Best Headsets for Nintendo Switch

Best Headsets for Nintendo Switch – When you are figuring out whether to buy a gaming headset or just go with other popular bluetooth headphones, our experts at are often asked very hard questions related to how long the headsets will hold up and what are the truly best in regards to price. Below you will find answers related to gaming headsets.

Whether you choose the Hyperx Cloud headset or the Cloud Alpha, you want to make sure that your budget aligns with the price you are looking for. The quality of the sound and bass in the microphone are really going to help with the best performing gaming headsets on the market.


When people are gaming, they are looking for a premium bass that provides quality price and a good overall budget. We hope reviews like this help you on your search for premium gaming headsets.

1.Audeze Penrose

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Pros & Cons

3.Xbox One Nintendo Switch

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4.SteelSeries Arctis

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Pros & Cons

6.Turtle Beach Stealth

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7.Corsair Void

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10.Logitech G502

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Best Headsets for Nintendo Switch – BUYER’S GUIDE

Choose the best Nintendo Switch gaming wireless headsets that let you have the comfort you deserve. Lots of choices from the Turtle Beach Recon 70, have flexible and durable headset frame. Others have design allows you to configure the ear cups. If you prefer those that have plausible wireless connectivities, the list above can surely cater your needs. Get the best nintendo switch for the smacking game you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What headphones work with Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch works great with headphones and you can use the microphone for long gaming sessions and not be wired into the console. Some of the top headsets on a budget are the SteelSeries Arctis 1, Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 and the HyperX Cloud Alpha. Most bluetooth headsets today have the design to connect and pair with gaming systems. In this article, you can also use these headsets as they are the best headsets for fortnite also. Fortnite is considered one of the hottest Nintendo games out there.

How much is a Nintendo Switch headset?

If you look online, you will find out that a budget friendly headset will give a good range, clean design, provide a solid microphone and bring a well balanced bass within a reasonable price. You will use the headset as much as you use the console. So try not to focus on the price and focus on the features of the headset.

How to connect wireless headphones to the Nintendo Switch

What you will want to do is plug in a bluetooth dongle to your Nintendo Switch’s 3.5mm port. Turn the microphone on inside the headset. You are looking to get the pairing option. If you aren’t getting a great connection with bluetooth, then sounds like you need to find a different bluetooth dongle. After you pair the headset, you are good to go. If you need help when you want to pair your headset, there are many other gamers looking for pair friendly information online. Try and find a great website forum to look for well balanced answers. This is also a great way to connect the airpods to Nintendo Switch.


Playing Nintendo Switch video games is never perfect without the best gaming headset on the market. You might have been settling for that model that came with your PS4 or Xbox One, but you still have the choice to choose better for gaming sessions. Shopping for nintendo gaming bluetooth headphones is way much more comfortable today. There goes online shopping, tech review videos and many more.