Best Microphone Headsets for Podcasting

Best Microphone Headsets for Podcasting – Audio Technica’s Multimedia BPHS1 broadcast series headset is our pick for the best headset for recording.  It offers a high quality audio output, and features a great mic. The model is very comfortable over time, although the memory foam might need some getting used to. It could help you improve the quality of your podcasts, whether as a listener or content creator.

If you are serious in starting your own podcast, you should focus on getting good podcast equipment to produce the best audio experience to your audience.

Using the best microphone, mixer and podcast recording software are all equally important and you should not take lightly on.


In a nutshell, podcast headsets are of the utmost importance when putting together a decent podcast studio. The headsets you’re likely to come across at your local department store are perhaps not the best, which is why a good quality headset is needed.


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Pros & Cons

3.Koss SB-45

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4.Bose QuietComfort

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5.Sony MDR7506

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7.Harman Kardon

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8.Bowers & Wilkins

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10.AKG K240 MKII

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Best Microphone Headsets for Podcasting – BUYER’S GUIDE


A lightweight build, padded cushions and larger ear cups, as well as a breathable lining material are a necessity for all headsets for podcasting. This will help you create your podcast over long hours without experiencing discomfort and fatigue.


Are you looking for a wired or wireless connection? Wireless headsets can offer convenient use around your recording space. Wired options deliver robust performance, even though their mobility is somewhat limited. A great headset may connect to a microphone for added value, but there are many high output recording microphones available that you could consider.

Frequency response

How do your headsets sound? The driver quality will make a world of difference when it comes to making podcasts. You will be less likely to experience a lower sound quality if you are using high quality headsets with a flat frequency response.

Sound isolation capacity

A great headset will minimize environmental noise, allowing you to focus on the podcast. The quality of your recording will increase, and you will be able to get longer takes on the first try.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should the right headset for podcasting offer?

You will have noticed that we went for USB headsets alone for this list. We chose USB headsets because they deliver better quality sound than their 3.5mm counterparts, which makes them better suited for podcasting. 3.5mm headsets will deliver high quality sound, but they are heavily dependent on the sound card in your PC. If you have a great sound card, 3.5mm headsets could  be ideal, but for a standard performance across multiple computers, the USB headset is better fitting.


Podcasting can be enjoyable if you start out small, but stick to high quality equipment. This article looks at some of the best headset for podcasting to help you out. It provides a look at some of the top recording tools for a seamless experience when it comes to making your show.