Best Headsets for Working from Home

Best Headsets for Working from Home – WFH pros love what a headset with a noise-cancelling microphone adds to their home office set up. They can make calls with the confidence that they will hear everything that is said to them while anything going on around them gets filtered out. They use the headset as the speakers and the microphone on video conferencing platforms like Skype and Zoom. They use the noise-cancelling function of the headphones to block out distractions or take advantage of the opportunity to play music while they work without worrying about being a distraction to others who are home.

When you are looking for a headset that will work for you, there are a few different areas that you need to consider to find the performance and comfort that you need to more done every day. WFH headsets vary in the way they fit your ears, the location of the microphone, and the features that they provide to the user. If you find the combination of elements that work for you, your focus and productivity will stay high and your clients and coworkers will never know the difference.


No matter what style of headset you decide to go with for your WFH communications, you need it to provide you with clear, distraction-free performance, comfort, and reliable connectivity at a reasonable price. You should consider all of the following factors when you’re shopping for the headset that will take your work from home productivity to the next level.


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Best Headsets for Working from Home – BUYER’S GUIDE

Noise Canceling Feature

When you talk to your teammates, you don’t need to hear any distracting sounds. To fix this problem, you can use active and passive noise control. The latter is being accomplished via the padding that prevents noise from reaching your ears. For instance, you can use earbuds with a rubber seal or full-size headphones with high-quality ear cushions. A pair of active noise control headphones is a perfect solution for those who want to enjoy crystal-clear sound. However, it’s not the best option for people with vestibular dysfunction.

Comfort Level

If you are looking for the best headset for working from home, keep in mind that it should be comfortable to use. It’s crucial to pay attention to the headband padding and ear cushions. You can find plenty of easy-to-adjust models that allow you to customize them to your liking. Besides, it’s important to consider the build quality and materials. If you prefer one headset design, it will narrow down your choice significantly, as it’s always better to choose headphones that are comfortable to wear. Some people dislike using earbuds for an extended time, while others consider over-the-ear models to be too large.

Microphone Availability

A good microphone is one of the most important parts of any headset for working from home. This is why you need to pay close attention to it when making your choice. By using it, you can communicate with your colleagues and partners, which will help you reach a successful deal.

Wireless or Corded

Before shopping for the best headset for working from home, think carefully about which type suits you most, wired or wireless. If you are always on the move and don’t want to spend much time at your desk, then pick wireless headphones. It’s also a perfect solution for those who enjoy listening to music when working out. If you prioritize the sound quality, it’s better to select wired headphones. Keep in mind that some recent models support both wired and wireless connectivity. They feature an easy-to-detach cord and a Bluetooth module. However, you should remember that such headphones can run out of battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What microphone style is best for remote workers?

There are also three different styles of microphone that you can choose from when you are shopping for a WFH headset: In-line, Internal, and Over-mouth.

  • In-Line: This is the microphone style that is most commonly found on earbud headsets. The microphone and any controls that are available to the user are packaged in a bundle that is set on the cord that connects the earbuds to the device. This type of microphone is unobtrusive but that puts it at a disadvantage when it comes to offering clear audio.

Because the microphone is expected to be farther away from the user’s mouth, most in-line microphones are omnidirectional. That means that they pick up all of the sounds around them. This means that a noise-cancelling in-line microphone is entirely dependent on the filtering technology that the manufacturer builds in.

  • Internal: You will find internal microphones on wireless earbuds as well as on-ear and over-ear headsets. The internal microphone can be built into a very small area so that it fits into almost any headset design. Like the in-line microphone, an internal microphone has to be able to account for the fact that it is not directly in front of the user’s mouth. That means that they use omnidirectional microphones to pick up the sound and compliment them with noise-cancelling technology to deliver clear audio signals that are free of background noise.
  • Over-Mouth: The over-mouth microphone is the classic and time-tested approach to picking up the user’s voice. Because the over-mouth style allows the user to position the microphone directly in front of their mouth, this design can take advantage of unidirectional microphones. That means that very little background noise will be picked up in the first place. When you back the benefits of this design with the support of cutting-edge technology, you get the functionality that can’t be matched by the other two designs.


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