUIDE

Surround sound

Surround sound is the term used to describe the feature where you have a 360-degree soundscape. There are multiple speakers for each ear. The sound corresponds to the direction in the visuals. For example, if someone is approaching you from the right, you will hear it on the right side. This is a valuable feature. It helps you play better. This is a common feature in gaming headsets, thus would be easy to find a pair.

2. Build quality

If you look at some of the cheaper headsets, they are made of thin plastic material. With headsets made of flimsy material, durability is not guaranteed. Also, if you have a large head, a plastic headset can creak at small movements. After prolonged use, they can even break. It is important to have a headset made of durable material. Metal frames make a headset sturdy and durable. Some headsets even have an all-metal body.

3. Comfort and fit

All the features of a headset become useless if it does not fit your head properly. This is a peripheral that you will be using for long hours. With the wrong fit, the sweat and heat build-up will make your gaming experience unpleasant. Once it starts becoming painful, you can no more focus on your game. Therefore, make sure that the headset fits well, and you feel comfortable in it.

4. Isolation

The foam on your headphone pad must seal properly to create isolation. In certain games, which do not have many directional audio cues, if you do not have appropriate isolation, your game will take a beating. Sometimes, the headphone pad does not create an effective seal immediately, but later molds to the shape of your head. However, if you feel that you are missing out on a lot due to improper isolation, it is a good idea to replace the pads with a different circumference (or even go for a new pair)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can gaming headsets give a headache?

Yes, using them for long hours with pounding noises can give you an external compression headache, especially if you suffer from migraines. Use a lightweight headset with volume control.

  • Can gaming headsets be used for music?

While you can use them to listen to music, the experience may be different. Gaming headsets are built to support sounds that are produced in games. Sounds in a song are different. So, gaming headsets may make songs sound mushy at times.

  •  Are wireless headsets good?

If you play at your desk alone, a wired headset would be a good choice. If you are connecting to a console or a TV, use a wireless headset for flexibility. With a branded one, the audio quality in a Bluetooth headset would be equal to that of a wired one


Have you ever gone through that annoying feeling when your head is smaller than average ones, and you could not find the best headset with the perfect size for you? Fortunately, even though you may not be aware, several market products are designed for people with smaller heads. You can not begin to imagine how amazing it is to find the best gaming headset for small heads.