Best Headsets Mic for Drummers

Best Headsets Mic for DrummersWe hope that this list has helped you in looking at the best options on the market at this time. You can find different solutions, from wired to wireless and from headsets to the standard microphones. Whichever you pick from this list you can be sure that you will get good quality model.

As you can see from this list, there are many suitable vocal mics for drummers. The type of mic you get should depend on the situation you’re going to play in.


We’ve all sat in our practice room and sung while jamming along to our favorite songs. So, get a mic and sing along with your band.

1.Shure SM35-TQG

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2.OEM Stereo

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3.Samsung Earphones

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5.BENGOO G9000

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7.Cyber Acoustics

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8.Gaming Headset

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9.AKG Pro

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10.chaonong Headset

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Best Headsets Mic for Drummers – BUYER’S GUIDE

Wired vs Wireless

If you choose to get a headset mic, it’s always better to get a wireless one. I say this because most times, the reason you consider using a headset mic in the first place is for convenience. So, if you really want a convenient user experience, go for the wireless ones.

However, also note that if a wired headset mic and a wireless one are the same price, the wired one is likely to have better sound quality. Wireless mics that sound great are generally more expensive than their wired counterparts.


If you’re using a wireless one, you may or may not have bought it with its own bodypack. There are wireless headset mics that work with a wider range of bodypacks, even the ones made by other brands. Choose a wireless mic that connects easily with a wider range of transmitters for ease of use.

Ambient Sound Rejection

This is most important for singing drummers. If your mic does not adequately reject background noise, you may have muddled sounds from your monitor, and the FOH engineer will have a tough time.

This is why you should avoid omnidirectional mics if you can; they pick up sound from everywhere. Instead, go for cardioid or supercardioid headset mics. For general singing, omnidirectional mics will work well with correct placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Drum Mic Will Work the Best for You?

As mentioned earlier, having a vocal microphone greatly improves your band’s live performances. Therefore, you should not let the mic you choose to be the reason fans don’t go wild.

Among the factors to consider, make sure to whether you want your vocal microphone mounted or not. In making this decision, you have to remember that specific drum set microphones work best when mounted.

For example, Shure SM58S has to be mounted for it to operate efficiently. So, if you are using this microphone, you might experience a mesh of microphones surrounding you as you play, and some drummers may feel trapped. Therefore, in such a scenario, a headset microphone such as Shure GLX-D would work best for you. However, if you are singing in only some performances, there is no harm in considering the mounted vocal microphones.


When it comes to playing in bands, sometimes there are parts of songs that just need that extra oomph from backing vocals. Backing vocals are sung by members of the band, whether it’s the guitarist, bassist, or even the drummer.