Best Microphone Headsets for Streaming

Best Microphone Headsets for Streaming – Sharing live streams of video games you play should be fun, but you can’t really have fun if the equipment you’re using is malfunctioning.

Choosing a reliable microphone that produces great audio quality will enable you to communicate with your audience clearly, as well as your teammates if you are playing multiplayer games. In any case, a good microphone will increase the quality of your broadcasts, which can help you attract new followers that look forward to your next stream.

As you can see there are a lot of great headsets to choose from, hopefully this list will help you decide which one is best suited for you. I would recommend choosing whichever headset looks the most comfortable that’s within your price range.


If you want the luxury of a wireless headset then it’s going to cost a bit more. All of the headsets on this list are good enough for streaming and will get the job done.


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6.HyperX Cloud

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7.Logitech G432

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8.G430 Headset

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9.Corsair Void RGB

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10.Razer Electra

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Best Microphone Headsets for Streaming – BUYER’S GUIDE


It’s important to make sure a headset is compatible with the platform you’re going to be playing on. It sounds obvious but it’s a fairly easy mistake to make. Always double-check to make sure the headset your buying will work with you’re platform!


You’re probably going to be wearing your headset for extended periods of time and it’s important you’re comfortable. While all of these headsets are designed to be comfy, they might not all be perfect for you. For example, if you wear glasses you might not want a headset with a tight fit. It’s a good idea to look through the specifications and images on Amazon to make sure the headset will be a good fit for you.

Audio quality

The audio quality of a headset generally depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Higher-end headsets will often have 7.1 Dolby surround sound making them very satisfying for gaming. The cheaper headsets in this list will still sound great and I wouldn’t worry too much as they are all designed with gaming in mind.

Microphone quality

If you’re planning to use your headset as your main streaming microphone then it’s important to consider the microphone quality. A great way to check the mic quality of a headset you don’t own is to look up videos on Youtube. You can almost always find a microphone test video for popular gaming headsets. Gaming headsets generally have high-quality microphones and naturally the more you spend the better they will be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How we test the best cheap gaming headsets?

In order to determine what the best cheap gaming headsets are, we use every model we review with a variety of games and genres. We generally test headsets with shooters to get a sense of directional sound for competitive games, as well as RPGs and action/adventure titles to evaluate more immersive, cinematic audio.

We also test all gaming headsets with a variety of music to see how well they double as everyday headphones. Additionally, we evaluate the quality of each headset’s microphone via sound recordings and real-world play sessions.

How to choose the best cheap gaming headset for you?

There are a handful of key factors to consider when looking for the best cheap gaming headset for your playstyle. Here are some things to know before you buy.


When streaming a game, a good and comfortable directional surround sound headset can mean the difference between winning and losing. For example, it could be the difference between hearing and reacting to the faint footsteps of an enemy nearby when live streaming to your audience.