Best Noise Cancelling Microphone Headsets

Best Noise Cancelling Microphone Headsets – When using a UC application, being that a headset will be your main communication device, it’s important to choose a model that’s compatible, comfortable, sounds good and helps you block out the noise in your call center or office to increase productivity and avoid the annoying distractions of a noisy office.

Choosing the best earbuds with microphone is no cakewalk as there’s just so many considerations between you and an informed choice. Nevertheless, we hope this guide has been informative and insightful enough to at least help you narrow your options and decide on the perfect earbuds with mic for you.


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1.Plantronics – Voyager

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Pros & Cons

3.Mpow 071

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4.Logitech H800

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6.Anker Earbuds

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7.Powerbeats Pro

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8.Samsung Galaxy

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9.Shure AONIC

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10.Bose Headphones

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Best Noise Cancelling Microphone Headsets – BUYER’S GUIDE


Noise-canceling microphones come in different forms and sizes and definitely different functionalities. There are very different features for very different purposes. While noise-canceling microphones can technically be used for anything that requires this device, the technologies used are different and made specifically for either audio recording, hands-free calls, or online conversations.


Related to usage, not all of these devices are meant to be jammed into the bottom of your duffel bag. Despite their small size, some are a bit more fragile than other options.

Handsfree Capability

Again, depending on what your purpose is for purchasing a noise-canceling microphone, not all are Bluetooth capable. There are several options that are connected via USB to function.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the best noise cancelling headphones with microphone?

There are plenty of products to choose from but we’ve created the perfect list with the best noise cancelling headphones with microphone.

 What are the best headphones with a mic?

To limit your search, here’s an awesome selection with the best Bluetooth headphones with a mic.

 Are headset mics good?

The headsets microphones are mainly adapted for speech which covers the middle range frequencies. Here’s a selection with the best mics for Cortana.


When you use a UC (Unified Communications) application, you have the freedom of using your mobile phone or computer softphone application. So, if you’re on the go in places regularly that are loud, you’ll have a noise canceling headset for both your office and on the go.