Best Headsets To Hear Footsteps

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Best Headsets To Hear Footsteps – Every player must know all that’s going on in their games. It’s particularly relevant for Computer gamers who love first-person shootings, royal style battles, etc. video games to know whether their enemies are close, or when they’re split and not every headphone will let you hear each and everything in a gaming platform. So, for a prime experience, you need to look for the following features in the best headsets for hearing footsteps.

Every first-person shooter, but especially Battle Royales, come down to whatever advantage you can get over your enemies. Call of Duty’s Warzone is no different. Perhaps the best advantage available is situational awareness. When someone moves, you need to know that.


If someone is creeping up behind you, you should be able to hear that. If you need help, you need to be able to communicate that to your teammates.



3.HyperX Cloud II


5.Corsair HS50

6.Turtle Beach Elite

7.Gaming Headset PS4

8.Stereo Headphone

9.Sades SA-708

10.Sound BlasterX H6

Best Headsets To Hear Footsteps – BUYER’S GUIDE

Compatible devices

Be careful in choosing a headset as every piece is not compatible with all the devices. The ideal ones are completely compliant with XBOX, PS4, and other games with a 3.5 mm cable. Some also have the choice of utilizing a USB or Bluetooth link. The more ways you get to attach the headsets, the greater chances you’ll be using the headset for several applications.

The important question; wired or without wires headset

Wireless headsets were the demand of the towns when they first come out but soon people realize that they wear out quickly and need proper technicality and cloud attachment to stay on. However, with wired headsets, all you need is to connect the cable and you’re done. However, with wires, people lack comfort, and hence, it’s a difficult but crucial question which headsets will suit you best.

Drivers of a headset

The issue with surrounding sound and headphones is that there is insufficient room in the cans to enable the complete production of required surround sound. Your game headset comes with either 40 mm or 50 mm drivers made of neodymium. Most gamers would opt for the 50mm drivers in an instant but that might not be your best choice as the bigger drivers aren’t necessarily better. You need to be sure of the quality of the drivers and the best headsets for hearing footsteps provide you just that.


Any blockage that reduces the sound in your ears would be a passive noise reduction. Dynamic noise cancelation applies to a headphone that produces a volume that cancels out the background. No pitch hits your ear and all you hear is the cheering of your online followers. If you want to utter silence, you must opt closed-back circumaural headsets. These will give you the isolation you desire.

Mic quality

Nowadays people love to play multiplayer games with constant interaction and to have an ideal experience, microphones with supreme quality are required which is not possible with the average headsets. You need to know whether or not you want a detachable mic. Since you won’t need the mic all the time, it may get in the way. Also, for the best experience and the highest audio output for gaming, Boom type microphones are a great choice.

Ease and comfort

Most headsets make your ears ache so for a relaxed experience you need to figure out how long you’re going to keep your headsets on during a session. It will bug you if you would want to or have to rest simply because of the pain or swelling. To get rid of these problems and assure comfort, gentle, soft, and cushioned pads are the only way out.

Senescence (if you choose Bluetooth/wireless headsets)

Nothing more will irritate you more than needing to wait because, oh, your headset is dead. Some of the better quality sets would have several networking forms. When the batteries fail, you should plug them in for a wired ride. However, you won’t get it for the majority of items. Plus, the best headsets for hearing footsteps have 10 + game lives, ensuring your best time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the crucial features of the best headset?

The driver is of great quality with extraordinary sound experience. A detachable microphone is preferred over the retractable one. Cushioned and gelled ear pads are cherry on top.

2. What are the ideal drivers for the best headset?

It’s either 40mm or 50mm that promises the best sound quality.

3. Which headsets offer noise isolation?

Circumaural (closed-back) headphones probably offer the best isolation and in some cases, the microphones are also sound-proof and free from exterior noise disturbance.

4. How to check a headset’s compatibility?

It is usually given on the box. You can also ask the vendor about it. The best ones are compatible with all sorts of devices.

5. Should I go for the wired or wireless headset?

Both have their pros and cons but the wired ones have a longer and more stable life than the wireless ones.


Gamers these days know that sound quality cannot be sacrificed any more than graphics, especially in multi-player games where audio cues are as important for finding and fragging your enemy as what you see through your scope. Muddy sound that doesn’t tell you where shots or footsteps are coming from will have you cooling your heels in the spawning pool rather than racking up kills. Unless you have a true surround sound system in your home, you’re going to need a high-quality gaming headset to help you ghost some tangos.

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