Best Ps4 Gaming Headsets Under 30

Best Ps4 Gaming Headsets Under 30 – If you are a gamer then you will definitely need a gaming headset for enjoying a good listening experience. You can hear all the minute voices in the game even every footstep of your enemy.  You can also communicate with your friends, colleagues and teammates too. Before buying a gaming headset you should know the qualities and attributes of a good headset.

When you have the know-how of a fine quality headset you can easily buy it.


For more information, take a review at the following features of a gaming headset. These are the specific features that will ensure you to buy a good quality and a durable gaming headset.


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Best Ps4 Gaming Headsets Under 30 – BUYER’S GUIDE


Checking the compatibility of the gaming headset which you are going to buy with your gaming device is most important thing.  If the gaming headset that you have bought does not work with your gaming devices or play station then it is of no use. But if you are viewing the products in our list then you don’t need to worry. Our list includes the best compatible gaming headsets. These gaming headsets are mostly compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro/slim, PC, Xbox One, Xbox One S/X, Nintendo Switch/3DS, Mac, iPad, iOS/Android device, PSP, computer, laptop, mobile phone.


The headband of the gaming headset should be comfortable as you have to wear them for a long time until the game ends. Most of the headsets that are included in our list have comfortable soft cushion padding at its bottom area. This makes the headband cozy to wear. It will not press your head.


Some low quality headsets have uncomfortable earcups. For a long time wearing, these earcups make pressure and be the cause of ear pain. A good headset has fine earcups surrounded by high quality soft leathered padding. So before you buy a gaming headset take this feature under observation.


The weight of the gaming headset really matters a lot. The weight should be light such that it becomes easy to wear the gaming headset for a long time. If the headset is of heavy weight then it will create a burden upon your head as well as ears too; and finally you will no longer able to wear it more.


The driver of a headset is the diameter of its speaker diaphragm. The sound quality of a headset depends upon the driver’s size. Larger the driver, superior will be the sound quality and conversely. In the list of gaming headsets which we are providing, you will see that the maximum size of the driver is 50mm which is enough for making a good quality sound. So always prefer the headset with a large driver.


These gaming headsets can be connected in two different ways. Some can connect with the USB port and some connect with the AUX cable. For choosing any connectivity source you should know which of these is compatible with your device.

Sound quality:

There are two types of sound; the 7.1 surround sound and the stereo sound. Between these both the surround sound is preferred as it gives high quality sound. The choice is always yours, choose the one with which you feel comfy.

Active noise cancellation:

One of the most important features to observe while buying a gaming headset is the active noise cancellation. It blocks all the noises coming from outside and prevent the distractions too. You will only concentrate on your game even in a great noise. So check out this function if you want a noise free gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

< class="zw-paragraph" data-textformat="{"ff":"DejaVu Sans,Verdana","fw":"bold","size":16}" data-margin-bottom="10.0pt">Q: What are the types of a gaming headset depending on the structure and which type is considered good for gaming?

A: On the basis of the structure, a gaming headset can be of two types:

  • Open-back headset

  • Closed-back headset

Among these types, the open-back headsets are considered as perfect for gaming as they make a wider sound-stage and a good stable framework imaging. They are viewed as more comfortable to wear.

< class="zw-paragraph" data-textformat="{"ff":"DejaVu Sans,Verdana","fw":"bold","size":16}" data-margin-bottom="10.0pt">Q: What are the types of a gaming headset depending upon the type of connection?

A: A gaming headset is of different types depending upon the type of connection with the PC:

  • Wireless headset (connection via Bluetooth)

  • Wired headset (connection with 3.5mm jack)

  • Headset having USB connection

< class="zw-paragraph" data-textformat="{"ff":"DejaVu Sans,Verdana","fw":"bold","size":16}" data-margin-bottom="10.0pt">Q: Can a common headset be used as a gaming headset?

A: A common headset can have indistinguishable features to that of a gaming headset; anyway it cannot perform all the functions that are specifically performed by a gaming headset. If you are a good gamer and want a better experience during gaming then you must buy a gaming headset for having comfortability. It will provide you a great experience in gaming.

< class="zw-paragraph" data-textformat="{"ff":"DejaVu Sans,Verdana","fw":"bold","size":16}" data-margin-bottom="10.0pt">Q: What characteristics should you look for while buying a gaming headset?

A: While buying a gaming headset you should consider the following characteristics:

  • Compatibility

  • Cost

  • Design of ear cups

  • Brand

  • Driver

  • Type of headband

  • Connectivity

  • Active noise cancellation (ANC)

  • Frequency response

< class="zw-paragraph" data-textformat="{"ff":"DejaVu Sans,Verdana","fw":"bold","size":16}" data-margin-bottom="10.0pt">Q: How the driver of a gaming headset is considered essential?

A: The driver of the gaming headset notifies the sound quality of the gaming headset. The greater is the size of the driver the superior will be the sound quality of the gaming headset.

< class="zw-paragraph" data-textformat="{"ff":"DejaVu Sans,Verdana","fw":"bold","size":16}" data-margin-bottom="10.0pt">Q: Are gaming headsets compatible to all gaming gadgets?

A: Most of the gaming headsets are compatible with all gaming gadgets. Nonetheless, it is perfect to confirm whether the gaming headset which you are going to purchase is compatible with your gaming device or not.

< class="zw-paragraph" data-textformat="{"ff":"DejaVu Sans,Verdana","fw":"bold","size":16}" data-margin-bottom="10.0pt">Q: What is the role of active noise cancellation in a gaming headset?

A: In gaming headsets, active noise cancellation (ANC) is particularly considered. This feature obstructs the noise that comes from the outer environment. Even in a lot of noise you can hear crystal clear voices in the game without any disturbance.


We are here to provide you the best gaming headset under $30 in your economical budget. In this way you can enjoy your games without too much noise in a friendly environment. We have more category of headsets under $20$50$100, And under $150. This list is just for convenience, so you can get and affordable headset according to your choice.